EverWebinar Vs WebinarJam (Comparing Both Tools)

EverWebinar vs WebinarJam.

The fact of the matter is that if you plan on using webinars?

How you plan on running them is going to be a pretty big deal.

So in this post, here is what I will be helping you out with.

  • The similarities and differences when it comes to WebinarJam vs EverWebinar.
  • And most importantly, which platform you should use.

Let’s get this party started now.

EverWebinar Vs WebinarJam Introduction

everwebinar vs webinarjam

I first came across EverWebinar many years back thanks to Russell Brunson…

As he was promoting it as an affiliate (and I’m glad I picked it up).

Even then?

I also heard that there was a WebinarJam platform too (that looked very similar).

I didn’t know what to think…

But after acquiring both and doing a little research, I quickly noticed a few things:

  • They both had the same look and feel.
  • They both were created using similar sales letters.
  • And they were both marketed by Andy Jenkins (may he rest in peace).


I could even toggle between both of the platforms on the same page (as seen below):

webinarjam vs everwebinar

If you look at the top of the picture it has two tabs:

  • One for WebinarJam.
  • And one for EverWebinar.

So with so many similarities, what separates them from one another?

Let’s find out right now.

The EverWebinar Difference

In case you didn’t get to read the picture at the top of the page, it states:

Nothing beats the flexibility of an automated webinar.

EverWebinar is all about creating and running automated webinars.

They also come with a trial for you to test them out as well:

But there’s more you need to know aside from that simple fact.

Another big difference between these two is the starting times.

In fact.

EverWebinar has many great filters when it comes down to the start of your presentation.

Have a look at the image down below:

everwebinar just in time schedule

It’s very flexible.

You can’t see it (because the picture was too big)…

But at the bottom of it, there’s also an option for simulating real-world practices.

For example, you’re most likely not giving to be giving presentations in your time zone at:

  • 01:00 AM
  • 02:00 AM
  • And so on.

So you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the start times that you can choose.

What makes EverWebinar so powerful is that it’s hard to tell if the presentation is live or not.

Think about that (and the benefits) for a quick second.

If someone thinks that a presentation is going to be live:

  • You will get more people interested (as they like the conversation).
  • You can also get more people on board because FOMO just might kick in.

Not that you need to do anything tricky and say that it’s life when it isn’t…

But EverWebinar does a really solid job when it comes to giving that impression.

As the expression says:

Is it live or is it EverWebinar?

Speaking of live webinars.

You can learn more about EverWebinar from the review: See it here.

Let’s move onto the other side of the WebinarJam vs EverWebinar comparison.

The WebinarJam Difference

Here is what the picture at the top says (again) so that you don’t have to scroll up:

Simply put: the world’s most powerful live webinar solution!

WebinarJam is all about creating and running live webinars.

Similar to its counterpart?

There’s going to be more differences than that too.

The first is going to be how you can get up and running with your live webinar:

webinarjam setup

As you can see from the image there are two ways to get up and running:

  1. Express where you can be ready to go in less than one minute.
  2. Or the full configuration which can take around a whopping 10 minutes (sarcasm).

It’s going to be a much faster process for getting started…

Because most of the work is going to be done when you’re live and presenting to your audience.

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Overall, EverWebinar is going to have more bells and whistles when it comes to customization.

Let’s now take a look at the difference in how much you’d expect to invest.

How Much Are These Two Platforms?

At the current time of writing this, each webinar platform has 3 plans to choose from.

I won’t go into deep detail as I’ve already done separate posts about these topics…

And I will put a link underneath each of the packages they offer.

EverWebinar Comes Out To Be

  • EverWebinar monthly is $199 paid three times per year.
  • EverWebinar annual is one payment a year of only $497.
  • EverWebinar biennial is one payment every two years of $799 (best deal).

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And then, on the other hand, we have:

WebinarJam Comes Out To Be

  • WebinarJam Basic plan is $479 per year.
  • WebinarJam Pro plan comes out to $783 per year.
  • WebinarJam Premium plan is $997 per year (best deal).

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So now that you know pretty much the biggest differences between these two platforms…

Let’s get to the end of this post.

EverWebinar Vs WebinarJam Conclusion

Here is the easiest way to explain the difference between these two platforms:

  • WebinarJam is for live webinars.
  • EverWebinar is for automated webinars.

You might even have the question of:

Can I use both of WebinarJam and EverWebinar?


It just depends on what you need, but…

And on the other hand.

And that should just about do it.

I hope that this post helped you out when it comes to comparing WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your webinar platform (regardless of which tool you choose).

I’ll also leave further reading in case you want more information about webinars.

Continue Reading: Automated vs live webinars (the pros and cons).

Have a fantastic day!

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