Kartra Vs MemberPress (The #1 Pick)

Looking to find the best option when it comes to Kartra vs MemberPress?

Then look no further because in this post?

I’m going to explain the differences between each tool along with the recommended option.

Let’s get right on into it.

Kartra Vs MemberPress

kartra vs memberpress

What I want to do is give you a good idea of the features that come with each tool…

And once we reach the bottom of this post?

We can tally up the stats and choose the top pick based upon what we talked about.

Let’s get this party started by talking about MemberPress.

About MemberPress

If you couldn’t tell by the name of the software…

MemberPress is all about creating membership sites for WordPress (it’s a plugin).

So what can MemberPress help you accomplish?

  • Build nice membership sites (of course)
  • Be able to accept payments while selling membership content.
  • And don’t forget, being able to have many different types of security for your membership.


Let’s dive a little deeper into the features of this plugin.

Controlling The Access

I mentioned a little bit about security above…

And that is really important when we’re talking about creating any type of membership site.

Beyond everything…

You wouldn’t want some bozo stealing your content and sharing it with random people.

  • No one wants that.
  • Heck, no one wants that at all.

The good news is that you can really crank up the volume when it comes to security.

The video below can really help you understand this concept even more:

Onto the next feature.

Forums For Students

I really like what MemberPress has to offer with this feature.

After all?

It’s a nice touch compared to all of the Facebook groups that seem to be opening up.

Or maybe you’re like me and you don’t like hanging out on Face all day long?

This will allow you to keep your community in a completely different spot.

Pretty nifty right?

And Some More MemberPress Features

I must say that MemberPress doesn’t have the most amount of features in the world.

So if you happen to be on the lookout for something with a ton of features?

It might not be a match for you.

Aside from that?

A couple more features that come along with the MemberPress plugin:

  • A simple setup.
  • Get your stats from reporting.
  • Solid use of security for keeping your membership stable.
  • Ability to drip your content so students don’t get overwhelmed.
  • And you can’t forget about the ability to use coupons to make more sales.

There are a few more features too…

But I think you get the idea when it comes to what comes with MemberPress.

Now onto the other tool.

About Kartra

memberpress vs kartra

Kartra has only been out for about a couple of years…

But what they’ve been able to do in that short period of time has been really surprising.

While they have the ability to create membership pages and sites (which I’ll get do)…

They are really big on:

  • Building and growing your online business…
  • With the help of landing pages, funnels, and even email marketing.

Aside from the powerful features that they pack…

Kartra also features the ability to give them a spin through their $1 trial.

Or you can get that duration extended to one full month.

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Now that you know what Kartra is all about…

Let’s continue on and talk about some of the best aspects of Kartra.

Membership Pages

Would you like to create:

  • Sites?
  • Pages?
  • Or even funnels?

You can do whatever you like with Kartra…

But most importantly (in this comparison post) is that you can make nice membership sites too.

In fact.

Kartra probably has one of the smoothest membership site builders that I’ve ever seen.

Don’t believe me?

Feel free to check it out in the video demo down below:

In case you haven’t noticed by now?

Almost all of the things that MemberPress can do?

Kartra can too (with a lot more to boot).

Continuing on now.

Landing Pages

This is pretty much the bread and butter of Kartra:

  1. Sales funnels.
  2. Landing pages.

But if you really want to dive deeper into what they have to offer with landing pages?

You’ll see that you are only limited to what’s in your imagination.

  • Do you want to put together sales letters? You can.
  • Do you want to capture leads? You can put together a squeeze page.
  • Would you like to skyrocket your revenue? Utilize some upsell pages.
  • And don’t forget about selling on their platform with secure checkout pages.

Kartra comes with email marketing too (as well as the ability to put automation into motion).

The video down below can show you more when it comes to this topic:

And just a couple more strengths of Kartra.

And Some More Kartra Details For You

I’d love to go into much more detail with Kartra but they have a TON more features…

So here is a quick bullet list for you instead:

  • Every single page is mobile optimized.
  • Built-in helpdesks (to answer your customers).
  • Built-in calendars for scheduling strategy sessions, meetings, etc.
  • You can really increase your sales thanks to your very own affiliate management.

And a bunch more.

So now that you know what each tool is capable of, let’s move onto the end of this comparison post.

Kartra Vs MemberPress Finale

So if I had to pick ONE software when it comes to both of these tools?

Here are the two simple reasons for this decision:

  • Kartra also does membership pages (and they might even do them better)…
  • Along with having many more features to accommodate building and growing an online business.

And their pricing isn’t too bad either, which you can see below.

Related Kartra Pricing: Click this link for more details.

Considering the fact that there isn’t any type of lifetime deal.


And that’s all folks.

Thank you for taking the time to check out this post…

And I thoroughly hope that you enjoy Kartra as much as I do.

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