Kartra Vs Teachable (A Close One)

There’s certainly much to mention in this Kartra vs Teachable comparison.

I know you’re time is valuable…

So I’ll get right on into it.

Kartra Vs Teachable Start

kartra vs teachable

I will be talking about what each of these tools has to offer…

And that will give you a good idea about what you can expect with it.

Teachable will go first.


Teachable is about as straight forward as it gets:

They can help you create and sell magnificent courses online.

They have much more that comes along with them, too, which you can see in the link below.

Either way.

Let’s get into exactly what they have to offer.

Teachable Customization

I do have to say.

Teachable certainly owns the space when it comes to creating online courses.

In fact.

When it comes to creating and teaching you can utilize:

  • Text for those who love to read.
  • PDF files for those who want to save files.
  • Video for all the visual people (like myself).
  • Audio for all of the people who like kicking back and listening.
  • And you can’t forget images as well to help paint a better picture.

One thing before I continue though:

Kartra also features all of these different types of modalities.

Back to Teachable though.

They also allow you to customize the websites that you use to sell your courses.

Thanks to their drag and drop builder?

They won’t be all that difficult for you to get up and running.

If you’d like to see what I mean then you can check out the helpful video below:


Here is what else Teachable has to offer.

Teachable Tools For Students

Are you all about seeing your students succeeding?

Then this will be music to your ears (and for the students too).

The students will be able to learn more efficiently by utilizing:

  • Quizzes to see what they learned.
  • Discussion forums to further generate more completion.
  • And even course completion certificates (which in my opinion isn’t a big deal).

Quizzes are pretty cool though.

Check out the video down below to see exactly what I mean:


Ok then.

How about another feature that comes along with Teachable.

Teachable Marketing

I know I know.

How is marketing even a big deal when it comes to features?


If you create a course then you’re going to need to sell it right?

Teachable can help out with the marketing aspect.

Here are a few helpful micro-features that come along with Teachable marketing:

  • Take advantage of coupons and promotions.
  • Take advantage of utilizing different types of plans and fees.
  • Even take advantage of their affiliate program (for generating even more sales).

There’s more where those came from…

But once again?

The video down below should certainly explain more benefits about Teachable:


Teachable also comes along with pretty straightforward pricing plans…

But are you planning on JUST creating, launching, and marketing a course?

Then you just might like Teachable.


Now onto the other side when it comes to this Teachable vs Kartra comparison post.


What is Kartra all about?

It’s a software that focuses on building your online business with:

  • Sales funnels.
  • Landing pages.
  • Email automation.
  • And many other tools (which I’ll talk about).

They come with a trial for testing them out too.

And even better?

You can get their trial extended to 30 days which you can see below.

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Now, let’s get right into what Kartra has going on in the features department.

Done For You Campaigns

One might say that this is more of a bonus, but it needs to be mentioned…

So when you get your Kartra trial…

What comes along with it are done for you campaigns.

And who were they created by?

  • The one and only Frank Kern.

I love features where a lot of the heavy lifting is done for you.

You would simply need to add the prices, images, and of course product names.

Marissa Romero does a great job of explaining in the video down below:


Let’s look at what else Kartra has.

Funnels & Landing Pages

You could have probably guessed that sales funnel builder comes with landing pages…

But what you might not realize is just good their drag and drop builder is.

I like that you can also get an unlimited number of pages too (based upon what you pick).


You can even get an unlimited number of visitors to your pages as well.

Once again, based upon the plan that you pick.

I’ll let Marissa take it away again when it comes to the almighty landing page:


Let’s look at one more great feature.

Kartra Membership Sites


Just like Teachable.

I must admit that they certainly aren’t as fancy has what Teachable has to offer…

But you get everything that you’d need to create and launch your membership.

You also get to utilize their drag and drop builder for creating memberships, too…

Which is a good thing?

You can check out the Kartra memberships down below for more information:



Kartra comes with many more features such as:

  • Commerce.
  • Video hosting within their server.
  • Reporting analytics to keep track of your stats…
  • Advanced automation which is very helpful when it comes to email marketing.
  • An affiliate management system that can help you sell more of your courses.
  • And don’t forget that they have their very own email marketing autoresponder.

And a bunch more.

It’s safe to say that Kartra can do a lot for you.

It’s too bad they don’t have a one-time payment.

But hey, not many sales funnel software tools do nowadays.

So who is going to be the recommended pick when it comes to these two tools?

Let’s find out right now.

Kartra Vs Teachable Conclusion

So if I had to pick one winner here?

kartra trial

Here are the reasons why:

  • The fact that they are an all-in-one platform helps…
  • Which means that you will get a bunch more features all in one spot.
  • Plus, they are a better option for building your online business much quicker.

But if you ONLY wanted to create, sell, and market a course?


I still feel that Kartra is overall better in terms of value for the money invested:

That’s all!

Thanks for reading this Teachable vs Kartra. post.

It was a close one, but I do believe that Kartra is the better overall pick.

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Have a great day!

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