ClickFunnels Vs Infusionsoft (Keap): Find The Best Software Option

Do you need some help when it comes to comparing ClickFunnels vs Infusionsoft?

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This blog post is going to help you pick the marketing platform for your online business.

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Infusionsoft Vs ClickFunnels: Quick Video Comparison

infusionsoft vs clickfunnels

Quick Infusionsoft vs ClickFunnels summary. Infusionsoft is an all-in-one CRM, while ClickFunnels is an all-in-one landing pages and sales funnel builder.

This is going to be the introduction and overall quick comparison section of these tools.

I also wanted to create a video for you when it comes to ClickFunnels vs Infusionsoft.

You can consider this video the cliff notes.

Just click the play button below if you’d like to hear me talk about ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft:

You can click the link below to see the winner as well as get a free trial in the process:

So that’s just the quick introduction.

I recommend that you keep reading on if you’d like more details about each business.

Let’s start with ClickFunnels first.

The ClickFunnels Advantage: Powerful Features And Prices

menu clickfunnels

ClickFunnels has seen a tremendous amount of success ever since they first launched.

This software was created by Russell Brunson in 2014 and is well known for their:

  • Landing pages.
  • High-converting sales funnels.

As shown in the screenshot above, they’ve accumulated well over 140,000 customers.

As also shown on their website, above the ClickFunnels tagline is:

  • Create beautiful sales funnels that convert your visitors into leads and then customers.
  • Without having to hire or rely on a tech team.

The last part is going to be a big comparison when it comes to ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft:

  • The ClickFunnels learning curve is very low.
  • You can’t exactly say the same thing when it comes to Infusionsoft/Keap.

This, in my opinion, is why Infusionsoft offers extra coaching when you choose your pricing plan.

Infusionsoft isn’t as simple as ClickFunnels when it comes to use and functionality.

More on that later though.

Lastly, ClickFunnels comes along with a free 14-day trial for giving them a test drive.

I’ll add a tutorial below that talks about how to quickly sign up (in case you need it).

Helpful Tutorial: Quick ClickFunnels free trial.

So what does ClickFunnels offer when being compared to Infusionsoft?

Let’s take a look at some of the most powerful features that ClickFunnels offers.

ClickFunnels Lucrative Landing Pages And Powerful Sales Funnels

drag and drop marketing applications

So when it comes to building and growing your online business:

  • Are you looking to create landing pages (and/or)?
  • Are you looking to create simple yet powerful sales funnels?

Then right off the start, ClickFunnels is going to be the best option for you.

In fact, ClickFunnels has been rated as one of the best sales funnel builder tools around.

Reference: Examining the best sales funnel builders.

What makes them such a great choice is their flexibility and ease of use.

If you look at the screenshot above, you can see an example of a sales funnel being created.

When creating your sales funnel, ClickFunnels allows you to create any type of landing page.

Here are a few examples of landing pages and sales funnels that you can create:

  • Product launch funnel.
  • Order forms (also known as checkout pages).
  • Sales letters, video sales letters, and overall sales pages.
  • Lead generation and thank you pages (also known as optin funnels).

You can also create a landing page or two for memberships, webinars, and much more.

This is all thanks to their easy to use landing page builder.

I added a screenshot down below so that you can see the landing page builder in action:

drag and drop order forms

When it comes to their landing page editor, everything is a drag and drop process.

The above screenshot is also a great example of what it looks like creating order forms.

Order form pages also come along with a great feature called an order bump.

This is a great way to make more sales by adding an extra offer on your checkout page.

Simply drag and drop that feature where you want it on your landing page.

Learn More: ClickFunnels order bump demo.

ClickFunnels also offers quite a few landing page templates to help you get started.

In fact, they have well over 100 landing pages templates just for your optin pages:

landing page builders

I added an example of one of the landing page templates that come with ClickFunnels.

Helpful Note: I happened to add a picture of me in there because, why not?

Templates are beneficial because they allow you to quickly finish your landing pages.

Here is the process that I recommend:

  • Pick an appropriate ClickFunnels landing page template to use for your online marketing.
  • Load it up into the ClickFunnels drag and drop editor.
  • Make a few important tweaks and then launch it.

When it comes to a few important tweaks, that means pictures, text, and colors.

This will allow you to launch your landing page(s) and start marketing as quickly as possible.

There is also the option to leverage sales funnels that others have created (shown below):

startup marketing solutions

Sharing sales funnels, is by far, one of the fastest ways to get started with a sales funnel.

With just one click of your mouse, you can import an entire sales funnel into your account.

Either way, that’s just a small amount of information when it comes to ClickFunnels:

  • Landing pages.
  • As well as sales funnels.

If you are interested in building both landing pages and sales funnels?

Then I would highly recommend that you give them a try by using the link down below.

They are easy to use when being compared to Infusionsoft and their landing page builder:

ClickFunnels is also great for maximizing the number of sales that you can make.

Let’s take a look at a few more powerful features that come along with this software.

ClickFunnels Shopping Cart, Order Bumps, One-Click Upsells, And Webinars

e-commerce order forms

So does ClickFunnels come with a shopping cart or do you need separate software?

Yes, ClickFunnels comes with a shopping cart (in case you missed the section above).

This is beneficial because you won’t need to purchase separate third-party software.

Helpful Note: Shopping cart software can cost as much as ClickFunnels or even more.

When it comes to the ClickFunnels shopping cart feature, you can use it to sell:

  • Your products, offers, and services.
  • Yes, you can even sell e-Commerce products as well.

You can also leverage their order bump feature to really maximize the sales that you make.

I’ll add a related post if you’d like to learn more about this specific ClickFunnels feature.

Related: ClickFunnels shopping cart examples.

ClickFunnels also offers you to create landing pages for one-click upsells.

I put an example of a one-click upsell landing page down below for you to see:

marketing solutions

You’ve probably seen these if you’re a small business and have been doing online marketing.

After a customer purchases, you get the ability to offer them an extra product to purchase.

What makes this feature so great is that all it takes is one-click to make the purchase.

Your customers won’t need to re-enter all of their:

  • Name and email address.
  • Home address and phone number.
  • And they also won’t have to re-enter their credit card number.

Related: ClickFunnels OTO demo.

I bring this up because I was once trying to decide between ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft.

At the time, I needed a way to process credit cards, and after some quick research?

ClickFunnels was a much simpler (and price-friendly) solution.

I also had no interest in getting coaching just to use their sales automation tool.

Still do this day, ClickFunnels still has a lot of advantages over their big competitor.

One of those big advantages is also going to be the webinars that you can create:

marketing automation campaign builder

The example above showcases a sales funnel for an auto webinar.

Helpful Note: Auto webinars are also commonly referred to as evergreen webinars.

Any business can leverage webinars to increase their sales and make more money.

ClickFunnels also allows you to create landing pages and sales funnel for both:

  • Live webinars.
  • Automated webinars.

This is still only scratching the surface when it comes to the ClickFunnels features.

This sales funnel software allows you to:

  • Create email campaigns.
  • Run email marketing automation.
  • Run split-tests to help increase your conversion rates.
  • Create membership sites for your products and offers.

I’ll leave a link to the in-depth review that I created for ClickFunnels.

That will give you an idea of the marketing tools that come along with ClickFunnels.

Highly Related: ClickFunnels features review.

I also talked about you can run email marketing automation with ClickFunnels.

This is thanks to one of their features called Follow-up Funnels.

I bring this up because it’s only available with the ClickFunnels Platinum plan.

So let’s talk about how much each of the pricing plans are going to cost.

How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost?

both pricing plans

ClickFunnels is very simple when it comes to their pricing plans.

Here is the quick list for you:

  • ClickFunnels (basic) comes out to $97 per month.
  • ClickFunnels Platinum comes out to $297 per month.

There are also going to be some differences in both of these pricing plans.

A few of the notable differences include:

  • The $97 plan comes with 100 landing pages and 20 sales funnels.
  • The $297 plan comes with an unlimited amount of landing pages and sales funnel.

Plus, as previously mentioned:

Their email marketing automation (Follow-Up Funnels) only comes with the $297 plan.

That’s something to keep in mind if you plan on utilizing email marketing automation.

On the other hand, you can also attach a separate email marketing tool with ClickFunnels.

That decision will be up to you.

In the meantime, I’ll add a related link below for more info about the pricing plans and perks.

Learn More: All of the ClickFunnels prices and costs.

All in all, it’s easy to see why so many small businesses choose to use ClickFunnels.

I’d recommend that you give this sales funnel and landing page builder a shot:

So that’s the first half when it comes to the battle of ClickFunnels vs Infusionsoft.

Let’s change things up and take a look at what Infusionsoft has to offer.

The Infusionsoft Advantage: Powerful Features And Prices

contact management marketing automation

So not too long ago at the time of writing this, Infusionsoft had a name change to Keap:

  • You may be familiar with this name change.
  • You may not be familiar with it.

I bring this up because I will be using both of the Infusionsoft and Keap names.

This should help avoid any confusion as we talk more about this CRM software.

So the main tagline that comes along with Infusionsoft/Keap is:

More business. Less work. That’s Keap.

All in all, Infusionsoft/Keap is a software tool that mostly focuses on having:

  • CRM (customer relationship management).
  • Many marketing and sales automation features.

Similar to ClickFunnels, Infusionsoft also comes along with a 14-day free trial.

A big difference is that you won’t need a credit card to start your free trial.

Either way, let’s take a look at some of the marketing tools that Infusionsoft offers.

Infusionsoft Contacts, Messages, And Broadcasts

After the Infusionsoft onboarding process, you have a few options to get started with.

As you can see from the screenshot, Infusionsoft/Keap allows you to:

  • Request and collect payments.
  • Promote and market your business.
  • Manage your follow up communication.
  • Track your daily activities and processes.
  • Improve and connect your lead sources.
  • Manage your follow up communication.

Infusionsoft will certainly have an edge when it comes to being a CRM platform.

After all, everything that Infusionsoft does is centered around their CRM.

With that being said, this marketing automation tool allows you to get started by:

  • Importing your contacts.
  • Start sending texts from your desktop.
  • As well as send email broadcasts for your small business.

You can see what I mean with the dashboard screenshot that I added down below:

email marketing features

Infusionsoft will also have you covered when it comes to any type of sales automation.

If you also look at the screenshot above, there is a section called automations.

Features like this allow you to create rules based upon actions that your target audience takes.

Here are a few examples of using Infusionsoft with automation:

  • Send a yearly greeting for a contacts birthday.
  • Ask a new customer for a review when a product is purchased.
  • Send a free email consultation whenever a public form is submitted.

And there are a few other templates that you can use (you can request more as well).

Here is also something I want to say when it comes to ClickFunnels vs Infusionsoft.

  • Infusionsoft is a much more advanced and complex platform.
  • ClickFunnels is overall simpler and easy to use.

To get the most out of Infusionsoft, it’s best if you’re business is doing really well.

Infusionsoft is certainly not a tool for beginners.

In fact, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re doing a significant amount of sales.

Here are a few more features that this marketing automation software comes with.

Infusionsoft Appointments, Tasks, And Money

campaign builder for businesses

As shown above, Infusionsoft offers a section for putting your money to work.

This feature allows you to get paid with a full suite of payment features such as:

  • Quotes.
  • Invoices.
  • And recurring payments.

This is also a way to connect your bank account and deposit your funds directly.

Infusionsoft also comes with more features as shown in the dashboard above.

Two more of those features for businesses include:

  • Tasks.
  • Appointments.

Tasks are pretty simple, as it allows you to create a to-do list for small businesses.

The appointments feature is for booking leads and clients on your calendar.

That’s extra beneficial if you offer any form of coaching or consulting as your business.

So there’s a huge difference in features when it comes to ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft also comes with plenty more features than I’ve talked about here.

  • You can check out the Infusionsoft home page to see a list of their features.

So how much is it going to cost to use Infusionsoft?

And how will that pricing compare to what ClickFunnels has to offer?

Let’s take a look at that now.

How Much Does Infusionsoft Cost?

email marketing prices for businesses

So the Infusionsoft/Keap pricing plans aren’t quite as simple as ClickFunnels.

This is because they come with a few more moving parts and overall options.

Taking it from the top though:

  • Keap Grow plan starts at $64 per month.
  • Keap Pro plan starts at $120 per month.
  • The Infusionsoft plan starts at $160 per month.

Please keep in mind that those prices above are just for the first 6 months.

Aside from that, there are also the expert coaching payments shown in the image above.

What I don’t like is that these coaching sessions are mandatory.

This was another big reason why I decided to choose ClickFunnels over Infusionsoft.

Lastly, you can also personalize your plan by adding more:

  • Users.
  • Contacts.

So all in all, ClickFunnels is overall going to be the better-priced option.

Especially if you just integrate ClickFunnels with a third-party email marketing tool.

So who should you use when it comes to the battle of ClickFunnels vs Infusionsoft?

The answer should be pretty easy to see by now.

Either way, keep reading as we move onto the grand finale of this comparison post.

ClickFunnels Vs Infusionsoft: The Final Verdict

clickfunnels vs infusionsoft

ClickFunnels vs Infusionsoft summary. ClickFunnels is a sales funnel and landing builder that’s perfect for many small businesses (online and offline). Infusionsoft is a complex and advanced CRM that’s most beneficial for more successful small businesses.

Just like you, I had to pick only one marketing tool when it comes to these platforms.

So which marketing automation platform did I pick, and who should you use?

Here’s the moment that you’ve been waiting for.

ClickFunnels Is Going To Be The Recommended Software

In fact, ClickFunnels is a very each choice when compared to Infusionsoft.

Here are just a few reasons for using this sales funnel and landing page builder:

  • It’s simpler.
  • ClickFunnels overall has better pricing.
  • Split testing to increase your conversion rates.
  • Great for selling products, offers, and services.
  • Easy to use drag and drop landing page builder.
  • Perfect for creating landing pages and sales funnels.
  • It’s great for startup businesses to even larger businesses.
  • You don’t need coaching in order to figure out their software.
  • Many features for collecting leads and maximizing more sales.
  • You get everything under one roof (this includes running webinars too).

So that’s just a few reasons why I would pick ClickFunnels over Infusionsoft.

The first bullet-point is something that I would like to highlight: it’s simple.

ClickFunnels is a software that doesn’t have a large learning curve.

Infusionsoft, on the other hand, is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

Plus, Infusionsoft requires you to get coaching when you first get started with them.

I don’t like that at all.

So while there is certainly a time and place for using Infusionsoft?

It’s just not going to be when compared to a simpler software like ClickFunnels.

So with that being said, I would highly recommend that you give ClickFunnels a shot:

I’ll also have some bonuses when you get started through my link above.

The related post down below will explain all of the details about those bonuses.

Related Post: See my ClickFunnels bonuses here.

So that should just about do it when it comes to comparing these two software tools.

I hope that this helped you make a good choice when it comes to making a choice.

If you’re like me, then you’ll most likely go with ClickFunnels.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a few related ClickFunnels down below.

Just in case you’d like to see how they match up to other software tools on the market.

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Thanks again for taking the time to learn more about ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft.

Have a great day!

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