Jasper.ai Blog Post Topic Ideas (Template, Demo, Examples)

Leave it to Jasper to get plenty of fresh blog post topic ideas.

It’s an easy process, and I’m going to show you how it’s done in this article.

How To Get Blog Post Topic Ideas From Jasper AI Software

jasper.ai blog post topic ideas

Aside from showing you, you can even follow along in the process.

You might not know this, but Jasper actually has a hidden free trial page:

Even better, it comes with a free 10,000 bonus words to use with Jasper.

I’ll leave a link down below if you need help with the signup process.

Jasper Tutorial: Getting started with Jasper for free.

Once you get started, it’s very easy to get access to this specific Jasper template.

Here are the steps, which are also shown in the image that I added above:

  1. Click on Templates on the left side of the page.
  2. Click on the Blog icon in the top/middle of the page.
  3. Lastly, you are going to want to click on Blog Post Topic Ideas.

Upon doing so, you will get taken to the template which you can see down below:

jasper.ai blog post topic ideas template

In case you’ve never used Jasper before, here are the steps for this template:

  1. Enter in your company name.
  2. Enter in your product description.
  3. Audience.
  4. Tone of voice.

There is also a spot where you can train Jasper with examples if you like.

For these examples, I left that section blank and simply removed it.

Lastly, the number of outputs are the results that you will get when generating content.

You can always start low and then generate more as you go.

So that’s how you use Jasper when it comes to this specific template.

Let’s take a look at some of the great examples that Jasper came up with.

Blog Post Topic Ideas Examples #1

jasper.ai blog post topic ideas example

So for my first article, I used Jasper to talk about Jasper.

Very meta, I know.

In case it’s harder to see, down below is the information that I added in.

Company Name: Jasper.ai

Product Description: Jasper is an AI marketing software that will help you with your copywriting and articles.

Audience: Marketers

Tone of voice: Witty

As I like to say:

  • You do 10% of the heavy lifting.
  • Then you can let Jasper do the rest of the heavy lifting.

Let’s take a look at the work that Jasper did when it comes to these ideas.

“Is content marketing dead?”

5 ways you can use AI in SEO.

“Jasper is coming to your inbox”.

8 ways to make money on Twitter.

“What I learned from using Jasper”.

8 ways to improve your open rates.

“5 tips on how to use AI marketing”.

How to sell without sounding salesy.

“3 SEO Tools for Marketers in 2017”.

“How to write a perfect press release?”

11 ways to write about fitness for SEO.

Shopify vs Squarespace for eCommerce.

How to write amazing copy that converts.

How AI can help you with your copywriting.

The most common mistakes in writing content.

How to use AI to boost your SEO in just 7 days.

How to write blog posts that will bring you clients.

11 ways to optimize your website for voice search.

10 things my grandma taught me about copywriting.

How to write a press release that gets media attention.

5 ways Jasper can help you with your content marketing.

“8 most important things marketers should know about AI.”

10 things to know before creating an email marketing campaign.

5 reasons why you shouldn’t wait to start your content marketing.

“7 things to include in your landing page that you probably don’t”.

11 copywriting tricks you can learn from this hipster coffee company.

“7 ways artificial intelligence can help you with your marketing in 2020”.

Jasper.ai’s secret sauce: how AI will improve your copy in 3 different ways.

Marketing 101: everything you need to know about copywriting and content marketing.

5 types of blog posts that will hook your audience and compel them to sign up for a trial (number one: listicles).

So I like a lot of things about these results:

  • Jasper seems to know itself very well.
  • Jasper did more research to add even more.
  • Most of these topic ideas are niche-related/relevant.
  • Some of these blog post ideas can be great email subject lines as well.

Related: Jasper.ai Email Subject Lines marketing.

Anywho, you can keep generating an endless amount of blog post topic ideas here.

And if you want even more ideas?

Change around the description a little bit more to focus on different keywords.

Jasper will then create more ideas based on the new information that you added.

So that’s the first example, and I’ve got a couple more examples for you as well.

Blog Post Topic Ideas Examples #2

jasper.ai blog post topic ideas demo

The next example is about a random company that I made up.

It’s called Video Growers, and is all about creating pro-looking marketing videos.

Down below is the information that I used in case it’s harder for you to see in the image.

Company Name: Video Growers

Product Description: Create professional-looking marketing videos in under 15 minutes, without getting in front of a camera.

Audience: Marketers: Video Creators.

Tone of voice: Witty

On a side note, there is definitely a hole in the market for a product like this.

Especially for the fact that Vidnami is now forever gone from the internet.

Anywho, here are the results that I got from this specific example.

“5 ways to use video in marketing.”

Why video is the future of business.

10 ways to make your videos go viral.

How to create content for your video.

Tips on how to hire a graphic designer.

101 Video Shorts You Should Be Using.

How to make a video for your business.

How to create a video that wows investors.

How to create a sales video for your website.

How to create a video script that doesn’t suck.

How to create video marketing content that sells.

The three best times to post a video on YouTube.

10 Examples of Marketing Videos that went Viral.

Video marketing strategies to grow your business.

“How to increase your sales with Facebook stories.”

50 websites where you can find free stock footage.

The 2020 video marketing trends you can’t ignore.

How to create a marketing video in under 15 minutes.

5 ways to get your audience more engaged, using video.

20 fantastic ways to use video marketing in your business.

The 5 best examples of video marketing (and how they did it).

5 types of videos every business needs to include on their website.

The best channel on YouTube for getting more traffic, subscribers, and leads.

The future of video marketing (and why every marketer should be paying attention).

Fantastic results, without a doubt.

There are so many great blog post ideas, especially when it comes to video marketing.

Some great benefits in those blog post ideas as well, which is a good thing.

Let’s take a look at the third and final example of using the blog post idea template.

Blog Post Topic Ideas Examples #3

jasper.ai blog post topic ideas results

This example is all about webinars, because webinars rock.

Here is the information that I used in Jasper to generate the results.

Company Name: Webinar Wizard

Product Description: Create automated webinars in under 5 minutes, that allow you to generate leads and sales while you sleep, even if you’re not a tech expert.

Audience: Marketers

Tone of voice: Witty

I think you know the drill by now.

Click on the Generate AI Content button, and here are the wonderful results for you.

5 free webinar tools.

“Top 3 Automated Webinar Mistakes”

50 ways to set up a successful webinar.

“3 tips for creating webinars that will convert”

“How to automate your social media marketing”

51 ways to increase your website traffic by 1,000.

“Is this the ultimate solution for creating webinars?”

“8 free tools to create incredible customer experiences”

“What I learned about webinars the hard way” (Case study)

“5 ways webinars can generate more leads for your business”

“How to provide a seamless customer experience on all devices”

10 reasons why webinars are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

“11 reasons webinars are the best marketing tool for your business”

New Sales Funnel: “5 Ways I doubled my online sales in just 30 days”

“The top 3 webinar mistakes that will kill your lead generation efforts”

How a comedian used Webinar Wizard to create his own online cooking show.

“What exactly is a webinar and how can my business benefit from running them?”

“How I cut my marketing expenses by 43% in 3 months without changing my lead generation tactics”

Something else I want to mention is that just about all of these results are great.

In other words, Jasper certainly didn’t go off the rails.

Every now and then you’ll get a blog post title and scratch your head.

That happens sometimes, and usually, I just laugh and keep moving along.

But as you can see from the results above, there are some great witty ideas.

I’ll leave you with two helpful articles if you need more info about this software:

Let’s move on to the grand finale of this article now.

Blog Post Topic Ideas With Jasper: Final Words

Jasper.ai will give you plenty of great blog post topic ideas that you’ll enough content to write/create for the next year, and even longer, if needed.

This is a pretty simple template when it comes to what Jasper can do.

Plus, this is also one of those templates that seem to be pretty accurate.

After all, it’s more about giving you ideas as opposed to giving you facts.

I’d recommend that you try it for yourself to get some great ideas:

I’m also going to leave plenty more articles down below for even more examples.

Feel free to check them out if you need more information (which you probably don’t).

Thanks again for reading this article, and I hope that you enjoy this AI software.

James Canzanella

A former personal trainer who went from unemployment to online business success. He's been marketing since 2012 and (still) enjoys lifting weights, listening to rock music, and relentlessly quoting movie lines.

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