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Are you looking for some of the best autoresponders?

Then you are certainly in the right spot.

The fact of the matter is that there are so many autoresponders to choose from…

So I’m here to help you narrow down the decision so that you can pick the best tool for you.

Let’s get started.

Best Autoresponders For Email Marketing

best autoresponders

Not only are all three of these email marketing autoresponders great?

But they all come along with free trials (so that you can test them before spending any more).


Here are the top 3:

  1. GetResponse.
  2. ConvertKit.
  3. Aweber.

Let’s start from the bottom (Aweber) and then work our ways up the list.


Aweber might as well be a dinosaur when it comes to email marketing.


They have been around since 1998 and they certainly know what they are doing.

Here is a quick video when it comes to how they can help you out:

Notice how in the beginning he talks about building Aweber over 20 years ago?

Talk about longevity.

And let me tell you, that when it comes to any type of Internet Marketing software?

A company being around for a long period of time is always a plus.

Let’s look at some of the features now.

Email Automation

This should pretty much be music to your marketing ears (it is for me, at least).

This is kind of like utilizing email followups…

Combined with the ability to utilize advanced features at the same time.

Three key components to their email automation include:

  • Waiting.
  • Applying a tag.
  • Or even sending a message.

I know I know.

It doesn’t exactly sound like it’s all too advanced…

But these are important features when it comes to getting complete email marketing automation.

The video below explains these types of campaigns perfectly:

It’s all about sending…

  • The right message…
  • To the right person…
  • And doing so at the right time.

It’s certainly a beneficial feature to have, and speaking of beneficial Aweber features?

Aweber sure has many more from where that came.

Autoresponder Followups

I mentioned this above so I thought I’d give you more information about this feature:

  • It’s simple.
  • It’s powerful.
  • And this gives you the ability to create (almost) hands-off email marketing.

For example.

When someone signs up and gets on your email marketing list…

You can have automated followup messages sent out at any time you like.

  • It could be every day.
  • It could be every other day.
  • Or it could even be every 3, 4, 5 days, etc.

You simply write an email, put it in the autoresponder followups…

And then you can simply add more as you go.

Here is a quick video that showcases the follow-ups in action (it’s only about a minute).

Keep in mind that most email marketing tools have this type of feature…

But it’s certainly something that you will want to take a look at.

Now onto an important question when it comes to choosing this tool or not.

How Much Is Aweber?

Aweber offers pretty competitive pricing when it comes to getting started.

So you can consider this a free autoresponder (at least until the trial is up).

But after the 30-day free trial runs out?

You’d be looking at:

  • $19 per month for 0-500 subscribers.
  • $29 per month for 501-2,500 subscribers.
  • $49 per month for 2,501-5,000 subscribers.
  • $69 per month for 5,001-10,000 subscribers.
  • $149 per month for 10,001-25,000 subscribers.

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Like I said.

The pricing isn’t too bad (when you consider the features that they have).

So that’s Aweber.

Let’s move onto the next email marketing tool.


Compared to Aweber?

ConvertKit is a “slightly” newer autoresponder as it launched in the year 2013.

But whoever said you couldn’t teach a new dog old tricks?

ConvertKit was built with creators in mind, who want to spend more time creating…

As opposed to spending all day in your actual autoresponder dashboard.

Here is a very quick demo of ConvertKit (don’t worry it’s only 1 minute 32 seconds):


Let’s get into some of the finer features of ConvertKit.

Email Automation


ConvertKit’s got it too…

Except for the fact that they’ve got a few more things going on with their automation.

You can utilize:

  • Tags.
  • Events.
  • And even conditions.

I’m sure you get the idea behind the benefits when it comes to email automation.

Or you can watch the video down below to actually see it in action:

It’s only two minutes long…

So it shouldn’t take up much of your time.

Email Designer

This is actually a big reason why I like ConvertKit…

And it’s because what they stand for when it comes to email marketing.

Keeping your emails simple so that they actually land in inboxes.

This was a big point when it came to the battle of imnights.com/convertkit-vs-mailchimp.

For me personally?

  • I care more about writing emails and getting them inboxed…
  • As opposed to having them be filled with pictures and not getting inboxed.

Simple always wins…

And ConvertKit allows you to focus on the most important part (crafting emails).

You can still do some customizations…

And this video will show you behind the curtain when it comes to that:

This video is only 4 minutes…

So yeah, it might be slightly longer than the other videos so far 🙂

But those are some great features when it comes to ConvertKit.

Here’s how much it costs.

How Much Is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit might be slightly more than the other autoresponders in this post…

But sometimes you pay what you get for, and in the case with ConvertKit.

The juice is certainly worth the squeeze.

Here are the costs when it comes to one of the best autoresponders for internet marketing:

  • 0-1,000 subscribers is $29 per month.
  • 1,000-3,000 subscribers is $49 per month.
  • 3,000-5000 subscriber comes out to $79 per month.

Keep in mind that you can get a nice discount if you pay annually:

As I said above.

The juice is certainly worth the squeeze when it comes to this autoresponder.

Want to see for yourself?

That’s ConvertKit in a nutshell.

You don’t have to love ConvertKit as there are always other autoresponders to pick from.

Good choice!

Here’s the top pick.


JUST like Aweber, GetResponder is considered a grizzled autoresponder veteran…

As they also came out in 1998 (they are big competitors with Aweber).

What I love the most about them?

Their overall simplicity.

And yup, the other two autoresponders are simple to use…

But in my opinion, GetResponse takes the cake in this department.

Here is an awesome cartoon-ish video explaining what GetResponse does:

And as always?

I’ll dive a little deeper into what they offer.

Email Automation

Did you notice that all three of these tools feature email automation?


I think not, as it’s a testament to how important of a feature this is.

Plus, this is something that many email marketing tools feature nowadays.

According to GetResponse, the is automation is both:

Easy and advanced.

This is always a good thing because you get the best of both worlds.

email automation

Since this is the third time talking about this…

I’m not going to go into deep-detail (as I’m sure you get what automation is all about).

Now here is my absolute feature when it comes to GetResponse.

Something that I recommend you use as well (to free up a lot of time).


According to GetResponse:

43% of email marketers send simple autoresponders.

I’m surprised that the number isn’t much higher (or even doubled).


Setting up autoresponder messages with GetResponse is about as easy as it gets:

  • Schedule when you would like your email to go out.
  • Add in your high-click-through rate subject line.
  • Craft your high-converting email.

And that’s it.

At the time of writing this?

I have 146 days worth of emails that go out automatically…

Without me having to do anything (because I already have them set up).

getresponse autoresponder

UPDATE: As you can see above I am now on day 152 (and still going strong).

I think you get the idea by now.

This is certainly a feature that is beneficial for you because:

  • It saves you a TON of time.
  • You simply need to add follow up emails one at a time.
  • And then your main focus comes down to getting more leads.

Regardless of which email marketing tool that you pick?

I know you’ll love the autoresponder features.

I did a complete post about it too if you’d like more information:

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Let’s take one more look at the costs when it comes to this specific autoresponder.

How Much Is GetResponse?

GetResponse is very similar to Aweber when it comes to how much you’d pay…

Except for the fact that they are actually slightly cheaper (which is always a bonus).

Here’s what you can expect just for their Basic plan after your free trial comes to an end:

  • $15 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers.
  • $25 per month for up to 2,500 subscribers.
  • $45 per month for up to 5,000 subscribers.
  • $65 per month for up to 10,000 subscribers.
  • $145 per month for up to 25,000 subscribers.

I did a complete post about how much they cost if you want the full details.

Highly Related: GetResponse Pricing.

Like I said.

Their plans are very similar to what Aweber has to offer (they are competitors).

And what’s also similar to Aweber?

Is that they come with a free trial so you can always test them before you pay:


That was actually a lot longer than I thought it would be,

How about we finish up this post when it comes to some of the best choices you can make.

Onward we go.

The 3 Best Autoresponders Conclusion

There’s a ton of autoresponders to choose from, I completely get that.

So I hope that this post helped you out when it comes to getting started with one.

Here are the top three autoresponders once more for you:

  1. GetResponse.
  2. ConvertKit.
  3. Aweber.

The good news is that all three of them come with free trials…

So you can click on the appropriate autoresponder link above to get a free trial.

And that should just about do it.

I want to say thank you for taking the time to stop by and read this post.

I’m going to put a related article down below when it comes to ConvertKit:


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