ClickFunnels For MLM & Network Marketing: How It Works

Have you thought about using ClickFunnels for MLM or network marketing purposes?

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Let’s skip the long introduction and start talking about all of the important information.

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Can You Use ClickFunnels For Network Marketing And MLM Businesses?

network marketing sales funnel

This is quite a popular question when it comes to using this dominant sales funnel software:

Does ClickFunnels work for MLM and network marketers?

Yes! ClickFunnels does work for both multilevel marketing and network marketing.

You can do a lot more than generate leads and make sales with ClickFunnels too.

Given that fact, you can use ClickFunnels and sales funnels for any type of business:

  • ClickFunnels works for online businesses.
  • ClickFunnels also happens to work for offline businesses.

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The reason ClickFunnels works so well is because of the almighty sales funnel.

So when it comes to MLM and network marketing in particular?

You will be creating what’s referred to as a ClickFunnels network marketing bridge funnel.

Here are the two steps that come along with a network marketing bridge funnel:

  1. A lead generation page.
  2. A thank you page that links to the offer you’re looking to promote.

In fact, promoting MLM offers is identical to promoting affiliate offers with ClickFunnels.

If it sounds like the two sales funnel steps are overall pretty simple, then you’d be right.

I’ll be showing you how to create this type of sales funnel using ClickFunnels.

Let’s continue on now.

ClickFunnels Network Marketing Bridge Funnel And Extra Monetization

For those of you who prefer watching videos instead, I’ve got you covered.

Simply click the play button above to see how this network marketing funnel works.

Don’t forget that ClickFunnels comes along with a free trial in case you haven’t tried them.

It takes less than 60 seconds to get started, and I show you how it’s done in the tutorial below.

Helpful Tutorial: Steps for the ClickFunnels free trial.

So let’s get started with the first step of the process that is all about getting leads.

Onwards and upwards.

Step 1: The ClickFunnels Lead Generation Page

network marketing company sales funnel

This is the first step when it comes to the powerful network marketing bridge funnel.

Helpful Note: Just because it has network marketing in the name, it works for MLM.

They might as well be the same thing (it’s just preference of name).

So this landing page serves as the bridge to what you’ll be offering your leads.

It’s also very beneficial for a few more reasons:

  • It allows you to capture leads.
  • It allows you to presell your leads and increase your conversions.
  • Plus, you’re not sending your traffic straight to the offer you’re promoting.

You have one goal and one goal only when it comes to this lead generation page.

Qualify and generate leads.

Let’s take a look at the example screenshot that I added above.

Here are the important sections of this page and what I personally added in:

  • Qualify audience: Attention network marketers.
  • Big benefit: That would be the “building a profitable business” headline.
  • Generate leads: The CTA along with a spot where they can enter their email address.

Helpful Note: CTA stands for a call to action.

So if you arrived on that landing page and noticed that you’d get a free training showing you:

  • How to build your own profitable network marketing business.
  • And you can do it without having experience or alienating your friends and family.

Then there’s a much higher chance that you’d be interested in opting in for the information.

This is how most lead generation pages work:

  1. Qualify your audience.
  2. Offer them something that they want.
  3. Give a call to action where they can enter their email address.

See More: ClickFunnels landing page examples.

Just make sure that you’re offering something that your audience truly wants.

That’s the golden rule of all sales funnels.

It’s also the biggest reason why many sales funnels flop, are they offer nothing valuable.

Let’s move onto the next and last step for this ClickFunnels for network marketing funnel.

Step 2: The ClickFunnels Thank You Page

sales funnels for mlm business
Someone arrives on the lead generation page and enters their email address.

Here are the two things that happen next and immediately:

  1. They get taken to the ClickFunnels thank you page which is shown above.
  2. They also get an automated email followup (in the background).

This page is most commonly known as a thank you or download page.

Simply because you thank them and there also might be something to download.

Here are the important elements of a ClickFunnels thank you page:

  • Attention bar.
  • Video with free training.
  • Button at the bottom for getting started.

You can see the attention bar in the example above, which you can just use text for.

The video is the most important part of this page:

  • You are presenting your free training.
  • You are also preselling your audience about your MLM offer.

So by the time your visitor gets to the end of watching your video?

They will be able to click the button at the bottom and get started through your link.

Helpful Note: This is the path and goal that you’ll be looking to ultimately achieve.

There are other ways to monetize this ClickFunnels thank you page too.

Let’s take a look at them now.

Promote Affiliate Offers

As previously stated, promoting network marketing offers is the same as affiliate offers.

So why not add a helpful and additional offer for your audience to checkout?

  • You have your MLM offer.
  • You can also promote a related affiliate offer.

In fact, it’s recommended that you promote more than one offer for a few reasons.

  • It allows you to see what converts the best.
  • It allows you to see what your audience likes the best.
  • It also allows you another way to monetize your thank you page.

Clickbank is a great spot to look for affiliate offers in a wide variety of niches.

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Here’s another way that you can use your thank you page for extra monetization.

Promote eCommerce Offers

Please keep in mind that this specific recommendation can be hit or miss.

However, there are a ton of networking marketing companies that are related to eCommerce:

  • You can promote other eCommerce offers as an affiliate.
  • You can even promote and sell your own eCommerce offers.

While this might sound like a stretch, it’s certainly a possibility with ClickFunnels.

After all, they have the tools that you’d need to make it possible as talked about below.

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Here’s one more out-of-the-box method for improving your MLM business.

Sell Your Network Marketing Related Course

Maybe you’re an expert or grizzled veteran when it comes to network marketing.

Something that you need to keep in mind is that people would pay to learn what you know.

That’s where selling your knowledge comes into place.

Here are a few examples of topics related to an MLM business:

  • How to motivate and encourage your downline.
  • How to leverage YouTube to close leads on complete autopilot.
  • How to generate leads without bugging all of your friends and family.

And so on and so forth (the list could go on forever).

The fact of the matter is that there are tons of people who need help with those topics.

Plus, ClickFunnels has even more tools to help you out with selling a course:

Note: Those are all articles above if you’d like more information about each.

Either way, I think you get a good idea of how much ClickFunnels can help you out.

It does a whole lot more than just create sales funnels.

Let’s move to the conclusion of this post now.

ClickFunnels MLM: Closing Summary

ClickFunnels for MLM. ClickFunnels allows you to create the bridge pages that you need to generate leads, presell your offers, make sales, build your downline, and a whole lot more.

So that’s the two-step sales funnel that any MLM business can leverage.

You can create this type of sales funnel regardless of the pricing plan that you pick.

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Here are the landing pages that come along with it one more time:

  • The lead generation page for qualifying and getting leads.
  • The thank-you page which presells and then recommends your offer.

You can also follow up with your leads with your email marketing autoresponder.

Just make sure that you remember this:

Any and every type of business can use ClickFunnels for marketing.

The last thing you want to have is any type of seed of doubt in the back of your mind.

And if you haven’t gotten to use ClickFunnels yet, then I highly recommend it.

Grab your free trial by using the link down below:

Thank you for taking the time to learn about using this software for your online business.

Here is one last section in case you’d like more information about ClickFunnels.

How ClickFunnels Works For Other Businesses

I’m sure that you can imagine just how often the following question gets asked:

Is ClickFunnels going to work for me and my business?

After reading this post, you should most definitely know the answer to that question.

Spoiler Alert: The answer is YES 😛

Either way, I wanted to add a few related articles for you regarding this software.

It will give you some inspiration and other ideas about how you can use ClickFunnels to grow.

Here are a few of the helpful articles for you:

And that should just about do it.

Thanks again for taking the time to learn about this specific topic.

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