HeySummit Review: Features, Demo, And Walkthrough

Welcome to my HeySummit review!

This newer software comes with quite a few helpful features and benefits.

However, there might some questions from the start about what it can do.

So let’s answer that first before we move onto the fun part of the review.

What Is HeySummit Exactly?

As you can see above, HellSummit has a pretty straightforward tagline:

Online events, made simple.

This is a tool that ultimately allows you to build and create:

  • Events.
  • Courses.
  • Talk-series.
  • Conferences.

And other types of video-related events that you could possibly think of.

In other words, HeySummit is very flexible (which is something you’ll like).

So now you know just a little bit of what HeySummit is capable of.

Let’s move onto the review now and really see how you can benefit from this software.

HeySummit Review Introduction: Features, Walkthrough, And Cost

HeySummit review. This software provides you with a straightforward and simple approach for running events and increasing your revenue.

As you can see from the description box above, this is a great software tool.

However, I wanted to give you even more information about using this platform.

That’s why I went ahead and also created a HeySummit review video for you.

Simply click the play button down below if you’d like to see the video demo:

HeySummit also comes with a free trial which I will add a link to down below:

So that’s the quick introduction review of what this software has to offer.

I still recommend that you keep reading in order to get even more information.

HeySummit: Creating Single Or Multi-Day Summits

So right off the bat, you get to pick from a good amount of event types.

In case you’re on mobile and the image above is harder to see, they include:

  • Single or multi-day free summit.
  • Single or multi-day paid summit.
  • Evergreen summit.
  • Video library.

And you can always start with a blank slate (referred to as something else).

For this specific walkthrough, I’m going to choose the single or multi-day free summit.

Upon choosing your event, you will then need to add a title and strapline (shown below):

The title should be pretty obvious, but when it comes to the strapline?

Not so much.

Don’t worry though, there’s a section you can hover over to help you out.

All in all, the strapline is simply a very brief description of what others can expect.

The strapline will also be shown on your landing page and a couple of other areas.

Lastly, you will be able to:

  • Upload a logo and choose the two main colors that you’d like to use.
  • Allow (or disallow) your event to be shared with the community.
  • Allow pre-registrations (you can toggle it on or off).

After choosing from those, you can finally have your event created.

It takes a few minutes for HeySummit to officially create your event as well.

Once it’s completed, you’ll see plenty of information in your dashboard area:

There’s a nice little touch that HeySummit added after creating an event.

You get an email saying: You created an event!

It also provides a couple of links for the next steps of customizing your event.

I see you HeySummit! Very nice touch.

Aside from that, there’s a ton of personalization on the left side of the dashboard.

I’m now going to be showing you some of the customizations that you can add too.

Let’s start the process when it comes to the event setup.

HeySummit Event Setup

I said it before and I will certainly say it again:

HeySummit offers a wife variety of settings for really customizing your event.

Just in the settings part of the event setup shown above, you can change around:

  • Event basics like the time that it will be happening.
  • Localization, which is for the country and time zone that you’re in.
  • Branding and content which includes a fancy-pants logo that you might have.

And a few more things just in this section like domain, email settings, and promo banner.

The next two sections deal with editing your header and footer links.

Let’s quickly talk about those.

HeySummit Header And Footer Links

These are two pretty standard sections when it comes to editing your event.

Either way, I felt like I would quickly talk about what you can do here.

HeySummit already includes many different links for you to use (shown above).

When it comes to these specific header links, you can:

  • Move it up.
  • Move it down.
  • Hide it completely.

And don’t forget about adding your very own link to something (or anything) else.

That part will be completely up to you 😛

HeySummit Email Templates

Talk about a beneficial feature that will save you a ton of time.

In fact, that’s what templates are supposed to do!

Most of the hard work is already done for you with these specific email templates.

As shown in the screenshot below, HeySummit gives you templates for:

  • Attendee emails (14 total).
  • Speak emails (5 total).
  • Affiliate emails (1 total).

Cool Feature: You can refer affiliates to promote your events!

That’s another great way to make some money with your paid events that you create.

Back to the topic of the email templates though.

For all of the templates that you’re given, you are able to:

  • Customize the email.
  • Send a test email.
  • Edit the subject line.

Let’s move onto the next section now when it comes to editing the event setup.

HeySummit Registration Fields

This section is all about what happens when something is signing up for your event.

By default, HeySummit will collect both the name and emails of your attendees.

This section allows you to ask many more questions during the signup process.

This is beneficial if you’d like to segment and target them with more clarity.

For this demo walkthrough, I simply just left this section blank.

HeySummit Hosts And Webinar Providers

So I combined hosts and webinar providers in this one section.

Here are the two important things that you need to know here:

  • Adding a host is about as easy as it gets (add the name and email).
  • You will also need to connect to one of the webinar providers.

Please keep in mind that you will need to connect for live webinars only.

Your automated events will be used through some type of video file.

Here are the platforms that you can currently connect with:

  • Zoom.
  • Remo.
  • BigMarker.
  • LiveWebinar.
  • GoToWebinar (currently in beta).

Connecting is easy given the fact that they tell you exactly what you need to do.

Simply click on who you want to connect to and follow the instructions.

HeySummit Payment Methods

This is the part where you can get paid for the wonderful events that you create.

What’s not to love about that?

You can see the different types of payment options that they support above.

There is also the option of utilizing your very own payment gateway.

Just note that you would have to use the Business plan in order to unlock that feature.

Helpful Note: I’ll talk more about the HeySummit pricing plans soon in this review.

The last two sections for editing your event include:

  • Webhooks.
  • Other integrations.

That’s pretty standard when it comes to setting up your event overall.

We’ve still got a lot to talk about so let’s keep moving on with the customizations.

Oh, and just in case you haven’t already?

Carrying on (my wayward son) now.

HeySummit Content Setup

The first two sections in the content category are going to be:

  • Categories.
  • Speakers.

Adding categories is great for letting your attendees know what they’re getting into.

The speaker’s section is all about adding, well, speakers!

As shown in the screenshot above, you can add:

  • One of the best and super-professional-looking pictures that you have of the speaker.
  • Their first and last name.
  • Their email address.

Email is important because it allows the speaker to login and edit their talks.

Speaking of talks, let’s move onto that section next.

HeySummit Talks

HeySummit got it right when it comes to the details of this process:

Adding a new talk is as simple as creating a title, choosing a date, and linking it to a speaker.

Helpful Note: That’s why it’s important to follow the steps when creating your event.

So let’s take a look at what you’ll need to edit here:

  • The title (please make yours a little bit more creative than mine) 😛
  • Speakers: Here you can choose your speaker from the dropdown box.
  • Date: I specifically set to my birthday many years in the future (great Scott)!
  • Talk duration is up to you, depending on how much knowledge you want to drop.
  • Categories: Once again, you can choose from the dropdown box.

You also have the ability to make unavailable after a certain amount of days.

I left that blank and also clicked on the “Is active?” button at the bottom.

Don’t forget to click on the save button as well.

HeySummit Notable Brands

This section is for adding any type of notable or recognizable brands.

As shown above, you can see a few of them that I’ve been featured in.

I bring this up because it’s perfect for social proof.

And this specific feature allows you to add them to your landing pages.

If you don’t have any yet, then don’t worry for a single moment.

You can always add them as you get more mentions as your brand grows.

At least that’s how it worked for me.

Started from the bottom now we here.

Let’s now talk a little bit about the last few sections in the content category.

HeySummit Offers, Giveaways, Viral Incentives, And Translations

So I added a screenshot above that allows for advanced translations of your events.

I thought that it was a pretty nice touch.

As it shows in the screenshot above, in order to change the language of the event:

  • You will simply need to first go to Event Setup –> Settings –> Localisation.

HeySummit also has the features of:

  • Offers and giveaways.
  • Viral incentives.

The giveaways will be shown whenever someone goes to signup for the event.

It’s a great way to incentivize sharing so that more people can see the event.

The same thing goes with viral incentives.

Let’s move onto the next section when it comes to customizations.

Don’t worry though, this one is very quick and easy to edit.

HeySummit Feedback

So how are your attendees liking the content that they’re receiving?

That’s what the feedback section is all about.

These are simple questions that should elicit some type of ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer.

You can also set when these feedback questions will be shown.

Once again, I chose 3 Kings Day except for the year 2088.

Looks like we’ll have to go back to the future (grab the Delorean).

As previously stated, this section is very quick and easy to complete.

Onto the next section that you can customize, and you’ll definitely like this one.

HeySummit Revenue

When it comes to revenue, you’ll want to look at the ticket section first.

In fact, there are 2 micro sections when it comes to tickets, which include:

  • Tickets.
  • Ticket sales.

I added a screenshot above when it comes to setting up your specific tickets.

The boxes are pretty straightforward when it comes to adding what you need.

Some of them even have an information section you can hover over for more details.

There’s even a section that allows you to edit the ticket limits.

Helpful Note: It’s not shown in the screenshot since it was too big to add here.

Here’s another category in the revenue section that you just might like.

HeySummit Coupons

Looking to run promotions?

Maybe you just want another great way to get people to your paid events.

Coupons will be a fantastic way of doing that and generating more revenue.

As shown in the screenshot above, once again, it’s very easy to edit.

You’ll simply need to add:

  • The title and description.
  • The coupon code and discount percentage.
  • And a few more boxes that are very easy to toggle on or off.

You can also choose the dates of when the coupon will be active overall.

HeySummit Sponsors

Have you ever been to an in-person event and seen sponsor posters?

So have I.

That’s why I love the fact that they added the ability to use them with this tool.

It gives it the exact feel of having a normal type of in-person event.

Plus, adding sponsors is a great way to boost your revenue as well.

If you look at the screenshot above, it’s a very easy feature to play around with.

You can add as many sponsors as you like and can be promoted on your:

  • Landing page (usually the main sponsor).
  • Footer of pages.
  • Sub-pages.

Let’s now quickly go over the last few categories of the revenue section.

HeySummit Affiliates And Payouts

So I do want to say that this is a very valuable aspect of what HeySummit offers.

Especially when you consider how much it costs for affiliate management platforms.

There are also two sections when it comes to affiliate payouts and payout overall.

Once again, I recommend that you see for yourself using their free trial:

HeySummit also has plenty more sections to help with your event overall.

For example, there is activity and reporting along with hosting and settings.

There’s a LOT to customize.

Before getting to the end of this review though, I want to talk about an important topic.

HeySummit: Creating Evergreen Summits

This is definitely going to be a popular feature of using this software.

It’s the ability to create and run evergreen summits.

This means that there won’t be a start or end date for your summits.

And the cool thing about running these types of summits?

They are set up just like single or multi-day summits.

So that’s still just scratching the surface of what this software has to offer.

You might be wondering how much it will cost to be able to use HeySummit.

So let’s take a look at the costs right now.

HeySummit Pricing Plans

HeySummit comes with three different pricing plans that you can choose from.

Here is a quick list for you:

  • HeySummit Basic is $48 per month.
  • HeySummit Professional is $165 per month.
  • HeySummit Business is $498 per month.

Each of these plans comes with different types of perks (as shown above).

The biggest changes for each of the plans will include:

  • An increased amount of attendees.
  • An increased amount of active summits.
  • As well as reduced percentages for the transition fees.

All pricing plans come along with an unlimited amount of team members, which is nice.

You can also save money if you pay annually as opposed to monthly.

Note: The above link also comes along with a free trial for HeySummit.

So you now have a good idea of what you can expect from this software.

Let’s wrap up this review and continue on now.

HeySummit Review: Is This Online Events Software Worth It?

HeySummit review. This software provides you with a straightforward and simple approach for running events and increasing your revenue.

So is HeySummit worth using?

That’s going to be a very easy question to answer if you haven’t noticed by now.

However, no software tool is going to be 100% perfect.

So let’s quickly take a look at the pros and cons before moving to the grand finale.

HeySummit Dislikes

  • Pretty basic landing page editor.

So there wasn’t much that I disliked when it comes to what this software offers.

All in all, they are pretty darn good at what they do.

Where there might be some improvement could be their landing page editor.

Helpful Note: I added a screenshot of it up above for you.

Overall, it’s a pretty basic landing page editor.

I might be more critical of this because I’ve reviewed a ton of landing pages.

At the end of the day though, it’s not something that you’ll have any problems with.

Let’s take a look at what I did like.

HeySummit Likes

  • Solid pricing.
  • Plenty of ways to maximize your revenue.
  • Simple and straightforward setup process.
  • You can create a few different types of events.
  • Having an affiliate management program feature is very nice.
  • There are just so many areas for customizations (and that’s a great thing).

I mean, what’s not to like about HeySummit?

You get exactly what you pay for (and so much more).

To top it off, they’ve got a great layout that creates a simple and smooth process.

With that being said, definitely give them a try that they certainly deserve.

I’ll leave the link down below for you one more time for testing them out:

I want to say thank you for taking the time to learn more about this software.

Please feel free to leave your questions down below if you have any.

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