The Copywriter’s Playbook Review: Legendary Marketer Course

Welcome to The Copywriter’s Playbook review (ultimate edition).

I’m going to walk you through all of the important details about this specific playbook.

So by the end of this review, you’ll know exactly what to expect when you grab it.

I’m not big on long introductions, so let’s get started as soon as possible.

The Copywriter’s Playbook Review: What Is It And What Does It Offer?

what is the copywriter's playbook?

What is the Copywriter’s Playbook? This is a course that will give you the ultimate advantage when it comes to increasing your income (ethically) by making more sales.

So allow me to start by asking you a couple of important questions:

  • Would you like to increase your conversions?
  • Would you like to make more sales as an affiliate marketer?

While they are both similar, I imagine that you said YES to at least one of them.

If so, then The Copywriter’s Playbook is going to be the perfect course for you.

All in all, this sales-related content carries a ton of value in the form of:

  • 8 modules which are mostly videos.
  • 4 very big bonus sections that you’re going to love.
  • You also get the full course PDF guide so that you can read it as well.

I know it’s early in the review, but I’m going to highly recommend it already:

I’m also going to talk a little about each and every module that comes in this course.

Starting with the first welcome and introduction sections.

Welcome To The Playbook (From David Sharpe)

As you’ll see, I will be adding a few things to each of the specific modules:

  • Screenshots to prove that I’ve actually purchased this.
  • A general idea of what to expect in each of the specific modules.

Please note that I won’t be giving away any of the valuable information on the inside.

That’s what purchasing it is for, especially for the fact that you won’t believe the price.

Anywho, this module is pretty much what you can expect from an introduction section:

  • David Sharpe (Legendary Marketer owner) talks about himself and how he started.
  • He also talks slightly about what you’re going to be seeing in the future modules.

Nothing super special from this introduction module (which is expected but needed).

Let’s move onto the next module where we start diving into the good stuff.

The 6 Steps To Irresistible Story Telling (Course Introduction)

Did you know that telling stories is one of the best ways to sell more?

If you didn’t know that, then you’re going to get a ton of value out of this specific module.

There is something different about this module though:

  • While David Sharpe is the main name behind Legendary Marketer…
  • This specific video (and a lot of this course) is done by Matt Heltzel.

He has a lot of experience when it comes to selling, so you’re in good hands.

After his little introduction, he gets you started on the important topic in this module:

The 6 Keys To Crafting Your Story.

Everyone has a story to tell (and yes that means you too, even if you don’t think you do).

Also, keep in mind that you get the specific PDF file just for this section as well.

That’s beneficial because you can print it out and then takes notes to help you later on.

Now we move onto the meat of the course with the very first (official) module.

Module 1: Getting Perfect Clarity On Your Offer

So here is where a lot of people (mostly affiliates) make a big mistake.

They will say something like:

I’m an affiliate marketer so I don’t have any type of my own offers.

The fact of the matter is that you’re always promoting some type of offer:

  • It could be your very own product.
  • Or you can promote someone else’s product and turn it into an offer.

So how exactly can you get extreme clarity on the offer that you’re promoting?

By answering the 10 crucial questions that are given to you in this specific module.

Would you like to know what these 10 powerful questions are?

What’s great about this module is that they give you a great example of it as well.

This is beneficial if you need help following along in the process.

Module 2: Four Crucial Offer Components

These are the four steps used to create a buyer frenzy.

Whether you’re an affiliate or product owner, this is exactly what you want to achieve.

These are steps (or triggers) that I have used many times before myself.

In other words, they work very well.

I can’t give you any more information about what they are specifically.

As always, you’ll be able to get to see what they are on the inside of Module 2.

Module 3: Amateur Mistakes And Pitfalls

I can assure you that these types of mistakes (in this module) happen all the time.

Helpful Note: I’ve been an affiliate since 2012 so I’ve personally seen them a lot.

The first mistake is my favorite, and I’ve never heard it referred to it in this specific way.

You see it all the time on Facebook.

And it usually comes from people who just don’t know how to control their egos.

The other three mistakes happen all the time (even if you don’t see them).

The really big question here is:

Are you making any of these four big mistakes?

You’ll have to see for yourself when you grab this course and jump to module 3.

Module 4: Bringing YOU Into Copy

So I first want to let you know that this specific video is 48 minutes and 20 seconds long.

It’s not filled with fluff and filler too.

I bring this up because this video all by itself could probably be a few hundred dollars.

Especially for the fact that it’s about helping you increase your sales overall.

Here are the 2 main topics that will be covered in this highly valuable training video:

  • The KLT Factor.
  • An 8-figure case study.

The 8-figure case study is where the bulk of the training will be in this section.

Remember: You also get the PDF file for this module (the same with other modules too).

In total there are 8 modules, so I’m going to combine them into one more section below.

Modules 5-8: Formulas, Feels, Value Triggers, Copy Seeds

I didn’t want to make The Copywriter’s Playbook review too long for you.

So here are the specific remaining modules and what they come along with:

  • Module 5: The PMES Copywriting Formula.
  • Module 6: Turn Your Feelz Into Copy
  • Module 7: The 5 Secret Value Trigger & 18 Reasons People Purchase
  • Module 8: Sowing ‘Copy Seeds’ To Reap More Sales.

Each of these specific videos ranges from around 10 minutes to 20 minutes long.

The “Turn Your Feelz Into Copy” is a very important (and favorite) module.

It’s beneficial because it gives you an easy example for increasing your sales overall.

In other words, you’ll have a ton more clarity.

And that goes for every other single module that I’ve talked about in this course.

We haven’t even gotten to the bonuses yet and this course already gets two thumbs-up:

So what else can you expect to get from The Copywriter’s Playbook?

Let’s take a look at the bonuses right now.

The Copywriter’s Playbook Bonuses

You get quite a few bonuses when it comes to this copywriting course.

Once again, it’s very hard to find a course like this that comes with so much value.

Let’s first take a look at the highly related bonuses that you’ll find inside of the course.

5 Case Study Videos, Cliffnotes, Swipe Files, And More

the copywriter's playbook bonuses

There’s a quote that many experts have once stated online, which is:

Is it okay if I overdeliver?

David Sharpe certainly knows who to overdeliver when it comes to this course overall.

Here is a quick list of the extra bonuses that you’ll be getting:

  • Dave’s Private Copywriting Cliff notes.
  • Quick Copy Hot-Seat Critiques.
  • 250-Headline Email Swipe File.
  • The 20-Minute Client Formula.

And don’t forget about the important bonuses as well:

  • Ad templates.
  • Email templates.
  • Webinar templates.
  • Sales letter templates.

All of these templates were from Dave’s 250 million dollar course and coaching business.

Those are the bonuses that you can find on the inside of The Copywriter’s Playbook course.

Here’s another completely different course that you also get as a bonus.

Extra Bonus: 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge

online business builder challenge

The massive bundled graphic that I added above usually costs $7 separately to purchase.

However, it comes absolutely free with this course.

This is Legendary Marketer’s flagship offer and will help you when it comes to:

  • Creating a high-ticket and high-profit online business (as an affiliate marketer).
  • Showing you how to build an online business in around 30 minutes.
  • Revealing plenty of beneficial online marketing tactics.

And even better, this specific bonus also has even more bonuses that come with it.

You can expect to find even more scripts and templates on the inside which include:

  • High ticket email templates.
  • High ticket phone scripts.
  • High ticket video scripts.
  • Facebook ad templates.

And I’m not even close to naming everything that you get in the big bundled package.

This specific challenge even comes highly recommended compared to other platforms.

Related: Legendary Marketer battles Wealthy Affiliate.

I forgot to mention, but you also get access to a Legendary Marketer Facebook group.

It’s the perfect way to connect with many like-minded marketers who are doing big things.

Extra Note: People who are doing a ton of affiliate marketing sales are in there.

I’m in there as well 🙂

So that’s the massive bonus that you also get with The Copywriter’s Playbook course.

I’ll leave my review of that challenge in case you’d like to get even more information.

Related: Legendary Marketer 15 Day Challenge reviewed.

You now might be wondering how much it’s going to cost to get this huge package deal.

Unless you already know the price, you’ll probably never guess what it is.

The Copywriter’s Playbook Pricing

the copywriters playbook price

The Copywriter’s Playbook costs only $1.

Don’t rub your eyes, as that price is certainly correct and it only costs one simple dollar.

As if the value that you’re getting here couldn’t be good enough, it gets even better.

This is one of those courses that you’d most likely have to pay at least $100 for elsewhere.

There are going to be a few optional upsells if you happened to be interested in them.

Here they are (from what I remember):

  • The Marketer’s Club is $30 per month.
  • The Secret Swipe File costs $99 (one-time payment).
  • Lastly is the Omni-Branding Formula which costs $47 (one-time payment).

Also note, once again, that the upsells that I mentioned above are all optional.

Either way, be sure to read the sales pages to see if any of them are beneficial for you.

So that’s a whole lot of what you can expect from The Copywriter’s Playbook course.

Let’s wrap up this review and move onto the ending now.

The Copywriter’s Playbook Review: Summary Conclusion

the copywriter's playbook review

The Copywriter’s Playbook review. Every affiliate marketer and online business owner should pick up this course if they want to increase their sales and perfect their message.

I think that the quick little blurb up above states how I feel about this course.

Legendary Marketer has done it again.

They’ve put together a course that offers everything that you could want:

  • You get exactly what they talk about on the sales page.
  • You get even more in terms of a serious amount of bonuses.
  • And it’s only going to cost you one simple dollar to pick it up.

It just doesn’t get any better than that.

This is the type of valuable course that should pick up if:

  • You’re an affiliate marketer.
  • You have or are starting an online business.
  • You want to increase the number of sales you’re getting.
  • Or if you have any amount of interest in this course whatsoever.

Two big thumbs up, and I’ll leave a link down below where you get this course right now:

I want to say thank you for taking the time to learn more about this specific course.

All in all, it’s a no-brainer decision.

Feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any questions for me.

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