Kartra Vs ConvertKit: Which Software Should You Use?

So who is going to be the winner when it comes to Kartra vs ConvertKit?

If you’re having trouble deciding, then definitely stick around.

Let’s quickly get this comparison started with the information that you need.

ConvertKit Vs Kartra: Here Are The Biggest Overall Differences

convertkit vs kartra

ConvertKit vs Kartra summary. ConvertKit mostly focuses on email and automation, while Kartra is a complete all-in-one business building platform.

So this is going to be the quickest and most important section of the post.

I went ahead and created a Kartra vs ConvertKit video for you.

It’s like the cliff notes when it comes to comparing both of these tools.

Feel free to watch the video down below by clicking on the play button:

And if I only had to pick one of these easy to use tools?

It would be a pretty easy suggestion, so make sure you checkout the winner below:

I’d also recommend that you keep reading if you’d like even more information.

So let’s start the written comparison of Kartra vs ConvertKit.

Starting with Kartra first.

About Kartra: Advantages, Features, And Pricing Packages

kartra customer support

Kartra is an all-in-one builder that has been growing rapidly in popularity.

Most people tend to use Kartra specifically for their:

  • Great ability to create landing pages.
  • As well as the ability to creating sales funnels.

However, Kartra does so much more than creating pages and funnels.

Similar to ConvertKit, they also have fantastic features for email and automation.

I’ll talk about that a little more as we continue on this Kartra vs ConvertKit comparison.

Before beginning, it’s important to know that they come with a 14-day trial for $1.

However, I’ve figured out a sneaky way to extend that trial to a full 30-days.

Sound interesting?

Then I recommend checking out the related tutorial that I added down below.

Related Tutorial: How to unlock the secret 30 day trial for Kartra.

So that’s a quick little introduction when it comes to this sales funnel builder.

Let’s get started by talking about a couple of Kartra’s biggest features.

Kartra’s Landing Pages And Sales Funnels

kartra landing page builder

When it comes to Kartra, landing pages and sales funnels are what they do the best.

In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons why so many people have gone with Kartra.

Another great aspect of Kartra is its seamless drag-and-drop builder.

Not only is the landing page creation process simple, but you also get:

  • A good amount of landing page templates to use.
  • You also get done-for-you campaigns to get started as quickly as possible.

What makes these done-for-you campaigns so powerful is that they were created by:

  1. Frank Kern.
  2. Andy Jenkins.

You also get plenty of other helpful perks when it comes to creating a landing page.

A few examples of features that you can utilize with your landing pages include:

  • Split testing to help increase your conversions.
  • Forms to help build your list (ConvertKit also has these).
  • Various forms of pop-ups to help you get more clicks, leads, and sales.
  • Helpful analytics such as conversions, amount of time on page, and a bunch more.

How you want to set up your sales funnel is going to be completely up to you.

You can also create membership sites by using their membership site page builder.

Or as mentioned above, feel free to use one of the done-for-you campaigns below:

kartra page builder and opt in forms

I bring all of this up for a pretty simple reason in this Kartra vs ConvertKit matchup:

Kartra is far superior when it comes to both landing pages and funnels.

While ConvertKit can create landing pages, they just aren’t on the same level.

That should be expected, given the fact that ConverKit is mostly all about email.

Plus, Kartra is pretty hard to beat when it comes to sales funnels overall.

They’ve been rated very highly when it comes to other sales funnel builders on the market.

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Either way, I’d recommend that you see it for yourself.

Kartra comes with a one-dollar trial that is certainly worth the price of the admission.

So while ConvertKit sends broadcasts, Kartra actually does too.

Let’s talk about that next.

Kartra Email Automation

email automation marketing tool

It’s great that Kartra comes with the ability to leverage email marketing and automation.

In fact, Kartra can perform a lot of the same tasks that ConvertKit can.

Here is a quick list of a few tasks that you can perform with Kartra’s email:

  • Make specific automations based on behaviors.
  • Add personalization to your broadcasts and messages.
  • Split-test your subject lines and track all of your conversions.

Kartra also has pretty in-depth statistics when it comes to sending broadcasts.

Have a look at the screenshot down below to see exactly what I’m referring to:

Statistics are important for measuring just how well your emails are doing.

However, Kartra goes above and beyond the opens and clicks metrics.

As shown above, Kartra also allows you to see your:

  • Goals hit.
  • Overall revenue.
  • Revenue per recipient.
  • As well as revenue per click.

These numbers can be very helpful when it comes to scaling your business.

Kartra also has similar analytics for their affiliate management feature too.

Either way, that’s just a quick glimpse of what you can expect from this feature.

Kartra also has a ton more features.

I mean, they kind of have to when you consider that they an all-in-one builder.

Here are a few more helpful Kartra features:

  • Video hosting.
  • Checkout pages.
  • Membership sites.
  • Affiliate management.
  • More automation tools for your marketing.

I’ll add a link down below where you can read more about them if you like.

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So how much is it going to cost in order to use this all-in-one builder?

Let’s take a look at that next.

How Much Is This Software?

Kartra is going to have a few more pricing plans compared to ConvertKit.

More about that later though when we talk about the ConvertKit pricing.

Either way, here is the quick list of the Kartra plans:

  • $99 a month for the Kartra Starter plan.
  • $199 a month for the Kartra Silver plan.
  • $299 a month for the Kartra Gold plan.
  • $499 a month for the Kartra Platinum plan.

As shown in the screenshot, each plan comes with different perks.

Overall, the Silver plan is what’s going to come with the most amount of value.

I’ll add a related post down below if you’d like more information about this topic.

It covers all of the pricing plans and everything that you get with each of them.

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So in a nutshell, that’s just a little bit of information when it comes to Kartra.

I’m not trying to sell them short, because they have just so many more features.

Feel free to check out their main website to learn more about them below:

Helpful Note: That link above also allows you to get an extended trial too.

So that’s the first half of the Kartra vs ConvertKit comparison.

Let’s flip the script and take a look at what ConvertKit has to offer now.

About ConvertKit: Advantages, Features, And Pricing Packages

ConvertKit has certainly grown and involved over the years since they first launched.

In fact, I watched an interview with the owner and it was quite an interesting story.

Either way, as you can see in the screenshot above, ConvertKit is all about:

Audience building for creators.

To simplify that tagline a little bit more, ConvertKit will allow you to:

  • Share what you love the most.
  • Connect with your followers and grow your business.

In other words, ConvertKit is mostly an email platform (and they’re good at it too).

Before we begin, ConvertKit one-ups Kartra when it comes to getting started.

Not only does ConvertKit allow you to try their platform for free?

But they have a completely free account.

There are limits to it, obviously, but I would recommend trying it out yourself below:

All in all, Kartra is going to have quite a few advantages of Kartra.

This is simply for the fact that Kartra is an all-in-one platform and has more tools overall.

However, ConvertKit is going to have a huge when it comes to a couple of features.

Let’s talk about those ConvertKit features now.

ConvertKit Email Marketing

Have you ever had the need to send beautiful emails that help you convert more?

If yes, then there is a much higher chance that you’ll want to try ConvertKit.

In terms of sending emails with ConvertKit, you get:

  • A good amount of email templates that you can personally brand.
  • And as ConvertKit states, you get a clutter-free writing experience as well.

So when it comes to ConvertKit vs Kartra for email and automation?

I’d have to say that ConvertKit has the slight edge.

It is still impressive that Kartra can still keep up in the email comparison.

It’s also nice that both ConvertKit and Kartra allow you to tag your subscribers.

Tagging your subscribers is beneficial for quite a few reasons.

For example, you can utilize subscriber tags in order to:

  • Send another email to those who haven’t clicked a link.
  • Send another email to those who haven’t made a purchase yet.

ConvertKit also comes well equipped with visual automation funnels.

Visual automation funnels are their way of increasing your sales with email.

I added a screenshot below where you can see a few visual automation funnels:

The above screenshot only shows four templates, but there are many more to choose from.

What’s great about ConvertKit’s email platform is that it’s easy to use.

This is probably for the fact that ConvertKit is primarily an email company.

They even put a big emphasis on user experience and the creation of emails.

All in all, as previously stated, they have the edge when it comes to email marketing.

There’s a little bit more that I wanted to address in this Kartra vs ConvertKit post.

Here’s where there’s more overlap for both of these tools in terms of features.

Landing Pages With ConvertKit

It’s well known that ConvertKit is an email software force to be reckoned with.

However, not too many people realize that ConvertKit also features landing pages.

So on the inside of ConvertKit, you’re able to create:

  • Forms.
  • Landing pages.

These pages can be created thanks to the editor that ConvertKit provides for you.

For your information, forms are sections that get embedded on your pages.

These are what will allow you to capture subscribers and build your email list.

Your pages can also be hosted by ConvertKit or you can put them on WordPress.

Kartra And WordPress: Read more here.

Kartra absolutely dominates ConvertKit when it comes to landing pages.

That should be expected though.

After all, Kartra is popular for the landing pages and funnels that you can credit.

On the other hand, you can’t discredit the fact that ConverKit offers landing pages.

I added a screenshot down below of an example landing page template:

I picked that particular template because it’s about as simple as it gets.

Heck, I might even remove the image to make it even simpler.

That’s why ConvertKit has pages in the first place though.

You might need a few ways to build your list before you start sending emails.

So here are my conclusions when it comes to Kartra and ConvertKit:

  • ConvertKit comes with pages building your mailing list.
  • Kartra comes with pages (and more) for building your entire online business.

There’s a big difference, given the fact that Kartra has many more page related tools.

ConvertKit also comes with many other features related to email.

I’d recommend that you check out the link down below to learn a little more:

So Kartra definitely offers a helluva lot more compared to ConvertKit.

The good news is that ConvertKit is going to cost a whole lot less to use.

Let’s take a look at the ConvertKit pricing next.

What’s The Cost Of ConvertKit?

So ConvertKit comes with more than one pricing plan (as shown above).

I couldn’t fit everything into one picture, so here is a quick list for you:

  • The Free plan is completely free.
  • The Creator plan starts at $29 per month.
  • The Creator Pro plan starts at $59 per month.

Depending on the plan that you pick, you can get quite a few helpful perks.

Here’s a quick list of the perks and features that you’ll find helpful:

  • Unlimited traffic.
  • Unlimited forms and pages.
  • You can also send email broadcasts.

Important Note: You will have to pay more as you need room for more subscribers.

So you expect the price to increase as you keep growing your email list.

The goods news is that’s pretty easy to make an ROI with your email list.

Either way, you can see all of the ConvertKit pricing plans through the link down below:

So that’s some of the important information for ConvertKit and Kartra.

Now to the important part of the comparison.

Which software should you use to help you build and grow your online business?

Be sure to keep reading on as we get to the grand finale of this article.

Kartra Vs ConvertKit: Which Software Should You Use?

kartra vs convertkit

Kartra vs ConvertKit summary. Kartra is an all-in-one platform with many tools, and ConvertKit is mostly an email marketing platform.

The differences are pretty clear when it comes to ConvertKit vs Kartra.

So which marketing platform is going to be the best for your online business?

Here’s the overall winner as well as the reasons to use each of these software tools.

Using Kartra For Your Marketing (The Overall Winner)

kartra convertkit

So if I had to pick only one software for my online business?

There’s certainly a lot to like when it comes to this feature-rich software.

Here are a few reasons for using Kartra (and why it’s the overall winner):

  • Kartra also does email marketing.
  • Kartra is best for landing pages and sales funnels.
  • In fact, Kartra is one of the top picks for pages and funnels.
  • It gives you just about everything you need for building your online business.

As I mentioned slightly in this article, Kartra comes with just so many features.

Features like membership sites, video hosting, checkout pages, and much more.

Just about everything that ConvertKit can do, Kartra can do as well.

Kartra just has so much more to offer.

So those are the reasons why I would overall recommend Kartra in this comparison.

Make sure to give them a try by using the link that I added down below:

Reminder: You can also extend your trial from 14-days to a full 30-days, which is nice.

So that’s why I would recommend using Kartra for your overall marketing.

However, there are always a couple of reasons why you might want to use ConvertKit.

Let’s talk about that next.

Using ConvertKit If

kartra convertkit

  • You only want an email marketing software tool.
  • You don’t have a need for more landing pages and sales funnels.

As stated previously, ConvertKit is going to be a fantastic pick for just email marketing.

And if you already have your landing pages and sales funnels covered?

Then you’ll most likely want to give ConvertKit the free shot that it deserves:

So that concludes the comparison of Kartra vs ConvertKit.

I hope that this post helped you when it comes to picking the best tool for you.

I’ll add a few more Kartra comparison posts in case you’d like even more information.

More Information About Kartra Vs Other Email Tools

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Thanks again for taking the time to learn more about ConvertKit vs Kartra.

I hope that this post helped you pick the best tool for your business.

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