ClickFunnels Vs Website (Comparison)

If you had to pick when it comes to ClickFunnels vs website?

  • Who would you pick?
  • But more importantly, why would you pick them?

That’s what I’m going to be covering in this post.

Be sure to keep reading on.

Benefits Of Clickfunnels Vs Website

So just in case, you’re more of a visual person?

Here is a great video when it comes to comparing these two:

In the video above?

The landing pages that are talked about are landing pages from ClickFunnels.

Now let’s continue when it comes to the rest of the post…

Starting with the almighty website.

Website Benefits

If you’re looking to utilize a website?

I’d have to say that these are the three best benefits:

  • Blogging purposes.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • And having a platform where you can demonstrate your authority.

ClickFunnels can certainly help you when it comes to demonstrating your authority…

And you can create a website and blog pages when it comes to ClickFunnels (below):

website vs clickfunnels


I don’t recommend using ClickFunnels for website and blog related purposes.

WordPress is my recommendation for just creating websites and blog posts.

Further Reading: ClickFunnels and WordPress compared.

And if you just wanted a few landing pages?

There are going to be other options such as Thrive Themes.

But if you were going to compare ClickFunnels when it comes to SEO?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to those two:

  • Does ClickFunnels do SEO?
  • Is ClickFunnels good for SEO?
  • And is ClickFunnels SEO friendly?

And the answers for all of those?

I would have to say not exactly.

So in the battle of ClickFunnels vs website?

Websites are certainly the winners when it comes to SEO and blogging.


Now it’s time to see what ClickFunnels has to offer to go against the website.

ClickFunnels Benefits

Ever since ClickFunnels first came out?

Russell Brunson constantly talked about the phrase:

Abandon your website!

Now why in the world would anyone want to do that?

Well, Russell was referring to that when it comes to making sales.

In other words?

He believes that sales funnels should be used for selling (and not websites).

I kind of agree with him too.

And ClickFunnels is REALLY good when it comes to creating sales funnels for:

  • Capturing leads.
  • Making high ticket sales.
  • Offering any type of coaching.
  • Filling out quizzes, surveys, and applications.
  • Affiliate marketing, network marketing, and any type of marketing.

Helpful Note: ClickFunnels certainly works with MLM.

You can even create membership sites as well.

You see.

There’s one main goal when it comes to most of these funnels.

Making the sale.

And I’m sure you might have noticed it’s different when it comes to specific funnels…

But the main idea is keeping your visitors focused on one thing, and one thing only.

Websites can come along with hundreds of options to choose from.

I’m sure you get what I’m referring to.

But if you’d like some more information on the topic?

You can hear it straight from Russell Brunson in the video I put below:

I’ll never forget the quote that he mentions in the video (in case you missed it):

A confused mind will always say no.

That’s a big chance that can happen when you drive paid traffic to any type of website.

I hope that you see the difference now.


Here are a few more details when it comes to ClickFunnels versus a website.

Everything Where You Need It

This is often referred to as:

Everything under one roof.

And other tools do it as well (all-in-one platform).

But when you compare ClickFunnels to a website?

With a website, you are usually going to need to get more additions to go along with it.

Additions that can include:

  • Plugins.
  • Themes.
  • Webinar platform.
  • Email autoresponder.
  • Membership platform.
  • Graphics (banners, logos, etc.)

And so on.

The point I’m making is that you usually have to pay for them (if you want premium).

ClickFunnels, does, make it easy for you to pretty much have everything you need.

Even though their pricing is monthly, you get a good amount of features to go along with it.

Like this.

ClickFunnels Hosting

With a website you will need to start with:

  1. Domain.
  2. Hosting.

These are two things that you don’t have to have to use ClickFunnels.

So you won’t have to invest in any type of hosting since ClickFunnels does it for you.

This can be helpful if you plan on doing a ton of volume (traffic-wise).

Because as you might already know.

Hosting fees can pile up as you start getting into the ‘heavy amounts of traffic’ territory.

Here’s something else that comes along with ClickFunnels.

Membership Sites

This is something that you’re going to need in addition to getting a website.

There are certainly free options out there…

But are they as good as the premium options that you have?

Most likely not.

And ironically enough?

I’ve used both MemberMouse and WishList Member and while they are both solid solutions?

I got started with my membership site much quicker with ClickFunnels.


Here’s one more important fact that I want to mention.

ClickFunnels Can Save You Money

This has been something that ClickFunnels has been talking about for a while now.

And you know what?

I most certainly agree with them (because it saved me a lot of money as well).

When I first got ClickFunnels (back in 2015)…

It also allowed me to get rid of and not need any of the tools mentioned below:

  • Designers.
  • Photoshop.
  • Webmasters.
  • Affiliate software.
  • Secure shopping carts.
  • Hosting (I got rid of it).
  • AB split test software (I got rid of it).
  • Old webinar software (I got rid of it).
  • Membership software (I got rid of it).
  • Landing pages software (I got rid of it).

And I kept my autoresponder since I used the basic version of ClickFunnels.

So for me?

The tools that I got rid of actually added up to a lot more than ClickFunnels costs.

  • I was now saving money.
  • And of course, making more by being able to use ClickFunnels.

It ultimately became a no-brainer decision for me…

And I imagine it’s like that for many other people as well (perhaps you, too).

ClickFunnels also has a little-known discount when you invest more up-front.


So let’s finish up this post now.

ClickFunnels Vs Website Conclusion

clickfunnels vs website

So if you’ve read the entire post?

You will see that the benefits for a website include:

  • Blogging.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • And building up your authority.

And then, on the other hand, you have ClickFunnels:

  • Making sales.
  • Having everything under one roof.
  • You can even save a bunch of money (depending on your situation).

So in the battle of ClickFunnels vs a website, the winner is:




  • For a website, I recommend that you use it for blogging and SEO…
  • And then use ClickFunnels for getting leads, sales, and growing your online business.

This is what I am currently doing and it has worked, very, very well for me…

Which is why I recommend it to you too.


That was much longer than I thought it would be.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about the battle of a website vs ClickFunnels.

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