Funnelytics Pricing (And Discount)

The Funnelytics pricing is pretty straight forward.

  • There aren’t multiple pricing plans…
  • And they also come with a free account (so you can test them out).

So let’s not waste any time and get right on into it.

Funnelytics Pricing

So there’s 2 ways to get started with Funnelytics.

  1. Free Funnelytics account
  2. Pro Funnelytics account

If you want to pay for this tool you will first need a free account.

And when it comes to how much it costs?

After you sign up you will get an offer when it comes to the pro plan.

funnelytics vault

As you can see above…

This is an upsell for unlocking the Funnelytics vault.

  • This is a one time payment of just $47.

Not too shabby when you consider that you get 57 premium vault templates.

Aside from that?

The only other price that comes along with Funnelytics which is their pro account.

  • The Funnelytics Pro account is only $695 a year.

Here is a picture down below to help you out with what you get:

funnelytics pricing

So now that we’ve got the simple Funnelytics pricing out of the way…

Allow me to answer two important questions.

Is There A Funnelytics Lifetime Offer?

Unfortunately at this time?

There isn’t.

Things change all the time when it comes to online tools…

So it’s important that you jump on quickly something that you have interest in.

Which brings me to the other important question.

Can You Get A Funnelytics Discount?


Technically (that is)…

Because as of creating this post they have a limited time special beta offer.

So rather than paying $195 per month?

You only pay $695 per year.

  • That’s a discount of $1,645 per year.

Pretty cool right?

Here is how to get started.

  1. Click the button down below
  2. Upgrade to the Funnelytics Pro account

And when you get started with your pro account today…

You will also be getting many bonuses along with your pro account too.

I talked about that in my Funnelytics overview post below:

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And that should do it.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you enjoy Funnelytics as much as I do.

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