ClickFunnels For Chiropractors: How It Works

So how exactly does ClickFunnels for chiropractors actually work?

To my surprise, this question has been more popular than I ever would have imagined.

Don’t worry though, I’ve got your back (pun intended) 🙂

This post will completely focus on showing you how ClickFunnels works for chiropractors.

Let’s get right on into the good stuff.

ClickFunnels For Chiropractors Explained

clickfunnels for chiropractors

First things first.

I want to clear up any confusion and answer this question that often comes up:

Can you use ClickFunnels for chiropractics?

You absolutely can.

As a matter of fact, you can this software for any type of business.

It could be:

  • An offline business (and/or).
  • An online business.

Fun Fact: ClickFunnels even works for dummies too.

The reason why this tool works for any business is that they help you create sales funnels.

A sales funnel simply allows you to bring potential clients one step closer to purchasing.

So when it comes to chiropractors?

ClickFunnels allows you to:

  • Attract your perfect audience.
  • Capture leads.

And of course, they can reach out to you (or you can reach out to them).

So are you curious to see what the overall process looks like for this?


Because I’m going to show you right now.

Step 1 Of The Chiro ClickFunnels Funnel: The Offer

So the picture above is an example of what the first landing page might look like.

It’s all about:

Your offer.

Here are the important parts that you’ll want to include on this landing page:

  • Urgency (seen at the top with only 20 available this month).
  • What they will be getting along with the special savings shown.
  • And last but not least, a button that will take them to the next page after completion.

The logo picture at the tome of the landing page adds an extra nice touch, too.

Now, your main focus on this page (aside from your offer) is to collect targeted leads.

These are the leads that you will follow up with if they don’t reach out to you.

So when someone clicks on the big green button?

A pop-up box appears where they can enter in their:

  • Name.
  • Email address.
  • As well as their telephone number.

Upon completion, they are then automatically sent to the second and final step of the funnel.

Here’s what it looks like.

Step 2 Of The Chiro ClickFunnels Funnel: Reaching Out

Ironically enough, this page is even simpler than the previous step of the funnel.

This part of the sales funnel is referred to as thank you page, and it usually includes:

  1. A description of what they opted-in more.
  2. A call to action (and your phone number) so that they can immediately reach out.

Keep in mind that there are going to people who don’t reach out to you.

That is why you collected their phone number on the previous pages.

But the best-case scenario is going to be when someone reaches out to you.

Pretty simple stuff right?

I’d recommend that test out ClickFunnels and put together a chiropractor funnel.

You can even model the template that I’ve used in this blog post:

Here’s some more info for you as well.

ClickFunnels For Chiropractors Video Tutorial

I completely understand that the previous information was a few things:

  • Simple.
  • Straight to the point.


  • You might want a little bit more information.
  • Or maybe you’re more into digesting information through video.

No problem whatsoever.

I’ll put a video down below that walks you through the process of what I showed you.

Simply click the play button down below for the video version of this blog post:

Keep in mind.

There are two things that you need to do once traffic is sent to your funnel:

  1. Collect leads.
  2. Followup with them (if they didn’t reach out to you).

Make sure that you don’t over complicate the process.

Let’s get to the end of this post now and wrap things up.

ClickFunnels Chiropractor Conclusion

sales funnel for chiropractors

Here is the fact of the matter: Any business can use ClickFunnels.

So yes, ClickFunnels certainly goes hand in hand with chiropractors.

  • It allows you to collects leads.
  • And then reach out to them in order to turn them in clients.

That’s the process of using a ClickFunnels sales funnel for chiropractors.

I highly recommend that you give ClickFunnels the try that they deserve:

I have a strong feeling that you’ll really like what this software can do for you.

I’ll add a related post below in case you need more information about their prices:

Helpful Note: The savings in the link above is for both new and current users (check it out).

And that’s all.

I want to say thank you for expressing interest in the topic: ClickFunnels for chiropractors.

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Have a fantastic day and happy marketing!

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