JVZoo Vs WarriorPlus: Comparing These Affiliate And Vendor Platforms

There’s a lot of comparing to do when it comes to JVZoo vs WarriorPlus.

Even better, there’s a lot to like when it comes to using both of these platforms for:

  • Selling your products, offers, or services as a vendor.
  • Selling other products, offers, or services as an affiliate marketer.

So let’s talk a little bit about both of these platforms and what they have to offer.

Starting with JVZoo first.

JVZoo: Some Of Their Biggest Features And Benefits

There are going to be two big reasons why you’d want to use JVZoo:

  • You’re a vendor looking to sell/launch products while attracting affiliates.
  • You’re an affiliate looking to promote other products.

Helpful Note: Those are two big benefits of using WarriorPlus as well.

But I’ll talk more about them later in this blog post.

What’s also great about both of these platforms is that they are free to join.

Since we’re talking about JVZoo first, I’ll leave a link for you down below:

So what are some of the big advantages when it comes to using JVZoo?

Let’s look at them right now.

JVZoo: Selling More As A Vendor

According to JVZoo themselves, they have well over 800,000 active affiliates.

That’s quite a lot of firepower if you’re looking to sell any type of offer or product.

As shown in my screenshot above, I’ve paid out a few commissions here and there.

Helpful Note: JVZoo was a big part of my success when I first got started online.

So here are a few more great benefits of using JVZoo as a vendor:

  • Auto affiliate payments.
  • You can utilize recurring payments.
  • You can sell an unlimited amount of products.
  • JVZoo has its very own digital delivery protection.

You also get an instant affiliate program once you list your product on JVZoo.

JVZoo also comes with quite a few payment processors to use.

A few of the big payment processors are included down below:

  • Stripe.
  • PayPal.
  • Payoneer.
  • JVZoo Pay.
  • Payment Rails.

Haven’t multiple payment processors is always a great thing when doing volume.

In other words, it’s always good to have a few backups in case you need them.

Let’s take a look at the next big benefit of using the JVZoo platform.

JVZoo: Earning More As An Affiliate

I haven’t actively promoted many JVZoo products as an affiliate in a very long time.

However, as shown above, in the last 30 days, sales still trickle in every now and then.

Helpful Note: Those sales come from work that I did a long time ago.

Either way, let’s take a look at a few of the big benefits of being an affiliate with JVZoo.

  • Automatic bonus delivery.
  • 2-tier affiliate commissions for recruiting affiliates.
  • Instant commissions (or delayed, depending on what the vendor sets).
  • Vendor cookies where you get cookied for all of the vendor’s products.
  • Instant sale notification which is always great to see show up on your phone.

Being an affiliate with JVZoo is perfect if you’re looking for make money online offers.

Just make sure that you know how to reach out and get approved to promote products.

Don’t worry though, I’ve got you covered when it comes to that topic down below.

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Those templates in the article above should significantly help you out if you need them.

JVZoo also has plenty more features than what I’ve mentioned so far.

JVZoo: Other Helpful Features

Here is a quick list of a few more features that you can find with JVZoo.

Please keep in mind that they still have plenty more features than what I’m mentioning here:

  • Statistics and real-time tracking.
  • Support if you happen to need any.
  • JVZoo handles collecting tax information.
  • List building technology for adding customers to your email list.

There’s quite a lot to like about JVZoo.

But if JVZoo is going to be free to use, how are they going to be making money?

JVZoo charges a commission fee of 5% of the gross selling price on each product.

This happens when any sales are made through the affiliate program.

We can compare JVZoo vs WarriorPlus fees at the end of the post.

Until then, it’s a very small price to pay in terms of using what JVZoo offers for you.

I’ll add a link down below again where you can signup for JVZoo for free today:

Helpful Note: You can sign up for both a vendor and an affiliate using the link above.

So that’s the first half when it comes to comparing JVZoo vs WarriorPlus.

Let’s flip the script now and talk about WarriorPlus.

WarriorPlus: Some Of Their Biggest Features And Benefits

WarriorPlus has a very straight-forward tagline as you can see in the image above:

Your profit is our business.

In case the image above is harder to see, it also states under that:

  • Best-in-class sales and marketing automation platform and marketplace.
  • For digital business owners and online marketers.

WarriorPlus is also a platform that I attribute a lot of my early online success to.

As they helped me sell a lot of products as well as make quite a few affiliate sales.

Helpful Note: I used my launch jacking method to make quite a few commissions.

Similar to JVZoo, WarriorPlus is also completely free to sign up for:

Let’s talk about some of the features that WarriorPlus has to offer as well.

WarriorPlus: Selling More As A Vendor

I also haven’t actively used WarriorPlus for quite a few years now.

Helpful Note: This is pretty obvious to see if you look at the stats above.

I bring this up because WarriorPlus has quite a few helpful statistics for you to use.

They have a lot more than statistics too.

Here are a few of the biggest features that you can expect WarriorPlus to have:

  • Coupon codes.
  • You can utilize split-tests.
  • Easily manage the affiliates that you have.
  • More stats that include the ability to use tracking and pixels.
  • Manage your customers and know stats like their customer value.
  • Sales funnels for creating and selling your products with WarriorPlus.

WarriorPlus also has a couple of payment options to choose from.

You can use PayPal, Stripe, or you can use PayPal and Stripe at the same time.

Please note that there are many other helpful features when it comes to this section.

This is just giving you a good idea of what they have to offer.

Let’s now take a look at some of the perks when it comes to being an affiliate.

WarriorPlus: Affiliate Benefits

There will always be a plethora of offers to promote when it comes to WarriorPlus.

Most of them are going to be related to making money online.

Kind of what like this system has to offer (which is actually really damn good).

As shown above, you can see an example of some of the hottest offers there are.

So just in case you happen to be wondering, affiliate marketing is certainly not dead.

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When it comes to the top offers, you can see the numbers when it comes to:

  • Sales.
  • Refund rate.
  • Visitor value.
  • Average sale.
  • Conversion rate.

There’s also a pulse rate that determines how well it’s done over the past few months.

This was also something highlighted when being compared to another platform.

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When it comes to being an affiliate, you will also find:

  • The launch calendar.
  • Plenty of stats that you saw above.
  • The ability to easily request your affiliate link.

Just make sure that you say the right thing when it comes to requesting affiliate approval.

Similar to JVZoo, WarriorPlus is also going to take a few from every sale that’s made.

WarriorPlus’ standard rate is 4.9% + 10 cents per transaction.

There are also volume discount rates depending on the revenue rate that you do.

That’s a pretty big benefit if you plan on doing more sales.

Either way, that information will give you a good idea of what you can get from WarriorPlus.

They have plenty more features and benefits too:

So who should you pick when it comes to JVZoo vs WarriorPlus?

It’s a pretty easy decision if you ask me.

Let’s now move to the end of the post so that I can give you the summary and details.

JVZoo Vs WarriorPlus: Closing Comparison Summary

jvzoo vs warriorplus

JVZoo vs WarriorPlus. Both of these platforms have plenty of features and benefits and are great when it comes to selling products and promoting offers as an affiliate.

So who should you use when it comes to WarriorPlus vs JVZoo?

Here is the easy answer:

You should use both the JVZoo and WarriorPlus platforms.

After all, they are both free to join and offer quite a few helpful benefits.

In my opinion, JVZoo is going to be better for the much bigger launches.

I say this simply because that was my experience back when I launched a lot.

JVZoo seems to have more overall volume and affiliates.

Here is also a comparison of the fees when it comes to each platform:

  • JVZoo Fees: 5% of the gross selling price.
  • WarriorPlus Fees: 4.9% plus 10 cents per transaction.

WarriorPlus also has volume discounted rates as you start to sell more with them.

So I hope that this information helped you out when it comes to JVZoo and WarriorPlus.

Both are great platforms for the make-money-online niche.

I’ll leave you with the links where you can signup free for each platform:

Thanks for taking the time to learn about what these platforms have to offer.

Feel free to ask any questions down below if you happen to have any.

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