GrooveFunnels Vs ClickFunnels: May The Best Software Win

It doesn’t get any more epic than GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels.

I’d love to tell you about all of the details that I’ll be covering in this post.

That’s what the Table of Contents is for though.

So without any further ado?

Let’s get started with the comparison of ClickFunnels vs GrooveFunnels.

GrooveFunnels Vs ClickFunnels Introduction: Video Comparison

groovefunnels vs clickfunnels

Not only will I be comparing these two powerhouse sales funnel tools?

You also get a quick comparison in the form of video down below.

Simply click play if you’d like to listen to me talk about these two sales funnel builders:

I recommend that you read on as well, given the fact that I will be going in much more detail here.

Let’s start with GrooveFunnels and what they have to offer for you.

GrooveFunnels Features, Benefits, And Price Tag

So what Is GrooveFunnels anyway?

The better (or free) way to build funnels and sell digital products.

The reason GrooveFunnels adds the word free in there is that, well, they currently are.

During this time, GrooveFunnels allows you to get completely free access to:

  • GroovePages.
  • GrooveSell.

GroovePages is what allows you to create websites, landing pages, and sales funnels.

GrooveSell is what allows you to sell your digital products.

This is a monumental value.

I’ll put a link down below where you can get started for free:

These are just two of the big features that come along with the GrooveFunnels software.

Let’s talk a little bit more about them before we get into more features.

GroovePages (Landing Pages And Sales Funnels)

GroovePages allows you to create any type of marketing page that you want.

Here are a few examples:

  • Landing pages (even lead generation pages like in the example above).
  • Thank you and download pages.
  • Home pages for your website.
  • eCommerce pages.
  • Upsell pages.

And anything else that you’d want to make (yes, even affiliate landing pages too).

GrooveFunnels also comes with many templates, just not nearly as many as ClickFunnels.

I expect that to change in the future though.

Given the fact that they are still in beta mode, they will have plenty more updates for you.

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Let’s talk a little bit more about GrooveSell and what it can do for you.

GrooveSell (Sell Your Digital Products)

GrooveSell is your handy side-kick for selling any digital product.

So if you have any type of product, offer, or even a service?

GrooveSell will help you make more sales.

This is another one of the features that are completely free to use right now.

Once again, I highly recommend that you get started and test it out today:

GrooveSell has many fancy features too.

Here is what you can do on the inside of this special shopping cart:

  • Utilize bump offers (HUGE perk).
  • Add cart abandonment, exit pops, and testimonials.
  • Sell front end or products or utilize upsell or downsells.
  • Integrate with multiple payment processors (PayPal or credit card included).

And a whole lot more such as social proof and even affiliate programs.

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You’d be crazy to not at least grab this shopping cart for free.

Let’s move onto another big feature that is coming soon to GrooveFunnels.

GrooveMail (Email Marketing Solution)

This isn’t available right now, but it still needs to be noted.

Sales funnel builders are catching onto the trend of adding an email marketing feature.

GrooveFunnels does the same.

GrooveMail will allow you to perform:

  • Sequence automation.
  • Broadcast emails.

And don’t forget about text and voice SMS broadcasting.

I’ll certainly be adding more information to this section once it goes live.

Let’s take a look at a few more GrooveFunnels features that are coming very soon.

Many More GrooveFunnels Features

GrooveMember, as shown above, will be another feature added to this software.

Here is a quick list of what else you can expect from this software:

  • GrooveBlog.
  • GrooveDesk.
  • GrooveVideo.
  • GrooveAffiliate.

Don’t worry, there’s much more where that came from:

  • GrooveSurvey.
  • GrooveCalendar.
  • GrooveWebinars.

It’s safe to say that they will come with more than what ClickFunnels has to offer.

Similar to ClickFunnels, GrooveFunnels also comes with a lucrative affiliate program.

So how much can you expect to pay for GrooveFunnels?

Let’s find out now.

How Much Is GrooveFunnels?

So here is what you can expect the prices to be in the future (when it’s 100% launched):

  • The Base plan is free (for now).
  • The Silver plan will be $99 per month.
  • The Gold will come out to $199 per month.

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And as of right now?

You have the opportunity to get lifetime access to GrooveFunnels and everything it offers.

An important note to keep in mind.

  • The lifetime price will increase soon.
  • It will then eventually be taken away and moved to monthly pricing.

So if you want to not only use GrooveFunnels but save a ton of money in the process?

I recommend that you get started below:

Once you sign up, you can always upgrade to get their lifetime offer.

Just keep in mind that it won’t be around for long.

You don’t want to be one of the many customers who will be paying monthly in the future.

So that’s the first powerful sales funnel builder when it comes to this in-depth comparison.

Let’s now take a look at what ClickFunnels has to offer.

ClickFunnels Features, Benefits, And Price Tag

ClickFunnels has been one of the largest sales funnel companies on the market.

With well over 100,000 customers, it’s easy to see why so many people like them.

They do have their pros and cons though (which I will address later on in this post).


They don’t come with anything that is 100% free to use and keep (like GrooveFunnels).

However, they do come with a free trial for testing out the features that they have:

Let’s look at some of their fantastic features now.

ClickFunnels Landing Pages And Sales Funnels

So here are my thoughts when it comes to using ClickFunnels:

They are one of the best when it comes to creating landing pages and sales funnels.

This is probably why I’ve continued to use them since 2015.

They are fantastic in the sales funnel department.

You can also create any type of page you like with ClickFunnels:

  • Sales letters.
  • Membership pages.
  • Lead generation pages.
  • Complete webinar funnels.
  • Thank you and download pages.
  • One-click upsell and downsell pages.

And you can get on and on when it comes to being creative with landing pages.

As previously stated, they come with a ton of templates for your landing pages.

They also come with templates for creating sales funnels, which you can see below:

What I’ve personally loved about ClickFunnels has been its simplicity.

When I transitioned from Html and OptimizePress to ClickFunnels (back in 2015)?

It was like night and day for me.

  • Less stress.
  • Fewer headaches.
  • Overall more sales as well.

That’s exactly what you want when you pick up a sales funnel software.

Let’s move onto another one of their big features.

ClickFunnels Secure Shopping Carts

Simple to use and extremely effective.

That’s how I’d have to describe the order forms that come along with ClickFunnels.

The order bump feature is something that can help you make more sales.

GrooveFunnels also comes along with the order bump feature as well.

GrooveSell is also free to use, which ClickFunnels can’t compete with.

Let’s take a little more about what ClickFunnels has to offer for features.

Many More ClickFunnels Features

Up above is an example of a ClickFunnels membership funnel.

Yup, they do those as well.

However, I will be the first to say that they are certainly lacking in this department.

GrooveFunnels has the opportunity to come in and clean up house for memberships.

We will see when they release GrooveMember (and I will then update the post).

Here’s what else ClickFunnels offers though:

  • Webinar platform for both live and automated webinars.
  • Follow-up funnels (for email marketing).
  • One-click upsell and downsells.
  • Affiliate management system.

And a bunch more.

You can read more about ClickFunnels in the related post down below.

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So that’s some of the important details regarding ClickFunnels and what they offer.

Let’s take a look at how much they cost now.

How Much Is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels has a pretty simple pricing structure:

  • ClickFunnels is $97 per month.
  • ClickFunnels Platinum is $297 per month.

They also recently released another plan to go along with those two:

  • ClickFunnels Collective is $1,497 per month.

There are going to be some big differences between the two main plans.

As you can see in the image above, the Basic plan comes with 20 funnels and 100 pages.

The Platinum plan comes with unlimited for both funnels and pages.

I’ll put a link down below in case you want more information about this topic:

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All in all.

ClickFunnels still comes with more value than the prices that they ask for.

They also come with a free trial so that you can test them out and see if you like them.

I’ll leave that link for you down below again:

So now you know a ton of about both of these sales funnel platforms.

Let’s get to the conclusion of GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels now.

GrooveFunnels Vs ClickFunnels Conclusion: Here’s The Best Software Option

clickfunnels vs groovefunnels

Quick GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels summary. ClickFunnels has become one of the simplest and popular sales funnel builders on the market. However, GrooveFunnel is much newer, they come both free and lifetime access, but haven’t 100% launched all of their features yet.

It’s certainly an interesting sales funnel software comparison.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Here is the current state of each sales funnel software:

  • ClickFunnels has been out for many years now.
  • GrooveFunnels is still in beta but has huge potential.

So with that being said?

Allow me to help you out when it comes to picking one of these software tools.

Use GrooveFunnels If

  • You want to get GroovePages and GrooveSell for free.
  • You don’t want to pay monthly to use sales funnel software.
  • You want to be a part of a huge opportunity (which won’t last forever).
  • You’re interested in the many features that GrooveFunnels will soon launch.

It’s hard to say just how great GrooveFunnels is at the moment, considering they’re in beta.


It would be silly to not at least jump on the free GroovePages and GrooveSell offer.

These are the types of features that you’d need to pay at least $97 per month elsewhere.

Here is the special link for you, one last time:

I’ll put a helpful post down below if you need help with the signup process (it’s easy).

Helpful Tutorial: Getting GrooveFunnels for free.

You’ll also have the limited opportunity to snag the lifetime deal once you sign up for free.

Let’s move onto the alternative now.

Use ClickFunnels If

  • You want a powerful sales funnel software that that is simple to use.
  • You want a proven sales funnel software (it’s been out for many years).
  • You don’t want to wait around and see just how good GrooveFunnels will be.

There are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to ClickFunnels.

Even though they don’t have the best membership area in the world?

They certainly deliver on many of the other features that they have.

So if those bullet points above sound like they describe you?

You just can’t go wrong with ClickFunnels either.

And that should do it.

I want to say thank you for taking the time to learn more about ClickFunnels vs GrooveFunnels.

Regardless of which sales funnel builder you pick?

I truly hope that it helps you build and grow your online business.

Or maybe you’ll be like me… and use both ­čÖé

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Happy sales funnel marketing!

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