GrooveFunnels Pricing (Here Are The Known Prices So Far)

It’s easy to see why you’d like more information about GrooveFunnels pricing.

After all.

This software is still in beta and there’s going to be many features released soon.

Combine that with the fact that they currently have a lifetime deal?

It’s important to know how to get the absolute best value for your money.

Let’s dive in.

GrooveFunnels Pricing: Video Introduction

I want to start off by giving you the cliff notes to this topic in video form.

Even better?

It’s done from the creator of GrooveFunnels himself: Mike Filsaime.

Simply click the play button down below if you’d like him to explain it:

Here is the link where you can get GrooveSell and GroovePages for free:

Now onto what we know so far.

GrooveFunnels Base Plan

The GrooveFunnels Base plan is 100% free.

Keep in mind that this can always change (and probably will) in the future.

This Base plan comes along with:

  • GrooveSell.
  • GroovePages Lite.
  • As well as GrooveAffiliate.

This is the link that I referred to above which I will add again for you below:

So that’s the Base plan that allows you to get a good idea of what this software offers.

Let’s move onto the next plan.

GrooveFunnels Silver Plan

The GrooveFunnels Silver plan will be $99 per month.

I imagine that when GrooveFunnels gets fully launched?

This will be the starting plan as this is the general price tag associated with sales funnel software.

Here are the features that will come along with this plan:

  • GrooveSell.
  • GrooveAffiliate.
  • GroovePages Pro.

And then you have a few more features that you couldn’t get with the Base plan:

  • GrooveMail.
  • GrooveVideo.
  • GrooveMember.

I talked a little bit about what these features are and when they will be launched previously.

You can read about them in my early GrooveFunnels review here.

Onto the next pricing plan.

GrooveFunnels Gold Plan

The GrooveFunnels Gold plan will be $199 per month.

You get all of the previous features of the Silver plan (which were):

  • GrooveSell.
  • GrooveAffiliate.
  • GroovePages Pro.
  • GrooveMail.
  • GrooveVideo.
  • GrooveMember.

And now you even get more features to go along with those which include:

  • GrooveBlog.
  • GrooveDesk.
  • GrooveQuiz.
  • GrooveSurvey.
  • GrooveCalendar.

All of these new features are pretty self-explanatory (except for maybe GrooveDesk).

GrooveDesk will be a support desk for answering and helping your customers.

And now onto the best part of the pricing plans.

GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime Option

So The GrooveFunnels Platinum lifetime option has three different price points:

  • 3 easy monthly payments of $497 after 14 days.
  • 6 easy monthly payments of $288 starting today.
  • 12 easy monthly payments of $188 starting today.

The first option is going to be the best as it allows you to save the most amount of money.


You get ALL of the features that I talked about previously (which include):

  • GrooveSell.
  • GrooveAffiliate.
  • GroovePages Pro.
  • GrooveMail.
  • GrooveVideo.
  • GrooveMember.

You also get the features of the Gold Plan that I previously stated:

  • GrooveBlog.
  • GrooveDesk.
  • GrooveQuiz.
  • GrooveSurvey.
  • GrooveCalendar.

Now you’ll also get these premium features:

  • GrooveKart.
  • GrooveWebinars.
  • GroovePages for Shopify.

And yes, GrooveWebinars will be for both live and automated webinars.

This is currently the absolute best price when it comes to getting GrooveFunnels.

After all.

Paying a bigger lifetime fee is always better than paying for every month.

Especially if you plan on using the software for a long-term duration.

Getting This Limited GrooveFunnels Deal

groovefunnels deal

So there are two ways to get this special deal.

Here is the first way:

And after you sign up for free?

Eventually, you will come to a home screen that looks similar to the image above.

  • Simply click on the Upgrade button.

You will then get taken to the page where you can get this special GrooveFunnels deal.

So that’s the first way to get this deal.

The other way I explained in another post which I will put down below:

Related: Getting a great deal on this new software.

In a nutshell?

  • You get lifetime access to GroovePages for $497.
  • Then there is an upsell for two payment of $497 to get the rest.

It still comes out to the same price, it’s just a different way of getting the deal.

So feel free to read the related post above if you need any more help.

Let’s wrap-up this pricing post now.

GrooveFunnels Pricing Plans Conclusion

groovefunnels pricing

So here’s a quick rundown of what the GrooveFunnels pricing will be:

  • The Base plan is free (for now).
  • The Silver plan will be $99 per month.
  • The Gold will come out to $199 per month.
  • The Platinum lifetime option will be around $1,500 (depending on how you pay).

I will leave the link for you below one more time.

It allows you to get GrooveSell and GroovePages (lite) for free.

And that should do it.

I want to say thank you for expressing interest in the topic of the GrooveFunnels costs.

Keep in mind that I will be updating this post often as more information comes out.

Have the best day ever!

GrooveFunnels Pricing Updates

Here is an ongoing list for the updates that I will make to this post:

April 22, 2020: Initial pricing post created.

Talk soon.

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