ClickFunnels For eCommerce

So can you actually use ClickFunnels for eCommerce?

This might be one of the most popular questions when it comes to using this software.

Don’t worry though.

This quick post is 100% dedicated to helping you out (and showing you) how it can be be done.

Just make sure that you read all the way to the end.

As there will be an extra easter egg to help you save a bunch of money using ClickFunnels.

Let’s begin.

ClickFunnels For eCommerce Explained

clickfunnels for ecommerce

Let’s first address and answer the question so that there is no confusion whatsoever.

Can you use ClickFunnels for eCommerce?

Yes, you absolutely can!

The fact of the matter is that you can use ClickFunnels for any type of business model.

In the simplest way of saying it, ClickFunnels can be used for any type of:

  • Online business (and/or).
  • Offline business.

The reason why this software works for eCommerce is that it helps you create sales funnels.

A sales funnel simply allows you to bring your potential customers closer to making a purchase.

And when it comes to eCommerce, you might be selling:

  • T-shirts.
  • Jewelry.
  • Pet beds.
  • Heck, you might even be selling cat socks!

It really doesn’t matter what you sell.

All that matters is that you leverage ClickFunnels in order to:

  1. Attract your targeted audience.
  2. Convert on making the sale.
  3. Maximize your profits.

Allow me to show you exactly how that works.

It’s a pretty simple process and there are only three steps to this eCommerce funnel.

ClickFunnels eCommerce Checkout Page

ecommerce cart for clickfunnels

The picture above comes from a high converting eCommerce template.

As you can see, this kicks off the process where you’ll be doing a few things:

  • Collecting their name and email (important for following up).
  • Collecting their shipping details.

Then something special happens after they click on the Special Offer green button.

They stay on the page and get shown the price along with a powerful order bump.

Here is what it looks like below:

clickfunnels ecommerce share funnel

So here are the main details of this 2-step order form:

  • They enter their CC information.
  • They choose if they want the order bump.
  • And on the bottom is the final complete purchase button (not seen in the picture above).

Here’s the beautiful thing about this 2-step order form.

Even if they don’t purchase?

You have their email from the previous step where you can always follow up with them.

And if they do purchase?

You have the order bump option to help you make even more sales and increase your revenue.

All your customers have to do is check off the box and it gets instantly added to their order.

So after your visitors enter their information on this page and make a purchase?

They move to the next step in this eCommerce funnel.

Here is what it looks like.

ClickFunnels One-Click Upsell Page

So customers have had the opportunity to:

  • Purchase your product.
  • Purchase an extra product from the order bump.

And now you have the opportunity to technically ask them:

Would you like fries with that?

This is the spot where you can sell more of the same or something complimentary.

The best part about it?

Customers only have to click a button once in order to instantly purchase from you.

There is no need to:

  • Re-enter their name and email address.
  • Type in all of their CC information again.

This makes the process of purchasing both smoother and easier.

Ultimately allowing you to convert higher (depending on how good your offer is).

They can always say no too, of course.

And whether they purchase or not?

They get taken to the third and final part of this ClickFunnels eCommerce funnel.

ClickFunnels Thank You Page & Sales Maximizer

using clickfunnels for ecommerce example

This is a simple thank you page that includes a few crucial aspects:

  • Congrats! Your order is complete (it’s nice to congratulate your customers).
  • You have their receipt and the prices dynamically updated based on the purchases.
  • The You May Also Like section which gives you another opportunity to make sales.

I highly recommend that you put highly related products in this specific section.

The rule of thumb is this:

The more related the product, the higher the conversions.

You are also free to add anything else that you like on this page as well.

It could be a personal video, details about shipping, and so on and so forth.

Pretty cool right?

I’d recommend that you give ClickFunnels a shot and put together an eCommerce funnel.

It’s a pretty simple process when it comes to creating a sales funnel:

Now here is a little bit more information when it comes to this topic.

ClickFunnels For eCommerce Video Tutorial

Perhaps you’d like a little bit more information.

Or maybe you’d rather watch a video when it comes to ClickFunnels and eCommerce.

No problem.

Below is a video from Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards diving deeper into this topic:

The video above talks about:

  • Physical products.
  • Along with their sales funnels, sales copy, and upsells.

I think that you’ll really enjoy that video.

Especially that it comes from the actual owner of ClickFunnels himself (Russell Brunson).

Let’s get to the end of this post now.

ClickFunnels eCommerce Conclusion

So I hope that I answered a couple of crucial questions when it comes to this topic:

Does ClickFunnels work for ecommerce?

That should be pretty obvious based upon the examples shown in this blog post.

I also wanted to answer one more popular question related to this topic:

Do I need a website for eCommerce ClickFunnels stores?

You certainly do NOT need a website to do what I’ve shown you today.


I recommend checking out ClickFunnels if you haven’t tried them yet:

I have a feeling that you’ll love what this software can do for you.

Plus, as I mentioned in the beginning paragraph of this blog post.

There is a way to save a lot of money on ClickFunnels (for both new and current users).

And that’s all.

Thank you fo much for reading all about how to use ClickFunnels for eCommerce.

Down below are two more related posts about ClickFunnels as well as their features.


All the best.

James Canzanella

A former personal trainer who went from unemployment to online business success. He's been marketing since 2012 and (still) enjoys lifting weights, listening to rock music, and relentlessly quoting popular lines from movies.

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