Do Webinars Have Video? Can They See You During A Webinar?

If you’re newer to using webinars, then it’s understandable that you have a few questions.

So do webinars have videos?

Webinars for the most part don’t have video, but there are going to be some exceptions.

Allow me to address and answer all of the popular questions when it comes to this topic.

Do Webinars Use Video?

do webinars use video

So there can be a difference when it comes to webinars having video, and using video.

For some webinars, the presenter might use a video of themselves when they talk.

In that scenario, the video is only going to be for the presenter (that everyone can see).

Helpful Note: The screenshot above is an example of only the presenter being on video.

On the other hand, most webinars don’t use video so you won’t be able to see anyone at all.

This brings up the next big question.

Can They See You During A Webinar?

can they see you during a webinar

Can they see you during a webinar? No, they can not see you during a webinar.

Webinars are all about one person giving a presentation to an audience on the other side.

The audience will be able to interact by using the chat box that comes with the webinar.

Now keep in mind that there are two types of webinars:

  1. Live webinars.
  2. Automated webinars.

Imagine if there was a webinar with over 1,000 attendees watching the live presentation.

The host just wouldn’t be able to see or showcase all of those attendees.

That’s just way too many people, and even if it was possible, that webinar would be chaos.

Then you have automated webinars.

These webinars run hands-free and there is no presenter at the webinar when it happens.

So you don’t have to worry about being seen for both types of these presentations.

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So Are Webinars Audio Or Video?

Webinars are going to be a combination of both a video presentation, and of course, audio from the presenter speaking and giving value.

Here is the main point that I’d like to drive home because I know this can be confusing.

  • The main webinar presenter is usually the one that will be seen or heard.
  • The main webinar presenter can share their screen, mic, and even video if they want.

Just don’t forget that it’s the main presenter that can share these things with you.

Webinar attendees (you) and going to be able to both view and listen in.

You also have the ability to type questions or comments in the chatbox as well.

There are times where the host will allow an attendee to hop on the microphone.

For the most part, webinar hosts wouldn’t want you to be on video or audio.

It’s nothing against the attendees, but the host has an important presentation to give.

And usually, they have a pitch to make at the end and they want to be in control of that.

Is Your Camera On In A Webinar?

So there are going to be a few answers to this question (based on who is asking):

  • For webinar viewers: No, your camera is not on during a webinar.
  • For webinar hosts: No, but you can turn it on if needed (depending on software).

I hope that you’re beginning to see the trend here when it comes to webinar videos.

The host is usually the only one that can use video or audio.

And don’t forget, the webinar host won’t be able to see when doing a webinar presentation.

Allow me to answer one more popular question when it comes to this topic.

What’s The Difference Between A Video And A Webinar?

what is the difference between a video and a webinar

So video conferencing is where you’ll have to worry about being on video 😛

  • Video conferences allow real-time audio and video communication.
  • Video conferences also allow for many people to be able to communicate at once.

It’s just like having an office conference in real life, the only difference is that it’s online.

With a video conference being online, you can usually see everyone all at once.

Webinars, which you know by now, are much more different:

  • Webinars allow one person to give a presentation to their audience.
  • The webinar host can choose to be on video (if they like) and they also use audio.

So here’s the quickest comparison of these two types of presentations:

  • Video conferences allow everyone to see and communicate with each other.
  • Webinars allow just the host to present to others (and they can’t see others during it).

I hope that helps when it comes to what you can expect for each type of presentation.

So If You Attend A Webinar, Do You Need To Participate Or Appear On Video?

do you need to participate or be on video in a webinar

Nope, rest assured that you can simply relax and enjoy the webinar presentation.

Unless you had a great testimonial that the presenter wanted you to previously share?

You should have nothing to worry about.

So thank you for taking the time to learn more about webinars and video in general.

If for some odd reason you feel like you might need to be on a video presentation?

Just do what I do and keep a post-it note covering the camera on your computer 😛

If you have any other questions related to this topic, feel free to leave a comment below.

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