Does ClickFunnels Build Websites? What About Hosting?

You just might be in luck when it comes to the power of ClickFunnels.

Yes, ClickFunnels does allow you to build websites.

In fact, ClickFunnels can do a whole lot more than just creating websites.

However, I want to talk specifically about creating websites and what you need to know.

ClickFunnels Websites Templates And Examples

You probably already know that ClickFunnels is very popular when it comes to creating:

  • Landing pages.
  • As well as full-blown sales funnels.

I feel like websites often get forgotten because of the popularity of the features above.

Aside from that, ClickFunnels also has a few templates that you can use for a website as well.

If you look at the screenshot above, you’ll notice that there are templates for:

  • Traditional home page.
  • Traditional blog posts.
  • About pages.

And there are plenty more templates that aren’t shown in the screenshot above.

I’ll add another example for you down below that’s called the 3 Column Blog Post:

I personally like this template, as it’s both very clean and simple.

ClickFunnels also has templates when it comes to other website pages such as:

  • Resume pages.
  • Portfolio pages.
  • Coming soon pages.
  • And don’t forget about eCommerce pages too.

You can create your very own website with the free trial that they currently offer:

Now allow me to address some of the most popular questions when it comes to this topic.

Do You Need A Website To Use ClickFunnels?

I did a complete article that talked about this question, but here is the quick answer.

Nope, you don’t need a website in order to use ClickFunnels.

Here are some of the biggest reasons why you don’t need a website to get started:

  • You can create a website with ClickFunnels (obviously).
  • All of your landing pages and sales funnels are created with pages on ClickFunnels.

So don’t worry if you’re on top of your website game yet.

You can still get started even if you don’t have one yet.

I’ll leave a link below to that related article in case you want to read more about this topic.

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Let’s move onto the next related question next.

Do You Need A Domain For ClickFunnels?

Here’s another quick and simple answer for you:

You do not need a domain in order to use ClickFunnels.

There are going to be a few reasons why for this as well, which include:

  • You can use the standard ClickFunnels URL that you get.
  • I believe that ClickFunnels also comes with one free domain name.

Allow me to dive a little deeper into each of these reasons.

First and foremost, everyone gets a .clickfunnels domain that you can use.

So for example, your URL might look something like:


I’ll be the first to admit that these examples aren’t the sexiest URLs in the world.

However, they can certainly get the job done.

Lastly, I believe that ClickFunnels users get one free domain with every account.

Please Note: This might have changed over the years, so don’t quote me on that.

Either way, it’s not imperative that you already have a domain name.

You can always just use what ClickFunnels gives you (or get one later down the road).

Let’s address one more question when it comes to ClickFunnels website-related questions.

Do You Need Hosting For ClickFunnels?

And let’s finish off the common questions with another similar answer ­čÖé

Nope, you don’t need any type of hosting when it comes to using ClickFunnels.

This is a really good thing, and I’ll explain why with a quick little story.

Almost a decade ago, I used to do a ton of product launches.

You might be familiar with the process:

  • Create a product that the market was interested in.
  • Send a ton of traffic to the sales pages on the day that it launches.

Back then I wasn’t using ClickFunnels and got a little too much traffic for my liking.

My website crashed and went down right when the launch went live.

That was one of the biggest reasons why I turned to ClickFunnels for hosting (in general).

They can handle an absolutely insane amount of traffic.

Heck, people can send bot and spam traffic to your pages and you’ll still be good.

So that’s a huge plus when it comes to the hosting that ClickFunnels provides for you.

You won’t have to worry about getting too much traffic and things crashing because of it.

Hosting is naturally provided when it comes to all of the ClickFunnels plans.

You also might be curious about how much ClickFunnels is going to cost.

Allow me to quickly address that for you as well.

How Much Is ClickFunnels?

So here are the two main plans when it comes to what ClickFunnels offers.

  • ClickFunnels is $97 per month.
  • ClickFunnels Platinum comes out to $297 per month.

And in case you were wondering, both plans come with the ability to create websites.

There are also a few key differences when it comes to the features and perks of each.

Be sure to check out the in-depth pricing guide below for more information.

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So I hope that I was able to answer some of the most common questions about this topic.

Let’s wrap things up and do a quick recap.

Closing Words About ClickFunnels And Websites

So here’s a quick recap of what you learned from this blog post:

  • ClickFunnels can build websites.
  • You don’t need a website to get started.
  • You also don’t need a domain to get started.
  • Lastly, ClickFunnels comes with its very own hosting.

It’s great that ClickFunnels’ hosting can handle a ton of traffic as well.

That’s beneficial because you won’t have to worry about crashing (which is not good).

I’ll leave a link down below so that you don’t have to scroll back up:

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about ClickFunnels and websites.

I’ll leave a few related posts down below if you’d like to learn even more about ClickFunnels.

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Enjoy ClickFunnels.

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