Builderall Vs Wealthy Affiliate: What These Platforms Have To Offer

Builderall vs Wealthy Affiliate is certainly a comparison that you don’t see every day.

After all, these two platforms have a lot going on for them:

  • Builderall is well-known for being an all-in-one, online business building platform.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is well-known for being a host of fantastic affiliate marketing content.

In other words, both offer a variety of helpful tools along with great affiliate programs.

So which platform should you go with?

The answer might not be as easy as you might think.

Be sure to keep on reading so that you can get the information that you need.

Let’s start by talking about what Builderall has to offer first.

Enter Builderall: What This Platform Has To Offer

The tagline in the screenshot says it all about Builderall:

The most complete and powerful digital marketing platform in the world.

Builderall is simply a platform that will allow you to:

  • Build.
  • Market.
  • Sell and run a successful online business.

This will be through the help of many tools which I’ll be mentioning very soon.

Before we begin, I do want to let you know that Builderall also comes with a trial.

I’ll add a link down below where you get access to that trial.

I’ll also leave a tutorial down below in case you need help signing up with Builderall.

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Now, Builderall certainly has a ton to offer when it comes to building an online business.

Let’s talk about some of those features now.

Landing Pages, Sales Funnels, Websites, Memberships, And More

Builderall has certainly grown over the previous years.

With that, they’ve added quite a few updates to their platform overall.

One of their biggest updates has been with their drag-and-drop builder (seen above).

Now, it’s much smoother to use and offers even more flexibility and customization.

Before I continue on, I want to make something very clear:

Builderall crushes Wealthy Affiliate when it comes to tools overall.

In fact, Builderall probably has more tools and features than any other platform out there.

They are a true all-in-one platform.

A few more examples of features include:

  • Webinars.
  • Memberships.
  • AB split testing.
  • Email marketing.
  • WordPress websites.
  • Mobile optimize checkout pages.
  • Get marketing scripts created for you.
  • Order bumps along with one-click upsells and downsells.

And don’t forget about landing pages and sales funnels as explained earlier.

You also get plenty of templates to help you get up and running much quicker.

I also talked about how you can get marketing scripts created for you.

This feature is referred to as the Script Generator that Builderall offers.

You can see an example of how it works in the screenshot down below:

I bring this up because it’s very helpful for anyone who isn’t great at selling.

Here’s how it works:

  • Create your avatar.
  • Choose the type of script that you’d like to create.
  • Click a few buttons and then have it create the scripts for you.

I also bring this up because it’s a little hidden gem when it comes to Builderall features.

It’s also much cheaper when compared to its biggest competitor.

Anyways, I could write thousands of words just when it comes to Builderall’s features.

In fact, I already did that which you can see in the review of Builderall down below.

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So it’s safe to say that Builderall dominates Wealthy Affiliate when it comes to features.

Let’s take a look at one more feature which is highly related to what Wealthy Affiliate offers.

Builderall’s Affiliate Program

When it comes to an affiliate program, Builderall is about as proven as it gets.

As Builderall states on their main affiliate program page:

They out more than 1 million dollars in recurring commissions every month.

That’s a lot of commissions to payout, which is a tribute to the success that they are having.

A few other benefits of Builderall include:

  • Being able to work in an everlasting niche.
  • Being able to get paid on a monthly (recurring) basis.
  • Also being able to work with a company that has 10+ years of experience.

But what about commissions?

That’s going to be one of the biggest aspects of promoting Builderall as an affiliate.

Here the commission percentages that you can make as an affiliate:

  • 100% commission on the first payment (it’s very rare to see this)!
  • 30% recurring commissions from the second month and on.

And it gets even better too:

  • If your affiliates decide to promote Builderall…
  • You also receive 30% recurring from the second month and on.

It’s a great way to really stack your results over time.

So there’s one more question that you might be wondering right now:

How much is Builderall going to cost to be able to use?

Allow me to answer that for you right now.

Builderall Prices

So Builderall comes with three pricing plans for you to choose from:

  • The Builder plan is $29.90 per month.
  • The Premium plan is $69.90 per month.
  • The Funnel Club is $99.90 per month (after $199.90 first payment).

There’s also one special note that I’d like you to be aware of:

The Funnel Club comes with automatic approval as an affiliate.

That’s a pretty nice perk to have, and Builderall still has plenty more perks too.

I’ll leave a link down below that goes over the Builderall pricing plans in more detail.

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So in a nutshell, you now have a good idea of what this sales funnel tool has to offer.

If they sound interesting, then definitely give them the trial that they deserve:

Let’s flip the script now and talk about what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

Enter Wealthy Affiliate: What This Platform Has To Offer

Right off the bat, you might notice a big difference in what this platform has to offer.

So what is Wealthy Affiliate anyway?

A platform designed for affiliate marketers of all levels.

All in all, this platform provides a significant amount of education for affiliate marketers.

Wealthy Affiliate also has a few more tricks up its sleeve as well (which I’ll talk about soon).

Similar to Builderall, this platform allows you to get started for free.

Even better though is the fact that you can create a free account (instead of a trial):

So what advantages does Wealthy Affiliate have as a platform?

Let’s find out now.

Affiliate Education And Program

It shouldn’t take too long to explain this, so I’ll sum it up very quickly:

Wealthy Affiliate dominates Builderall when it comes to affiliate education.

This is simply for the fact that they offer just so much more content.

This can be in the form of:

  • Training courses that come along with certifications.
  • Classes that were created by Wealthy Affiliate members.

At the time of writing this, there are 540 available to watch (and 47 upcoming).

Please keep in mind that you will need a membership to watch most of these.

And don’t forget about the affiliate program that comes along with Wealthy Affiliate:

As shown in the screenshot above, you can see some nice stats from Wealthy Affiliate:

  • You earn $23.50 recurring monthly recurring.
  • You earn $235.00 for premium yearly recurring.
  • The conversion rate comes out to 1 in every 8 people.
  • Lastly, you can earn more than $100 per premium signup.

There are a few other great perks when it comes to promoting Wealthy Affiliate as well.

Plus, Builderall has a few boot camp trainings for helping you promote their platform.

While I believe that Builderall has an overall better affiliate program?

I still think that Wealthy Affiliate is still well worth promoting.

Here’s another big feature that comes along with the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Wealthy Affiliate Domains, Websites, And Hosting

Just like Builderall, Wealthy Affiliate also comes along with:

  • Domains.
  • Websites.
  • As well as hosting for your websites.

You can create a free domain when it comes to the free account that WA offers.

However, you will need the premium plan when it comes to:

  • Creating a domain.
  • Registering a domain.

You also get a ton more website features and perks when you get a premium plan.

Let’s now talk about the pricing plans that come along with Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s pretty straightforward.

Wealthy Affiliate Prices

The pricing plan for Wealthy Affiliate premium is pretty straightforward:

  • The first month is just $19 per month.
  • The following months are going to be $49 per month.

It’s not too bad of a price, considering the tools and training courses that you get.

Until then, let’s move to the end of this post now.

I’ll let you know who the best option is going to be here (and a few other thoughts).

Builderall Vs Wealthy Affiliate: Final Conclusion

This has certainly been a fun comparison to talk about.

Now, we get to where the rubber meets the road (so to speak).

So which one of these platforms should you use overall?

I do believe that there is one platform that is going to be of better value overall.

However, I do think that you should entertain joining or using both of these platforms.

I’ll touch on that shortly.

Use Builderall For Building And Growing Your Online Business

Builderall simply offers more perks, tools, and features compared to Wealthy Affiliate.

Plus, they’ve got a fabulous affiliate program for promoting the tool itself.

So not only can you use this platform, but you can also promote it and make commissions.

I’d recommend that you give Builderall a shot down below:

Then, on the other hand, we have Wealthy Affiliate.

Use Wealthy Affiliate For The Training And Promotion

Wealthy Affiliate has a lot to offer, in the form of:

  • Domains, websites, and hosting.
  • Plenty of courses and training videos.
  • And don’t forget about being able to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

So while I think that Builderall is a platform that overall has more to offer?

Wealthy Affiliate is still definitely worth joining and promoting:

And that should wrap up this Wealthy Affiliate vs Builderall comparison.

I’ll leave a few more Builderall comparisons below if you’d like more information.

Builderall Versus Other Platforms

Feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any more questions.

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