ClickMagick Pricing | How To Save Up To 26%

Thanks for expressing interest in the ClickMagick pricing plans for 2020.

In this post I’m going to cover:

  • All three of the various ClickMagick pricing plans…
  • Along with some of the great features that come along with them.
  • Lastly, I’ll be showing you how to get a nice ClickMagick discount too.

I’m sure you’re busy so I’ll get right on into it.

ClickMagick Pricing Plans Video (And Getting Started)

I do want to remind you of one thing before we get started…

And it’s that ClickMagick actually comes with a free fourteen-day trial.

This is beneficial because you get to test drive them even before you start paying.

And in case you’re like me and enjoy watching videos?

Here is a great (and quick) ClickMagick pricing video:

Now onto the good stuff.

ClickMagick Pricing Plans (2020)

Keep in mind that each plan comes with different perks…

And there’s also a way to get a discount on any of the plans that you choose…

So be sure to keep on reading.

Let’s go over the first plan first.

ClickMagick Starter Plan

This is the first plan that ClickMagick offers:

  • The Starter Plan is $27 per month

Here is what comes along with it in terms of perks:

  • You get up to 10,000 clicks per month (which is a good amount of starting off)
  • All of the core features are included
  • You get funnel tracking for 1 funnel
  • 2 custom tracking domains
  • 6-month of data retention
  • 1-hour support

And I must say that ClickMagick certainly does have some of the best support around.

clickmagick 1 hour support

You certainly won’t be disappointed when it comes to getting your questions answered.

Next up.

ClickMagick Standard Plan

This is the middle plan (and is ClickMagick’s most popular plan).

  • The Standard Plan is $67 per month

Here are the perks that come along with this plan:

  • You get up to 100,000 clicks per month
  • All of the core features are included
  • You get funnel tracking for 5 funnels
  • 10 custom tracking domains
  • 1 year of data retention
  • 1-hour support

As you’ll notice above?

The clicks, funnels, and custom domains, and data retention have all improved.

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Now onto the last pricing plan.

ClickMagick Pro Plan

This is the plan best for grizzled veterans (who do a lot of traffic).

  • The Pro Plan is only $97 per month

And yes I said *only* $97 because you get quite the value for the price:

  • You get up to 1,000,000 clicks per month (yes that’s right 1 million)!
  • You still get all of the amazing core features again
  • Unlimited funnel tracking
  • Unlimited custom tracking domains
  • 2-year data retention
  • 1-hour support

Once again?

The same perks have increased (and in a huge way too).

Gotta love the unlimited perks along with being able to send 1 million clicks per month.

Or you can click the picture down below to get taken to the same page:

So let me ask you a question.

Did you happen to catch it?

The prices in the picture above are actually cheaper than what I talked about in this post.

Here’s how to save a bunch of money on this tool.

ClickMagick Discount (Save Up To 26%)

So rather instead of paying the standard monthly price…

You have the option of saving 24% all the way up to 26% off the pricing plans.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click here to go to the official ClickMagick page and get your free trial
  2. Make sure you click on the section with: Save about 25% with a yearly plan

Pretty simple right?

clickmagick cost

So here’s what the new ClickMagick pricing plans look like when paid yearly:

  • ClickMagick Starter plan is now ~$20 per month (save 24%).
  • ClickMagick Standard plan is now ~$49 per month (save 26%).
  • And the ClickMagick Pro plan is not ~$74 per month (save 23%).

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And yes, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.

Pretty cool right?

Let’s wrap things up now.

ClickMagick Pricing Plans Summary

clickmagick pricing

Here are the 3 ClickMagick pricing plans:

  • ClickMagick Starter plan’s pricing is only $27 per month.
  • ClickMagick Standard plan’s pricing is $67 per month.
  • ClickMagick Pro plan’s pricing is $97 per month.

So make sure you at least get your free ClickMagick trial today.

You can click on the button down below to get started:

And that’s it!

Thanks for stopping by and expressing interest in the ClickMagick pricing.

I’ll leave you to testing it out 😛

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