ClickMagick Affiliate Program: Commissions, Payouts, And More

The ClickMagick affiliate program can certainly be a lucrative one.

After all, they offer recurring commissions and also payout very quickly.

This affiliate program comes with other benefits as well.

Let’s talk about them and how you can join this stellar affiliate program.

Info About The ClickMagick Affiliate Program

clickmagick affiliate program

I’ve personally been promoting ClickMagick since January 2018.

Despite the fact that I haven’t put a ton of effort into promoting this offer?

It still comes highly recommended.

I’ll leave a link down below where you can sign up for this affiliate program:

Helpful Note: It’s completely free to join and you’ll just need a PayPal account to get paid.

Now let’s take a look at some of the benefits that you can look forward to seeing.

Recurring Commissions From ClickMagick

When it comes to promoting offers as an affiliate, promoting recurring offers is the best.

That’s why I put this benefit first, as it’s one of the best:

ClickMagick pays 35% lifetime commissions.

Here are the pricing plans so that you can get an idea of how much you can make:

  • The Starter Plan is $37 per month.
  • The Standard Plan is $77 per month.
  • The Pro Plan comes out to $197 per month.

ClickMagick also comes along with a free trial where customers can test out the software.

If they stick around after the free trial, this means that you could potentially earL

  • $12.95 per month for a customer using the Starter Plan.
  • $26.95 per month for a customer using the Standard Plan.
  • $68.95 per month when it comes to a customer using the Pro Plan.

This is for a lifetime too.

Or at least for the duration that a ClickMagick customer continues to use the software.

Some software tools only payout for 6 months or 12 months, but not ClickMagick.

You keep getting paid until the customer ultimately cancels their account.

In other words, the art of promoting affiliate offers is certainly not dead.

Affiliate Marketing Alive Or Dead: You can read more about that topic here.

Let’s move onto the next big benefit that ClickMagick offers.

ClickMagick Pays Out Daily

This is something that is very rare to see when it comes to affiliate payouts.

In fact, I can’t think of any other software tools that have the potential to payout daily.

So here are the important details when it comes to ClickMagick payouts:

  • ClickMagick pays out daily with PayPal mass-pay.
  • There is a 14-day delay after commissions come in to account for refunds.
  • You will just need to have a minimum of $50 in your account in order to be paid out.

All in all, $50 isn’t exactly a lot when you consider the commissions that can be made:

  • That’s only two customers using the Standard plan.
  • Or just one customer who has used the Standard plan for two months straight.

So that’s something to look forward to once you start referring some customers.

ClickMagick Offers Many Helpful Resources

I love when affiliate programs offer you a wide variety of tools to use.

After all, the more sales that you make, the more sales that they make.

So naturally, it makes sense to have as many helpful resources as possible.

With that being said, ClickMagick offers you:

  • A few banner ads to use (like the one that I added above).
  • Promotional emails that you can send to your email list (if you have one).
  • They also have a section that helps you when it comes to editing your email signature.

All in all, I’ve personally never been a fan of using email signatures to promote offers.

That will be completely up to you though.

So how would I recommend promoting this affiliate offer to make commissions?

Let’s move onto that bonus section now and talk about that a little bit more.

How To Promote ClickMagick As An Affiliate

It’s easy to see that ClickMagick is certainly an offer that is worth promoting.

However, you might be wondering how you’d be able to promote it.

I’ve got you covered.

Here are some of my favorite ways to promote ClickMagick (as well as other software).

Let’s start with YouTube first.

Promoting On YouTube

  • Create a review and demo video of the software.
  • Create a pricing guide video about how much it costs.
  • Create videos that are based on various link-tracking keywords.

You have to keep in mind that YouTube is also a search engine for potential customers.

So if they happen to type in keywords such as:

  • Competitor alternatives.
  • Best link-tracking software.
  • Link-tracking software for solo ads.

That means that you want to be the first video that they see for specific terms.

If you look at the screenshot above, Spencer is the top result for ClickMagick review.

While it might be too late to try launch jacking when it comes to YouTube?

Creating videos based upon their keywords works very well.

There’s also someone promoting ClickMagick through YouTube ads as well.

That might be the company themselves doing that, but it’s also an option.

Promoting On Your Hot Spots

If you notice at the top, I put promoting on your hot spots.

Here’s what I mean when it comes to that.

Most affiliate marketers have specific spots that tend to get more traffic.

This is usually where you’ll want to add your ClickMagick affiliate link.

I’ll be a little bit more specific when it comes to a blog:

  • Once again, creating a review or pricing guide for ClickMagick.
  • Utilizing popups on those articles as you can see in the image above.
  • You can even create a section called Favorite Tools or Recommended Offers.

Those are just a few examples when it comes to websites and blogs overall.

Keep in mind that you can drop your affiliate link throughout your sales funnel process.

Even if you’re just adding a freebie, think about the spots where a lot of traffic goes:

  • After the optin, you have the thank you page which everyone that opts in sees.
  • If you are giving away an eBook or PDF, there are plenty of spots for your link there.

Don’t forget about your email follow-ups as well.

Once again, just keep in mind where you might be getting a lot of views and clicks.

These are great potential spots for adding your affiliate link.

Quick ClickMagick Affiliate Program Review

clickmagick affiliate program review

ClickMagick affiliate program review. This great software offers a very generous affiliate program that allows you to make a recurring income and get paid daily.

Aside from all of the great perks and benefits that I’ve mentioned in this post?

I forgot to mention another nice perk:

ClickMagick is certainly a great tool and they offer fantastic customer support.

Overall, it’s a win-win scenario when it comes to promoting ClickMagick:

  • You can make recurring commissions.
  • All while being able to refer customers to a high-quality software tool.

It just doesn’t get any better than that.

I hope that this (somewhat) quick article helped you out with getting more information.

Do you have any other questions?

Feel free to ask them in the comment section down below.

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