ConvertKit Alternatives (2 Solid Picks)

Looking for some possible ConvertKit alternatives?

Then you have certainly come to the right place.

Even though ConvertKit is a solid choice for email marketing

I understand that not everyone might like what they have to offer.

No big deal.

So let’s get right on into the swing of things.

2 ConvertKit Alternatives

convertkit alternatives

With so many email marketing tools to choose from…

I figured that I’d narrow it down to just two of them for you.

I did this because:

  • It will be easier to choose from.
  • Plus, they both come with free trials (which is always nice).

So here is the first ConvertKit alternative.

ConvertKit Competitor #1




Regardless of how you say it?

It’s still pretty much the same thing.

So which autoresponder company is sitting behind curtain number one?

GetResponse was launched way back in 1998…

So they’ve got a TON of experience under their belt when it comes to email marketing.

Here’s what I like the most about them.

Followup Simplicity


If you love sending automated followup emails?

Then there is a great chance that you will love what GetResponse has to offer.

At the current time of writing this…

I have emails going out up to 146 days (which I will keep adding more, too).

This can save you a TON of time (I can’t emphasize that enough).

Plus, it’s very simple to set up.

Here’s a great video when it comes to followups with GetResponse:

Here’s something else I like about it.

The Price Is Right

Many email marketing tools cost a TON just to get started…

And that’s certainly not the case when it comes to GetResponse (or the other tool I’ll talk about).

In fact.

Here are the prices when it comes to the basic plans:

  • Up to 1,000 subscribers is only $15 a month.
  • Up to 2,500 subscribers come out to $25 a month.
  • Up to 5,000 subscribers come out to $45 a month.
  • And having up to 10,000 subscribers is only $65 a month.

They have many more options (which you can see on our post here)…

But when you consider how much an email list of 10,000 subscribers can be worth?

The prices are certainly worth the investment.

Here is one more video when it comes to an overall review (and prices):

GetResponse overall gets two big thumbs up.

I’ll leave a link down below if you’d like more information about them:

So that’s one of the ConvertKit alternatives.

Let’s look at one more.

ConvertKit Competitor Number 2


So who is the other competitor when it comes to ConvertKit?

Just like GetResponse…

Aweber has been around the block since 1998 when they first launched.

So in other words?

They have a TON of experience when it comes to email marketing as a whole.

Here’s also what I like about Aweber.

Brilliant Broadcasts

This was the first thing I noticed about Aweber…

Is that sending out broadcasts was an absolute breeze.

Whether it was:

  • Writing a new email.
  • Sending out a new email.
  • OR even sending out to your subscribers who didn’t open?

I was always able to create the process pretty quickly…

As long as you knew what you were talking about when writing emails.

After all.

I didn’t want to spend all day creating and sending out my emails…

And Aweber’s simplicity certainly allowed me to get in and out quickly.

They also have a solid email autoresponder system too…

But here is a video when it comes to Aweber and sending out emails:


It’s a very short video…

So it won’t take you too long to get a good idea of what it’s all about.

And very similar to GetResponse?

Aweber also has a solid set of prices attached to it.

You Won’t Break The Bank

While the pricing isn’t as inexpensive as GetResponse…

It’s about as close as it can get.

  • Up to 500 subscribers is only $19 a month.
  • Up to 2,500 subscribers come out to $29 a month.
  • Up to 5,000 subscribers come out to $49 a month.
  • And having up to 10,000 subscribers is only $69 a month.

Each plan is only $4 more when it comes to Aweber…

And both are less when you compare it to what ConvertKit offers.

ConvertKit Prices: Get the details here.


Here is a video in case you’re more of a visual person when it comes to this topic:


Or maybe you’d just like to see the full Aweber pricing blog post.

But if you’d like to give them the old college try yourself?

Let’s wrap up this post now.


So all-in-all?

I hope that this helped you out when it comes to ConvertKit alternatives.

Here were the two top picks again:

  1. GetResponse.
  2. Aweber.

They are both similar for the fact that:

  • They’ve been around for ages.
  • A lot of what they offer is simple to use.
  • And they both come along with some great pricing plans.

I want to say thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out this post…

And I hope that you find the best email marketing tool for you and your online business.

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