Kartra Vs Wix (Choose THIS)

Here’s the real breakdown in the battle of Kartra vs Wix:

  • Creating powerhouse websites…
  • Versus creating powerhouse online businesses.

If you’d like to grow online at a rapid pace then be sure to keep reading…

As I’ll make this post as quickly as possible.

Kartra Vs Wix

kartra vs wix

So I’m going to start this post talking a little bit about Wix…

And then I’m going to switch to the other side and talk about Kartra.

After that?

We will come to a final conclusion.

Let us begin now.


So if you’re not really familiar with Wix yet:

They can help you create a website that you really love.

When it comes to websites you can also:

  • Design them.
  • Create them.
  • Even manage them too.
  • And of course, develop and increase your web presence.

So now that you know a little bit about what Wix does…

Here are some of its features.

Wix Editor

This certainly isn’t something that will leave your jaw on the floor…

But it’s great to have for getting your website off the ground quickly.

  • You can start from scratch.
  • Or you can even take your pick from many pre-made designs.

That is something that you have the option of.

The video down below can showcase a little more for you when it comes to this topic:

Just keep in mind that the video is very long…

So I would recommend skipping around to save yourself 40 minutes.

Here’s another feature.


So what does ADI mean?

Artificial Design Intelligence

And how would that be beneficial for you?

Well, here is the process:

  1. Wix asks some questions.
  2. You answer those questions.
  3. Wix then does most of the heavy lifting for you.

It’s kind of like getting a website done for you (or at least close to it).

The video down below shows you the Wix ADI in action.

At least that video wasn’t as long as the previous one 😛


Moving on to one more Wix section.

Some Other Wix Features

We know that Wix is all about websites…

But you can do a lot more with those websites than you might expect like:

  • Creating blogs.
  • Adding your videos.
  • It’s mobile optimized.
  • Having stores for selling.
  • Music, because why not, right?
  • It’s SEO friendly which is a plus.
  • Analytics for getting all of your stats
  • Bookings for meetings or appointments.
  • It comes with many pre-made templates.
  • And you can even use your very own custom domain name.

There’s more too.

But for now, let’s move onto the Wix alternative.


wix vs kartra

What is Kartra and what can they do for you?

They are primarily an online business tool filled with many helpful features.

If you’re all about:

  • Sales funnels.
  • Landing pages.
  • Even email marketing and automation.

Then you’ll most likely enjoy what they have to offer.

Kartra also comes with a trial which is always a nice little feature:

Or if you want to extend your trial duration?

Now here are some of their features.

Funnels, Landing Pages, & Email

I would have to say this is what Kartra is the best at.

If you happen to have a need for:

  • Constructing a list of email subscribers.
  • Selling any type of offer, product, service, or even coaching.
  • Or if you want to take advantage of advanced email marketing…

You’ll definitely love Kartra.

I’ll put a helpful video down below that showcases a lot of the great Kartra aspects.

I don’t want to make this post too long…

So let’s do one more section when it comes to Kartra.

Other Kartra Features

Kartra certainly has numerous amounts of features.

I’ll put a list down below of more features that Kartra executes very well:

  • Kartra video hosting.
  • All mobile-optimized pages.
  • Helpdesks for serving your customers.
  • Affiliate management systems for really selling more.
  • Calendars so you can fill your days with whatever you want.
  • One of the easiest to use membership site platforms out there.

And so much more.


But if you’d like to know more about what Kartra has to offer…

Simply click the link below for the full inside scoop about Kartra:

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And in case you were wondering?

There’s isn’t any type of lifetime deal (talked about in this IMNights article).


Let’s move onto the grand finale.

Kartra Vs Wix Finale

So if I had to pick one tool, and only one tool in the Kartra vs Wix battle?

wix vs kartra

Here are the reasons why Kartra is a better choice over Wix:

  • Kartra allows you to create websites too.
  • Kartra is much more efficient at marketing and growing your online biz.
  • Lastly, Kartra just has a ton more tools compared to Wix (even though they cost more).

Those are the reasons why I chose Kartra as the better pick.

Once again:

And that is all!

Thank you very much for stopping by and checking out this article.

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Have an awesome day!

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