ClickFunnels Annual Plan: How To Get 2 Months For Free

So there’s a new ClickFunnels annual plan in town that was recently released.

It’s pretty exciting too if you ask me.

This is something that you’ll want to take advantage of if you’re:

  • Currently using ClickFunnels.
  • Or if you’re looking to get started with ClickFunnels.

After all, it can save you a good amount of money by giving you a couple of months free.

Plus, you get some pretty sweet bonuses which I’ll be talking about in this post.

I’m sure you’re busy so let’s get right into exactly how you can get this slick deal.

ClickFunnels Annual Plan: Video Introduction

clickfunnels annual plan

I wanted to make sure that this process was as easy as possible for you to follow along.

That’s why I went ahead and created a video for you that walks you through the process.

Feel free to click the play button below to watch over my shoulder:

Here is the important link that I mentioned in the video that you’ll need to use:

So you can keep reading on as well, and in fact, I recommend that you do so.

Let’s move onto the written section of being able to pay yearly with ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels Yearly: Step 1

clickfunnels yearly

Alright, you might have already done this step previously, but I’ll add it in again.

All you need to do is click the special link to access this new page.

Once again, I will add the link down below so that you don’t have to scroll up:

At the top the headline states:

  • How would you like to get 2 months of ClickFunnels for free?
  • Plus get free live video support.

Helpful Note: The page should look similar to the screenshot that I added above for you.

Just keep in mind that the page can always slightly change.

So that was the first easy step, and the next step is going to be just as easy.

Let’s take a look at it now.

ClickFunnels Yearly: Step 2

clickfunnels 2 months free

So I’m going to assume that you’re still on the main ClickFunnels annual page.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Scroll down until you see a big button underneath the video of Russell.

If you look at the screenshot above, then you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

There are two options that you can choose from:

  1. Get 2 months free now!
  2. Get started with your 14-day free trial.

The first option is going to be for current ClickFunnels users.

The second option is going to be for anywho who hasn’t tried ClickFunnels yet.

For this example, we are going to use the Get 2 Months Free Now option from the button.

So in this scenario, all you need to do is:

  • Click on the big Get 2 Months Free Now! button.

And if you’re not using ClickFunnels yet and need help getting your free trial?

I’ll add a helpful tutorial (like this one) that shows you how to get started quickly.

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Now here is the last step of the process when it comes to the ClickFunnels annual plan.

ClickFunnels Yearly: The Last Simple Step

clickfunnels convert annual

After arriving on the next page, you should see a popup that states:

You’re about to convert your account to an annual plan!

The rest might be harder to read, so I’ll add some of the big benefits for you:

  • Converting to the Annual Plan gets you 2 free months.
  • You will also be upgraded to their priority video support.
  • Priority video support comes with a prioritized queue (faster response).
  • The 1st annual bill will be smaller since you’ve already paid for some of the month.

In regards to the last benefit above, you’ll be credited for what you had left.

So here are the two easy steps that you will need to follow in order to finally convert over:

  1. Check off the box that you see.
  2. Click on the blue Convert button at the bottom right of the page.

And that’s all you need to do to make this work.

As long as you are signed in, you should be able to upgrade and convert your account.

This works for both the basic and Platinum pricing plans too.

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Anyway, I did previously say that it was going to be an easy process to figure out, right?

Let’s wrap up this post and move to the end so that you can get my closing thoughts.

ClickFunnels Annual Plan: Thoughts On Getting 2 Months Free

clickfunnels annual plan

ClickFunnels annual plan summary. The annual plan allows you to save as much as $594 a year and comes with priority video support.

This is going to be a no-brain decision for anyone who uses ClickFunnels long-term.

After all, this is something that I’m always recommending when it comes to software:

Look to pay more up front in order to save more money.

This goes perfectly in line what that statement.

And it makes perfect sense if you plan on using ClickFunnels for more than a year.

Either way, I’ll add the link for you one more time down below:

I also mentioned previously that you’ll be getting some bonuses as well.

I’ll leave a link for you down below where you can see everything that you’ll get.

Related: ClickFunnels bonus package.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the new annual pricing options.

I hope that it helps you see just how easy of a process it is to save some money.

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