ClickMagick Pricing Plans: How To Get A Big Discount

Thanks for expressing interest in the ClickMagick pricing plans for 2020.

In this post I’m going to cover:

  • All three of the various ClickMagick pricing plans.
  • Some of the best features that come along with ClickMagick.
  • Lastly, I’ll be showing you how to get a nice ClickMagick discount too.

I’m sure you’re busy so I’ll get right on into it.

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ClickMagick Pricing 2020: Introduction Video And Plans

Aside from creating this post, I also got a video for you to watch as well.

This is helpful in case you want the quicker cliff-notes version of the pricing plans.

Simply click the play button down below to learn more about the ClickMagick prices:

Here is the important link that was mentioned in the ClickMagick pricing video:

Now let’s get started with the first pricing plan that ClickMagick features.

ClickMagick Starter Plan

The ClickMagick Starter Plan costs $27 a month.

This plan is for newer marketers who want the shortcut to bigger profits.

So if you’ve just started online or you haven’t made that many sales?

Then there’s a good chance that this plan will be best for you.

Here are some of the biggest perks that come along with the Starter Plan:

  • Up to 10,000 clicks per month.
  • You get an unlimited amount of conversion.
  • You get all of the core features that ClickMagick offers.

And here are a few more important and distinctive perks:

  • 6-month data retention.
  • You can track only 1 funnel.
  • You get 2 custom tracking domains.
  • The amazing 8-hour helpdesk support (their support is truly fantastic).

And I must say that ClickMagick certainly does have some of the best support around.

You certainly won’t be disappointed when it comes to getting your questions answered.

So once again, here are some of the biggest reasons to use this plan:

  • 10,000 clicks a month is all you need.
  • You only need to track one sales funnel.
  • You’re an online marketer who is just getting started.
  • You’re an online marketer who hasn’t made many sales yet.

You can try ClickMagick for free by going through the link I added down below.

Let’s take a look at the next plan that ClickMagick has to offer.

ClickMagick Standard Plan (Most Popular)

The ClickMagick Standard Plan costs $67 a month.

This is the second plan (out of three) and happens to be the most popular plan of the bunch.

This pricing plan is perfect for growing businesses who want the best of the best to scale fast.

So if you’ve already got profitable sales funnels up and you’re looking to make more sales?

Then you just might want to consider going with the Standard Plan.

Here are some of the big perks that come with the Standard Plan:

  • Up to 100,000 clicks per month.
  • You still get an unlimited amount of conversion.
  • You also still get all of the core features that ClickMagick offers.

100,000 clicks per month is a serious amount of volume.

However, that increases with the third and final package that ClickMagick has.

Now here’s where the upgrades really shine:

  • 1-year data retention.
  • You can track 5 sales funnels.
  • You get 10 custom tracking domains.

Lastly, you now have this brand new features to leverage:

  • PPC click shield.
  • Phone sales tracking.
  • Cross-device tracking.

It gets even better because you get even more options when it comes to customer support.

You now have: 1-hour helpdesk support, live chat support, and even a 1-on-1 onboarding call.

Despite the fact that you’ll pay more for this plan, there’s certainly a lot of value here.

You can read a little bit more about these features in the review down below.

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Now let’s move onto the last ClickMagick plan on the list.

ClickMagick Pro Plan

The ClickMagick Pro Plan costs $97 a month.

This pricing plan is ideal for power users who need everything that ClickMagick has to offer.

In simpler words, this plan is going to be for the grizzled veterans of online marketing.

Here are the main perks of the ClickMagick Pro Plan:

  • Unlimited funnel tracking.
  • Unlimited custom domains.
  • You get 2-year data retention.
  • Up to 1,000,000 clicks per month.

You also get all of the core features and perks from the previous ClickMagick plans.

It should be pretty easy to know if this plan is going to be right for your marketing business.

But don’t forget, they come along with the ability to try their software for free:

Plus, should you decide that this software is going to be perfect for you to use?

There is actually a way to save a good amount of money.

Allow me to show you how.

ClickMagick Discount (Save Up To 26%)

I’m not sure if you noticed it above, but the prices are higher (but also cheaper).

This option used to be available on the ClickMagick prices page.

However, it will now be on the inside of your account once you started your trial.

So here’s a look at the new prices when you choose to pay annually for ClickMagick:

  • ClickMagick Starter plan is now ~$20 per month (save 24%).
  • ClickMagick Standard plan is now ~$49 per month (save 26%).
  • And the ClickMagick Pro plan is not ~$74 per month (save 23%).

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This is certainly something to keep in mind if you plan on using ClickMagick for the longterm.

So those are the three plans that currently come along with this software.

Let’s wrap up this post and give you a quick summary of the prices.

ClickMagick Pricing Plans Summary

clickmagick pricing

Here’s a quick summary of the three ClickMagick pricing plans for 2020:

  • ClickMagick Starter plan: $27 per month.
  • ClickMagick Standard plan: $67 per month (most popular).
  • ClickMagick Pro plan: $97 per month.

It should be a pretty easy choice when it comes to deciding the best plan for you.

Here’s a quick reference of who these plans work best for:

  • The Starter Plan is best for beginners.
  • The Standard Plan is best for those who want to grow.
  • The Pro Plan is best for online marketers who want every possible feature.

The Pro Plan also comes with a huge increase in perks as well.

Either way, I would recommend trying ClickMagick first using the link below:

So that should just about do it.

Thank you for taking the time to read more about the prices that come along with ClickMagick.

I’ll leave you with a related link down below in case you’d like to read more about this tool.

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