ClickFunnels Add PDF Download (Tutorial)

You have now entered the unofficial ClickFunnels add PDF download post.

It’s pretty simple…

As I will be showing you how to quickly host a PDF on ClickFunnels itself.

I’m excited that you are here so let’s begin.

ClickFunnels Add PDF Download Tutorial

clickfunnels add pdf download

The first step is going to be on you (since you have to login yourself) ­čśŤ

I’ll put a shortcut for you down below:

From there, you can log in.

And if you are already logged in?

Then be sure to keep reading on and continue to the next step.

Getting To ClickFunnels Digital Assets

Make sure that you are on your main dashboard.

  1. Move your mouse and hover over your name on the top right of the page.
  2. Click on Account Settings.

From there?

  1. Look at the left side of the page.
  2. Click on the Digital Assets tab.

Next up.

Your ClickFunnels Digital Asset Information

So here is what you need to do next:

  • Click on + New Asset.

You will then get to a page that looks similar to the image down below:

clickfunnels pdf

I imagine that you can figure out the rest of the steps…

But I will talk about them just in case you need further assistance.

  • Choose File: Upload your PDF file.
  • Asset Name: Generally going to be the name of the PDF.
  • From Name: (trying to think of a snarky comment to put here).
  • From Email: (still haven’t come up with a snarky remark to use).
  • Message: This is completely up to you, so do as you will.
  • Last but not least click on the yellow Add button.

And that my friend, is how you can have your PDF file.

But when it comes to ClickFunnels?

It is called a Digital Asset.

(in case there was any confusion)

How To Get Your ClickFunnels PDF URL

So you will need to go back to the Digital Asset section.

You should now see that Digital Asset (PDF) that you just recently created.

Here are the final steps for you:

  1. Towards the right side of the screen just click on the 3 dots.
  2. Click on Copy Asset Path.

You will then have the link to your ClickFunnels PDF that you can share with others.

So if you want to add it into any of your funnels and attach it to a button?

Simply just add in that URL (and that’s it)!

I hope that was easy for you, but just in case?

Here is a great video tutorial that will guide you through the process while showing:

  • How to add a PDF file to ClickFunnels.
  • How to link a PDF to a download button in ClickFunnels.

Simply click the play button down below to see how it’s done (as if you don’t already know):

I love videos.

They sometimes make it so much easier to get a message across to someone else.

I love tutorials, too, which you will see at the end of the post.

Let’s get to that now and finish up this post now.

ClickFunnels PDF: Conclusion

So there you have it!

I hope I answered all of your questions and concerns when it comes to the topic of:

ClickFunnels add PDF download.

Since you are a current ClickFunnels user (like myself)?

I’m going to leave you with one more simple task:

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