ClickFunnels Vs Aweber: Comparing Software And Integration Info

What’s the best software when it comes to ClickFunnels vs Aweber?

Both of these tools can certainly help you with your online business needs.

So be sure to keep reading on as I help you with the comparison of these platforms.

Aweber Vs ClickFunnels: Video Comparing These Tools

aweber vs clickfunnels

Quick Aweber vs ClickFunnels summary. Aweber is all about email marketing with a splash of landing pages. ClickFunnels focuses on landing pages, sales funnels, and much more.

This initial comparison section is perfect if you happen to be short on time.

I went ahead and also created a video when it comes to ClickFunnels vs Aweber.

You can consider it the quicker cliff notes.

You can click the play button down below if you’d like to hear the important info:

And if I had to ONLY pick one software tool for building and growing my online business?

It should be a pretty easy choice:

I still recommend that you keep reading about these tools.

That will give you some more information about what each platform has to offer.

Let’s start with ClickFunnels first.

ClickFunnels: Features And Price Overview

So there’s going to be some overlap when it comes to ClickFunnels and Aweber.

First and foremost, ClickFunnels was created by Russell Bruson (shown in the picture above).

ClickFunnels is a platform that mostly focuses on creating:

  • High-converting landing pages.
  • Sales funnels.

There’s a lot of overlap when it comes to landing pages for ClickFunnels and Aweber.

The same goes for email marketing (which I’ll talk about as we continue on).

Before we begin, I do want to let you know that ClickFunnels comes with a free trial.

I’ll add a tutorial down below that shows you how to get started in a flash.

Supportive Article: Activating your ClickFunnels free trial.

Keep in mind that it takes less than sixty seconds to get started (which is nice).

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest features that ClickFunnels offers.

Landing Pages And Sales Funnels

Spoiler Alert: ClickFunnels is the best option for creating landing pages and sales funnels.

First and foremost, ClickFunnels has a very smooth process when it comes to creating:

  • Landing pages.
  • Sales funnels.

ClickFunnels also shines in its ability to allow you to create whatever funnel you have in mind.

Those two factors are what make ClickFunnels one of the best sale funnel builders around.

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While you can create landing pages with Aweber (even from scratch)?

ClickFunnels absolutely dominates Aweber in terms of the variety in pages and funnels.

Plus at the time of writing this:

  • Aweber has only around 25 total templates.
  • ClickFunnels has well over 100 templates just for lead generation pages.

More about the Aweber landing pages when we get to that specific section though.

Here is an example of what it looks like to create a sales funnel inside of ClickFunnels:

If you look at the screenshot above, there are quite a few pages in the sales funnel.

In case you’re on mobile and the image is harder to see, ClickFunnels allows you to create:

  • Squeeze pages (also known as lead generation pages).
  • Sales and video sales pages.
  • Order form and order confirmation pages.
  • Thank you/download pages.

And that’s just the steps that naturally come along with starting up a simple sales funnel.

ClickFunnels also comes with the ability to create:

  • Membership areas.
  • One-click upsell and downsell pages.
  • Full-blown live and automated webinar funnels.

And there are plenty more features and tools when it comes to sales funnels in general.

So if creating landing pages and sales funnel is one of your biggest focuses?

I would recommend that you give ClickFunnels the free trial that it deserves:

So there was a little bit of overlap for landing pages with both ClickFunnels and Aweber.

Here is where there’s much more to compare in terms of features.

Follow-up Funnels For Email Marketing

This is one of those features that not too many people are even familiar with.

Did you know that ClickFunnels has its very own email marketing platform?

If you didn’t, then you do now ­čÖé

However, I’ll be talking more about email marketing in the Aweber section.

After all, they are the company that lives and breathes email marketing.

I do want to let you know that Follow-up Funnels comes with the Platinum plan.

Meaning that you can’t get this feature if you end up choosing the basic ClickFunnels plan.

In the meantime, you should have a good idea of what ClickFunnels comes with.

I’ll leave a link to my review below if you’d like to read up more about their features.

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I also happened to mention two of the plans that come along with the ClickFunnels platform.

So let’s now take a look at how much it’s going to cost to use ClickFunnels.

How Much Is It To Use ClickFunnels?

As shown above, there are two pricing plans that you can choose from:

  • The ClickFunnels (basic) plan is $97 per month.
  • The ClickFunnels Platinum plan comes out to $297 per month.

The screenshot above also shows a few differences that come with each plan.

For example:

  • The $97 plan comes with 20 sales funnels and 100 landing pages.
  • The $297 plan comes with an unlimited amount of both sales funnels and landing pages.

Reminder: The $297 plan also comes with their Follow-up Funnels feature.

There are some other features and tools that come along with each plan as well.

If you many more pricing information, please check out the article that I added below.

Helpful Article: Learn more about the ClickFunnels pricing plans.

So you should now have a good idea about what ClickFunnels has to offer for you.

As I stated previously, they have a lot of advantages to Aweber.

However, Aweber also has a few tricks up its professional email marketing sleeve.

Let’s talk a little bit about Aweber now.

Aweber: Features And Price Overview

I really like the tagline that comes along with Aweber on its official website.

As it’s shown in the screenshot above:

Run your business – leave the email marketing to use.

Aweber’s certainly got you covered when it comes to email marketing and many perks.

In fact, they more than have you covered given the fact that they come out in 1998.

Cliff Notes: Aweber is certainly a grizzled veteran when it comes to email marketing.

Aweber also recently opened up the ability to get a completely free account with them.

While there are some restrictions, you can get a free account for up to 500 subscribers.

I’ll leave a link for you down below:

So what else does Aweber come with that you can look forward to seeing?

Let’s start by talking about a somewhat newer Aweber feature.

Basic Landing Pages And Signup Forms

As stated previously, there are around 25 landing page templates that Aweber provides.

All in all, they seem to be pretty basic (as you can see in the screenshot above).

However, Aweber does have one slight advantage when it comes to landing pages:

You can create an unlimited amount of landing pages.

You can do this with ClickFunnels as well, but you would need the Platinum plan.

Upon choosing your template, you then get taken to the landing page editor.

All in all, their drag and drop editor isn’t all too bad for what they have to offer:

Just keep in mind that there’s not a lot of complexity compared to ClickFunnels.

In terms of complexity, I’m referring to being able to:

  • Creat full-blown sales funnels.
  • Sell any type of product, offer, or service.

Aweber also comes with sign-up forms in case you want an easier way to collect subscribers.

Aside from landing pages, let’s move onto the next feature that Aweber does exceptionally well.

Email marketing.

Powerfully Simple Email Marketing

Like most email marketing tools, you’ll be able to send broadcasts with Aweber.

These are messages that you can send out to your subscribers at any time you like.

As shown above, there are three ways to create your broadcast messages:

  • Drag and drop email builder (the most popular).
  • Plain text message.
  • HTML editor.

Aweber uses a drag-and-drop editor that’s similar to creating your landing pages.

I added a screenshot down below so that you can see what it looks like in action:

It’s going to be harder to see just because the editor and picture are so big.

Just keep in mind that it’s very similar to when you create landing pages with Aweber.

Aweber also has a TON of email templates.

However, I always recommend just using a plain template with no images for your emails.

Pro Tip: This will help you to stay out of the spam box (which is not where you want to be).

So sending broadcasts is a pretty standard procedure when it comes to email marketing.

Aweber also allows you the ability to utilize:

  • Autoresponder emails.
  • As well as campaigns that are based on interactions.

Autoresponder emails are a great way to put your email marketing efforts on autopilot.

This feature allows you to create a bunch of emails, and then you can:

  • Load them into your autoresponder.
  • Have them sent out at specific time intervals.

In fact, you can drip-feed your autoresponder series for as long as you want.

Above is another of a great email marketing feature that Aweber has to offer.

This feature is called Aweber Campaigns.

They work in a similar way to an autoresponder, but you can also:

  • Assign triggers for sending the right emails to the right subscribers.
  • Assign tags to identify what your audience is interested in.
  • Create better flows for your subscribers.

ClickFunnels also allows for similar types of campaigns with their Follow-up Funnels.

In fact, ClickFunnels even allows you to send messages through:

  • Email.
  • Text messages.
  • Social media messages.
  • As well as desktop notifications.

So while Aweber has a ton of great things going on for them in terms of email marketing?

ClickFunnels still puts up a great marketing battle when it comes to sending messages.

Aweber also comes along with many more perks and tools related to email marketing.

I’ll leave a link to their homepage where you can learn more about what they have to offer:

So what’s the Aweber pricing going to be?

Allow me to give you a quick overview of what to expect from this email marketing platform.

How Much Is It To Use Aweber?

Aweber is pretty straightforward when it comes to their pricing plans.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the prices:

  • The Free account is for up to 500 subscribers (limited though).
  • The Pro account starts at $19/mo for up to 500 subscribers.

For the Pro plan, you’ll only pay more when you need more room for subscribers.

Here’s how the plans stack up after $19 monthly:

  • Up to 2.5k subscribers will be $29/mo.
  • Up to 5,000 subscribers will be $49/mo.
  • Up to 10,000 subscribers will be $69/mo.
  • Up to 25,000 subscribers will be $149/mo.

You can also save with Aweber if you pay quarterly or annually with their plans.

Either way, which tool should you use to build and grow your online business?

Let’s move to the grand finale right now and find out.

ClickFunnels Vs Aweber Summary Conclusion

clickfunnels vs aweber

ClickFunnels vs Aweber summary. ClickFunnels is perfect for building and growing your entire online business, while Aweber is perfect for your email marketing needs.

You’ve now got a great idea of what each of these platforms can help you with.

So which software tool should you use to build and grow your online business?

Here’s the answer.

ClickFunnels Is The Winner As It’s Perfect For:

  • Landing pages and sales funnels.
  • Selling your products, offers, or services.
  • Running both automated and live webinars.
  • Checkout pages and related features (one-click upsells, order bumps, etc).
  • The overall better option for building and growing your entire online business.

All in all, ClickFunnels is going to have much more to offer in terms of your online business.

Plus, they also have many of the top features that Aweber happens to offer.

For many of the reasons above, I would highly recommend that you pick ClickFunnels.

I’ll leave a link down below where you can get started:

When you get started through the link above, I’ll also be sending you some bonuses too.

I’ll add a link to a related post below where you can get more information.

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So those are just some of the reasons why I recommend using ClickFunnels so much.

Aweber also serves a really great purpose as well.

Aweber Is Great If:

  • You only need email marketing for your online business and nothing else.

This should be pretty obvious by now for a couple of main reasons:

  • Aweber is 100% focused on email marketing.
  • I’ve mentioned this a few times in this comparison as well.

Plus, Aweber currently comes with a free plan for up to 500 subscribers.

So if you’re just getting started or have less than 500 subscribers?

There’s actually one more option when it comes to ClickFunnels and Aweber.

Use The ClickFunnels Aweber Integration

clickfunnels aweber integration

This what I like to refer to as getting the best of both worlds:

  • Use the tools of ClickFunnels for building and growing your online business.
  • Use Aweber for your email marketing efforts.

This is made possible thanks to the integration with Aweber that ClickFunnels offers.

Helpful Note: It’s highlighted in the screenshot that I added above.

I’ll add a link down below where you can get your free account/trial for the platforms:

I hope that this post gave you plenty of insight when it comes to what they do.

I’ll leave a few more comparison posts below if you want more ClickFunnels information.

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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about these two great software tools.

Happy marketing!

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