Kartra 30 Day Trial Tutorial & The Truth About The 60 Day Trial

So who wouldn’t want to get an extended Kartra 30 day trial?

After all, it’s slightly more than double the normal Kartra 14 day trial.

Allow me to show you exactly how to get it.

Can You Get A Kartra 30 Day Trial In 2021?

In case you couldn’t tell by now, you’re going to love the answer.

YES! You can most certainly get a Kartra 30 day trial!

This has been a very popular topic when it comes to getting started with Kartra.

Just keep in mind, that I don’t how long that it will be around.

So without any further ado?

I created the perfect walkthrough video in case you’re more of a visual person:

Here is the special link that you MUST use in order to get this extended Kartra trial:

Aside from the video, I’m also going to be walking you through the steps.

All you have to do is follow along (it’s very easy to do).

Step 1: Use The Unique 30-Day Trial Link (Located Below)

Yes, this is going to be my affiliate link for when you get started.

However, it is different from many of the other standard links you’ll see everywhere else.

Most of the other links don’t allow you to get an extended Kartra trial.

And another important note, you can’t get an extended trial without going through it.

So after you click on the link that I added above?

You will then land on the Kartra home page which should look similar to the picture below:

kartra 60 day trial

Keep in mind that the Kartra home page can sometimes look different.

Nevertheless, it should be pretty easy to tell that you are in the right spot.

Here is what you need to do next:

  • Click on the START YOUR TRIAL button which is located right under the video.

You’ll just have to scroll down a little bit after reaching the home page of Kartra.

Note: The next section with the pop-up may or may not be there (they change that often).

If there isn’t a popup, then you can move onto Step 2 down below.

If the pop-up opens, then you will need to enter your information:

  • Your first name.
  • Your last name.
  • And then your email.
  • Lastly, click on the Continue button.

Now onto the easy last step which also happens to be a very easy step.

Step 2: How To Unlock Your Unique Kartra 30 Day Trial

Please note that you need to be on the desktop in order to make the magic happen here.

After completing the previous step, you will arrive on the Kartra pricing plans page.

It should look something like the picture below.

Just keep in mind that Kartra often changes its layout, so it can look slightly different.

kartra plans

Now here your next two easy steps.

  1. Make sure that the page has finished loading (a few seconds will too).
  2. Move your mouse from the middle of the page to the top (where the URL bar is).

That should unlock a Kartra 30-day trial pop-up window.

Have a look at the screenshot down below to see exactly what I’m referring to:

kartra 30 day trial

Do you see what it says in the image above?

For a limited time you get your 30-day trial by clicking below.

And then simply you need to click on the big green button that says:

YES, Double My Trial!

The rest of the steps from then on should be very self-explanatory.

Pretty awesome right?

Just keep in mind that this Kartra extended trial duration only for a limited time.

So make sure that you take advantage of it while it’s still around.

And don’t forget about the link below:

My unique link allows you to get the thirty-day trial (simply by following the above steps).

While many other links out there only come with the 14-day trial.

Helpful Note: I’ve tested out a bunch of them myself to figure it out.

You can send me a thank you card later 🙂

Now, allow me to answer a few more questions when it comes to this specific topic.

Can You Get A Kartra 60 Day Trial?

I’ll answer a couple of questions when it comes to this related question:

  • You can NOT get a Kartra 60-day trial.
  • You can NOT get any type of free trial.
  • You also can NOT get any type of lifetime deal.

There currently isn’t a trial duration for 60 days and in my opinion?

There probably will never be one.

Thirty days is more than enough time to decide if Kartra is going to be perfect for you.

So make sure that you take advantage of the extended trial while it is still around.

Let’s wrap things up now.

Conclusion To Getting Your Kartra 30 Day Trial

kartra 30 day trial

Kartra 30 day trial summary. Yes, you can still access this extended trial special, you just need to be on a desktop computer to make it work.

Hopefully, you got a lot out of this specific 30-day trial post.

I tried to make it as quick as possible so that it wouldn’t take up too much time.

So once more, here is the special Kartra link for you:

As long as you follow the steps and use the special link in this post?

You’ll be able to unlock your extended Kartra trial.

Thank you for taking the time to read about how you can get a Kartra extended trial.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them down below in the comments section.

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