ClickFunnels 6 Months (Here’s How)

Is it possible to get any type of ClickFunnels 6 months package?


So if that’s something you’re interested then keep reading as I’ll also show you:

  • How you can actually save money on ClickFunnels…
  • And it works for both new and current ClickFunnels users.


Allow me to walk you through the steps and show you how it’s done (it’s easy).

Let’s begin now.

ClickFunnels 6 Months Introduction

In case you’re more of a visual person…

Below is a quick video that will walk you through the process of getting started.

It’s only 1 minute and X seconds long and it’s also straight-to-the-point:

And here is the unique link where you can follow along.

Going through this link saves you a ton of time…

As you won’t have to sit through the Funnel Builder Secrets webinar (it’s long).

ClickFunnels 6 Months (Or 12 Months) For Free

clickfunnels 6 months

So if you look at the image above you’ll notice two different packages:

  • Package 1 includes 6 months of ClickFunnels ($1,997).
  • Package 2 includes 12 months of ClickFunnels ($2,997).

Here is what else that’s coming along with these packages:

  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training.
  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass.
  • Traffic Secrets Training.

And don’t forget about the last big perk of these plans:

  • 12 Months Access To Funnel Scripts.

Keep in mind the value that you’re getting when it comes to the perks as well:

  • Funnel Scripts is normally $797 (as shown in this blog post).
  • I paid $997 for the Funnel Hacks Masterclass (which is a great training all by itself).
  • Traffic Secrets would normally be around $997 and I have that traffic system as well.

Lastly, you have even the biggest training in the package which is Funnel Builder Secrets.

This is everything that you’d be paying for…

And then you even get an extra ClickFunnels 6 months free (or 12 months).

That’s a $1,782 value (or $3,564 if you go with 12 months).

Let’s move onto the last step of this post now.

Choosing Your ClickFunnels Package

6 months free clickfunnels

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you’ll come to a section like this.

Note: You might have to signup or sign in (depending on if you have ClickFunnels already).

There are now two items that you can choose from:

  1. Funnel Builder Secrets Plus 6 Months Of ClickFunnels For Free
  2. Funnel Builder Secrets Plus 12 Months Of ClickFunnels (Best Value)!

Do you notice how it even says it in the picture above?

…plus 6 months of ClickFunnels for free.

Pretty cool right?

However, the option that you end up choosing is going to be completely up to you…

As you end up saving much more when you go with the second and bigger package.

This is the perfect deal if you plan on using ClickFunnels for the longer-term.

Now onto the next section.

Related Questions (And Answers)

You’ll generally have a few questions when it comes to purchasing any type of software.

I completely get it.

So allow me to answer a few of the most popular questions for you.

How Much Is ClickFunnels Normally?

Here are the two plans that currently come along with this tool:

  • ClickFunnels is $97 per month.
  • ClickFunnels Platinum is $297 per month.

I did a complete post about that topic in case you’d like more information:

Next up.

What Happened To The Etison Suite?

There was a name change.

ClickFunnels Etison Suite is now referred to as ClickFunnels Platinum (as shown above).

This version comes along with either of the Funnel Builder Secrets packages as well.

Can You Still Pay $997 For 6 Months?

Not anymore.

This is a package that is long gone (which I happened to pick up many years ago).

Since then, they have added on a ton more which you can see in the picture at the top.

Note: This software works for anyone and everyone with any type of business.

The links above are just a few examples of businesses that I chose to highlight.

Alrighty then.

Let’s move onto the end of the post now.


So that’s how you can get the ClickFunnels 6 months free package.

Granted you are getting it in addition to many other pieces of training and bonuses…

It is certainly worth the price of admission should you want to use ClickFunnels for the long term.

Here is the link one more time for you:

And that’s all.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that this helped you out somehow.


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