GroovePages Lifetime Deal (Beta Version)

Gotta love a great GroovePages lifetime deal, right?

That’s exactly what this post is going to be 100% dedicated to.


I need to very clear when it comes to this special offer:

The lifetime deal isn’t going to be around forever.

So make sure that you at least check and see that it’s still going on now.

Let’s show you how to get it along with answering some of your questions.

GroovePages Lifetime Deal Introduction

Before I get to the step-by-step instructions…

I’m going to put a video down below to help you out (in case you’d rather watch that).

Simply click the play button down below to watch the video walkthrough version:

And of course, here is the main link when it comes to getting this life-time deal:

Now onto the walkthrough which is very easy.

GroovePages Secret Back Door Page

groovepages lifetime deal

As you can see from the picture above it states:

Lifetime Access: Final Step.

Which is exactly what you’re looking for…

As you even get to bypass watching their video sales letter for ten minutes or so.

I’ll put the link down below again in case you missed it earlier above:

If the page no longer looks like that?

Then there’s a good chance that you missed out on the deal.

Here is what you’ll want to do once you land on the page that you see above:

  • Scroll down under the video and click on the GET LIFETIME ACCESS button.

You’ll then get taken to the next and last simple step.

GroovePages Checkout Page

groovepages 497

Above is an example of what you’ll see on half of the GroovePages checkout page.

As you can also see above that it says:

Lifetime. One-time payment of $497.

This is a pretty solid deal when you consider the fact that this will mostly cost $97 per month…

So after 5 months, you start saving almost $100 every month moving forward.


You will simply need to enter in your information, continue to billing, and complete the purchase.

That part will be on you (obviously).

So those are the two simple steps when it comes to picking up this unique deal.

GroovePages Frequently Asked Questions


It’s a newer software.

You’ve probably got questions.

I’ve got some answers for you.

Be sure to scroll through some of the most popular questions below.

Are There Any Other Fees With This Lifetime Deal?

groovepages deal

I took a screenshot from the GroovePages exit pop above…

And here is what it says in case you’re on mobile and it’s a harder to read:

Become a beta tester and get access for life, and never pay us anything ever… period!

So according to GroovePages themselves, you won’t have to pay anything else which is nice.


Outside of this special deal, you’ll be paying a lot more in monthly fees.

Let’s talk about that next.

Is GroovePages $497 The Best Deal Out There?

mike filsaime

Yes, a one-time of $497 is indeed the best deal that you can get.

In fact, here is a direct quote from Mike Filsaime that he said in the video above:

…the lowest price we will ever offer.

You’re be getting access to multiple features that will cost $99 per month down the road.

Here are two of the BIGGEST features that you’ll be getting later down the road:

  • GrooveMail.
  • WebinarGroove.

Each of those will be $99 per month separately but you’ll get access for free in the future.

What GroovePages Features Do I Get With This Deal?

Great question.

Here are some of the big features that you get right away with this deal:

  • Unlimited sites.
  • Unlimited pages.
  • Unlimited funnels.
  • Unlimited hosting.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.

Keep in mind that when they later release their Pro, Premium, and Platinum plans?

Most of those won’t have what you’ll be getting.

And one last question that you might be asking yourself.

What’s The Reason For This GroovePages Lifetime Deal?

It’s simple.

You’ll be getting the beta version of GroovePages.

So if you want a software that is going to be:

  • 100% perfect.
  • Or include hundreds of tutorial videos?

Then this is beta software that you’ll probably not want to get.

That’s the idea behind a beta.

However, if you prefer:

  • Getting software with a massively deep discount…
  • In order to utilize them while they grow and improve usability?

Then this is certainly going to be a software that you’d want to pick up.

Let’s finish up this post now.

GroovePages Lifetime Deal Conclusion

groovepages lifetime deal

So here is how much the GroovePages lifetime deal costs:

  • A one-time payment of just $497 (and no other fees).

Hopefully, this post helped you out when it comes to getting started with GroovePages.

I will put the link down below in case you didn’t get to check out the lifetime access page:

Thanks again for stopping by.



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