ConvertKit Vs LeadPages (Explained)

So when it comes to ConvertKit Vs LeadPages…

  • How do both of these tools differentiate from each other?

Or most importantly:

  • Are they worth using for you?

I’m going to answer those questions and a whole lot more.

I am glad that you’re here.

So let’s get right on into the swing of things when it comes to ConvertKit vs LeadPages.

ConvertKit Vs LeadPages Comparison

So allow me to compare and contrast what both of these tools do.

After all:

  • They both serve different purposes.
  • And they are also both solid solutions.

Let’s start off with the email service known as ConvertKit first.

About ConvertKit

In the simplest way possible:

ConvertKit is an email marketing autoresponder.

So if you have any type of need when it comes to:

  • Building your email list.
  • Sending high-converting emails.
  • Or even utilize spiffy marketing automation (for email).

Then this is the type of tool that you’d look into getting (it’s a top autoresponder too).

Here is a very quick demo video in case you’d like to see them in action:

I told you it was quick (only 1 minute and 32 seconds)!

Now onto a few features of this email marketing autoresponder.

What ConvertKit Can Help You With

There’s a reason why this software stands out from many other email tools…

And it’s because of their ability to send the perfect email at the perfect time.

This is done through their marketing automation (and they are really good at it too).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Set up your email marketing flow.
  2. Set rules based upon the actions of your subscribers.

And by doing these steps (and a few more), allows you to turn many more leads into customers.

Plus, it’s is a good choice for affiliate marketing (compared to Mailchimp).

You can even optimize your email marketing automation flow (or funnel) based upon:

  • Events.
  • Actions.
  • And even conditions.

I won’t go in full depth about them here as I’ve already done a post talking about them.

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Aside from automation?

This email tool can obviously help you with sending out emails whether it be through:

  • Broadcasts.
  • Or even followups.

And similar to the other landing page software we’re comparing?

They do also provide you with templates for quickly creating landing pages.

Here is an example demo video when it comes to a ConvertKit landing page:

So yes you can create a landing page or two and even share them on social media.


In the battle of the ConvertKit vs LeadPages landing page battle?

LP is much better at that seeing that’s what they are all about.

Nevertheless, this email service software has many more features too.

However, I’m sure you get a good idea of what they are all about now.

Let’s move onto how much you can expect to spend on this email marketing tool.

How Much Is ConvertKit?

Here are the costs (made simple) for you:

  • $29 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers.
  • $49 per month for up to 3,000 subscribers.
  • $79 per month for up to 5,000 subscribers.
  • And for more subscribers, you need to contact support.

There are also ways to save money when getting started with them.

You can get all of the details in this post below:

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So that’s the idea behind ConvertKit.

I almost forgot to mention that they come with a completely free trial (which is always good).

I’ll put a link to that below as well if you’d like to see more of what they have to offer…

Or maybe you just want to give them a whirl yourself?

Simply click the link below:

And if you need help when it comes to signing up for ConvertKit?

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So that’s what this email marketing tool has going on for it.

Let’s move onto the tool in the battle of ConvertKit vs LeadPages.

About LeadPages

This tool will help you create that high-converting landing page to help collect leads.

In fact.

You can use their landing page builder to create as many pages as you like.

They can other things, of course, which I will mention in the next section.


Here is a great video when it comes to seeing the almighty landing page in action:

It takes less than 10 minutes to create a landing page (the video above highlights that).

Let’s move onto what else LeadPages has to offer.

What LeadPages Can Help You With

Aside from being able to quickly create mobile-optimized and high-converting pages…

This landing page builder tool also allows you to:

  • Create websites.
  • Utilize alert bars.
  • Utilize pop-up forms to increase your conversion rate.
  • And of course, create landing pages (which we already mentioned).

Similar to ConvertKit,┬áLeadPages also comes with many templates…

And I do have to say that LeadPages is certainly better when it comes to landing pages.

(after all, it is their main focus)

That’s probably one of the biggest differences when it comes to ConvertKit vs LeadPages.

Here is a quick glance at a few example templates that they have:

leadpages templates

There are plenty more where those came from too.

Now onto how much this tool costs.

How Much Is LeadPages?

Once again.

Here are all of the plans simplified for you:

  • Website plan is $19 a month.
  • Standard plan is $37 a month.
  • The Pro plan is $79 a month.
  • Advanced plan is $321 a month.

Similar to ConvertKit, LeadPages also comes with ways to save money.

And one more thing.

LeadPages (also) comes along with a free trial too.

Let’s now move onto the conclusion when it comes to LeadPages vs ConvertKit.

ConvertKit Vs LeadPages Summary

convertkit vs leadpages

ConvertKit vs LeadPages summary. ConvertKit focuses on email marketing and automation. LeadPages is different. LeadPages is all about creating high-converting landing pages, websites, split-testing, and many other helpful marketing features. ConvertKit now also offers landing pages.

Now onto the juicy details, well, kind of.

So most of the time when it comes to tools and comparing (and contrasting) them…

There is usually a winner.

But in the case of LeadPages vs ConvertKit?

Here is what I recommend.

Get LeadPages If:

  • You’re looking for a landing page builder to creating your landing pages.

As that is what they primarily do (and are pretty good at it).

And on the other hand.

Get ConvertKit If:

  • You’re interested in email marketing automation.
  • You’re interested in sending emails to many of your new subscribers.

As once again, that is what ConvertKit primarily does (and they are pretty good at it, too).

I don’t recommend using ConvertKit if you primarily want to create landing pages…

Simply for the fact that LeadPages is going to be better for that specific focus.

The Best Of Both Worlds

There is one more option.

Use LeadPages for your landing pages and ConvertKit for your email marketing.

Here is how it works.

  • You can advertise your lead magnets on your LeadPages landing page.
  • You can then attach ConvertKit and build up your email.

Given the fact that you’ve shown interest in these two tools…

This is always an option when it comes to building and growing your online business.

I’ll put links down below for each tool (simply click the appropriate link):

And one more great aspect of both of these tools.

ConvertKit LeadPages Integration


They certainly do go hand-in-hand (where they connect to each other).

I am going to leave a video down below that walks you through the steps of doing this:

And that’s the end of it.

I want to say thank you for taking the time to read this LeadPages vs ConvertKit blog post.

Hopefully, it helped you when it comes to making the best decision for your online business.

Have an awesome day!

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