The 7 Best Landing Page Builders (Software Tools) For 2022

Imagine that you get your hands on one of the best landing page builders.

Not only would it be the best option?

But it would also be perfectly tailored for all of your marketing needs.

  • You’d be up and running quickly thanks to a silky-smooth software.
  • You wouldn’t lose out on any traffic because the pages load as fast as lightning.

And most importantly?

You could start seeing an ROI from your marketing efforts.

That’s how important it is when it comes to choosing the best landing page builder.

However, if you make the wrong choice, then your chances improve of:

  • Feeling stressed from trying to learn the wrong complicated tool.
  • Losing a lot of time by trying to glue many of your landing pages together.

That’s why I’m here to help you.

I want you to be able to make the absolute best choice when it comes to landing pages.

So be sure to keep on reading so that you can save time, effort, and money.

The 7 Best Landing Page Builders

high converting landing page builders

Here is a quick list of the 7 top landing page builders:

  • Unbounce.
  • Instapage.
  • ClickFunnels.
  • Kartra.
  • LeadPages.
  • Landingi.
  • GetResponse.

I also created a landing page video in case you’re more of a visual person.

Keep in mind that the video is going to be much quicker (and more of the cliff notes):

So now that’s out of the way.

Let’s get started with Unbounce and then move onto the other landing page builders.


unbounce landing page builders

Unbounce is all about creating custom landing pages that convert more visitors.

And don’t forget about the cherry on top: No coding required.

This is a landing page builder than even the biggest of technophobes could figure out.

So what’s the process for creating a landing page?

You start the process by picking from one of ninety-nine terrific templates.

landing page builder

Note: You can see a few examples of their lead generation templates above.

After clicking on the template that you want, you will just need to give it a name.

And then you move onto the biggest part of creating your landing page:

The landing page drag and drop editor.

I had some really great first impressions when it came to navigating around this section.

Here’s a quick glance of what the landing page builder looks like:

landing page builder

Do you like simplicity?

Because that’s what you get when it comes to their silky-smooth drag and drop editor.

  1. You will need to click on the appropriate icon on the left side.
  2. It will then tell you: click + hold to drag onto the page.
  3. You can then drag it anywhere you want and edit it.

Do you think that you can handle those simple three steps above?

Then Unbounce just might be the best fit for you.

Plus, Unbounce comes with a few other great features and perks such as:

  • Popups.
  • Sticky bars.
  • A very heft amount of monthly visitors (500,000).

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced marketer?

There’s plenty of things to like when it comes to this top landing page builder.

You can read about them in the detailed post that I did below.

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Now onto the important question when it comes to this landing page builder.

How Much Is Unbounce?

As shown in the picture above, Unbounce comes with three plans:

  • Essential is $99 / month.
  • Premium is $199 / month.
  • Enterprise is $499+ / month.

Each plan is also going to come with different perks.

For example, the number of landing pages, popups, sticky bars, and even monthly visitors.

I’ll put a related post down below if you’d like more information about perks and prices.

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There are also two easy ways to save even more money on this software:

  1. Pay annually.
  2. Get referred to Unbounce.

I’ll put another related post down below about how to save.

However, you don’t need to click on it yet as I’ll give you the cliff notes.

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All you need to do is go through one of my links in order to save money with Unbounce.

You can also click on the big red button down below to get started.


  • Simplistic landing page creation.
  • 500,000 monthly unique visitors is a big plus.
  • There are plenty of templates to choose from.
  • Sticky bars and popups are a nice addition for increasing conversions.
  • Suitable for online marketers of any experience (beginner to advanced).


  • Having the ability to publish more pages would be helpful.
  • You’ll have to pay almost double to get more advanced features.

There’s no doubt about it.

Unbounce is certainly a stellar choice when it comes to just creating a landing page or two.

Here is what I have to say about them:

This landing page software was a breeze when it comes to getting starting, putting landing pages together, and applying additional features in order to help you increase conversions.

I think you’ll love their simplicity and smoothness as much as I did.

Click Here To Get Your Free Unbounce Trial

So that’s Unbounce and a little bit about what they have to offer.

Let’s move onto the next great landing page builder.


instapage landing page builder

Instapage is a high-powered landing page builder that comes with many advanced features.

As it states in the image above:

Same ad spend. Up to 400% more conversions.

Here’s what that means for you.

Instapage is going to fit like a glove if you plan on running paid ads.

Instapage also comes with a free trial to test them out (as many of the options will).

Similar to Unbounce, Instapage works wonderfully when it comes to creating a landing page.

In fact, they’ve been compared with quite a few similarities.

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Let’s take a look at the type of landing pages that you can build with Instapage.

You get the ability to choose from:

  1. Creating your Standard Landing Page.
  2. Creating an AMP Landing Page (this is only for the Enterprise plan).

Their AMP landing pages are truly some of the fastest mobile pages that you’ve ever seen.

Lightning fast indeed.

This means that you won’t be losing any traffic from a landing page loading slowly.

Instapage also offers a wide variety of customizable templates that are based upon your goals.

As you can see on the left side of the page, you can choose customizable templates for:

  • Trial signups.
  • Product sales.
  • Special promotions.
  • Webinar registrations.

And many more, as well as lead generation (which is one of the most popular goals).

So after you pick your template and give it a name?

You then get taken to their landing page drag and drop editor (seen below):

Instapage is very similar to Unbounce (in terms of using their drag and drop editor):

  • Click on what you need (the icons are on the left side).
  • Drag them where you want that specific section to go.
  • Add text, change colors, and so on and so forth.

And of course, repeat the process as much as your little heart desires.

Instapage also kicks it up a notch (Emeril Lagasse style) when it comes to using their editor.

Important Question: Whatever happened to Emeril Lagasse anyway?

So Instapage also has this great feature that’s referred to as Instablocks.

This is that type of feature that you’d usually have to pay more for elsewhere.

Here is what it looks like when picking an Instablock inside of their editor:

As stated on the Instablocks page from Instapage:

Quickly build hundreds of personalized landing pages by using individual page blocks that you can customize, save, and reuse.

While this might not sound like a big deal at the moment?

These little type of perks can allow you to save a ton of:

  • Time.
  • Energy.
  • And overall effort.

Aside from Instablocks, Instapage also comes with a few other helpful features such as:

  • AdMap.
  • Heatmaps.
  • Experiments.
  • Post click score.
  • Conversion analytics.

They even have their Thor Render Engine for some of the fastest landing page load speeds.

You can read more about Instapage and what they have to offer in the related post below.

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I imagine that Instapage sounds great for you (especially if you’re running paid ads).

So let’s take a look at what the investment is for this landing page builder.

How Much Is Instapage?

The Instapage investment is very simple (like many of their features):

  • Instapage Business is $199 per month (or $149 per month if paid annually).
  • Instapage Enterprise plan which is customizable which means that there’s no set price.

As always, there will be different features and perks for each plan.


Here are some of the powerful perks when it comes to the basic Business plan:

  • 30,000 unique visitors per month.
  • 30 published landing pages.
  • 5 team members.
  • 5 workspaces.

I also did another blog post that talks about all of their plans, perks, and costs.

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Here are some of the pros and cons when it comes to this landing page builder.


  • Lightning-fast landing pages.
  • Their drag and drop editor is very simple to use.
  • Focuses 100% on landing pages (and does it well).
  • Instapage works very well with pay per click advertising.


  • Not the best option for super-newbies.
  • It’s also not the cheapest landing page builder on the market.


  • If you plan on running paid advertising (and/or).
  • If you have more experience as a marketer.

Then Instapage will be the landing page builder that you wish you had a long time ago.

Click Here For Your Free Instapage Trial

So that was a little bit about this top landing page builder: Instapage.

Let’s change things up and move onto the next software that you might not have expected.


If these landing page builders were based on popularity?

ClickFunnels would certainly be the easy winner.

The reason why this software isn’t ranked higher is that it’s 100% focused on sales funnels.

And while landing pages certainly come along with sales funnels?

ClickFunnels has many more features that might not be needed if you just want landing pages.


They also happen to come with a free 14-day trial as well:

Down below is an example of what it looks like on the inside when you create a sales funnel:

clickfunnels landing page builders

If you want more than just the ability to create a landing page or two?

There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll really enjoy the flexibility of ClickFunnels.

Here are just a few of the different types of landing pages and sales funnels that you can create:

  • Sales letters.
  • Quiz funnels.
  • Membership pages.
  • Lead magnet funnel.
  • Product launch funnel.
  • Application landing pages.

And so many more (the sky is really the limit).

Don’t forget about lead generation landing pages, which you can see an example down below:

ClickFunnels allows you more than being able to create any type of traditional landing page.

This tool also allows you to sell any type of product, offer, or service, thanks to features like:

  • Secure checkout pages (along with order bumps).
  • One-click upsell and downsell page.

You can even create full-blown webinar funnels as well.

Whether you want to do live or automated webinars is going to be completely up to you.

You get all of the tools for creating any type of landing page.

Here is an example of a simple webinar registration landing page template:

webinar landing page builders

Consider ClickFunnels an all-in-one platform for building and growing your online business.

And before we get to the important question down below?

I want to let you know that they actually have a great price (considering the value that you get).

How Much Is ClickFunnels?

So ClickFunnels currently comes with two plans:

  1. ClickFunnels basic is $97 per month.
  2. ClickFunnels Platinum is $297 per month.

For many marketers, the basic plan will be a perfect option to get started with.

You get most of their popular features except for their:

  • Autoresponder.
  • Affiliate management system.

Now here are some of the pros and cons of this sales funnel and landing page builder.


  • Hundreds of helpful templates.
  • Plenty of third-party integrations.
  • Seamless and simple to use (the drag and drop editor is amazing).
  • Helpful profit-maximizing features like order bumps and one-click upsells.
  • They come along with pretty much all of the features that you’d be needing.


  • Only 20 funnels and 100 landing pages for the basic plan.
  • The membership section could be better (it’s not the best in the world).
  • Their customer support is solid but it often takes a day to get back to you.

If you’re looking for more than just the ability to create any type of landing page?

For example, if you want to:

  • Sell products, offers, or services.
  • Utilize many of their sales maximizing features.
  • Or even create full-blown sales funnels that convert.

Then ClickFunnels is going to be your knight in shining armor (so to speak).

Click Here To Get Your Free ClickFunnels Trial

So that’s a little bit about ClickFunnels.

Let’s move onto the next software that’s also an all-in-one tool.


Similar to ClickFunnels, Kartra is yet another all-in-one platform.

This software can allow you to:

  • Create, market, and launch online.
  • Without hiring a team of copywriters, web developers, or designers.

Kartra is another great option if you want more than just landing pages.

They allow you to create sales funnels and come along with quite a few helpful features.

They also come with a trial, but it’s going to cost you a whopping one dollar 😛

Kartra comes with the ability to create many different types of landing page options:

kartra landing page builders

In case you’re on mobile and the image above is hard to see?

Here are a few of the landing page options that you can create with Kartra:

  • Squeeze pages.
  • Thank you pages.
  • Long sales pages.
  • Video sales pages.
  • Coming soon pages.
  • Product review pages.
  • Product launch pages.
  • Webinar registration pages.

Note: You can’t actually run webinars with Kartra though.

The reason for this is because their company already has two webinar platforms.


Kartra makes up for it with an abundance of unique features that many other tools don’t have.

The screenshot above is an example of email stats from their email marketing tool.

Kartra is a true all-in-one platform where you won’t even need to get a separate autoresponder.

I understand that this can either be a gift or a curse.

  • You might like that everything is under one roof.
  • Or you’d rather have just landing pages and use a separate email too.

Aside from being able to do spiffy email campaigns?

Kartra also comes with a few helpful features such as:

  • Video hosting.
  • Kartra calendars.
  • An affiliate management system.
  • Support desks for helping customers.
  • Membership pages with all of the bells and whistles.

And a whole lot more.

It’s safe to say that Kartra has a lot going on for them with their all-in-one platform.

So is that going to cost you an arm and a leg?

How Much Is Kartra?

Kartra currently comes with 4 plans:

  • Kartra Starter is $99 per month.
  • Kartra Silver is $199 per month.
  • Kartra Gold is $299 per month.
  • Kartra Platinum is $499 per month.

There’s also the option to save 25% if you pay annually.

You need to keep something in mind though.

There are going to be limits on a few perks (especially on the Started plan).

For example, with the Starter plan you get:

  • Up to 2,500 leads.
  • 15,000 emails per month.
  • You can host 100 landing pages.

It’s not until you go to the Silver plan where the value really starts to stack.

Now onto some of the pros and cons when it comes to Kartra.


  • A true all-in-one platform (webinars is the only thing missing).
  • It comes with many features that you’d normally have to pay extra for.
  • Their drag and drop editor is actually pretty smooth and easy to figure out.


  • Not a great option if you just need landing pages.
  • The value starts to really pour in at the $199 per month plan.
  • You’d have to use their built-in autoresponder tool for sending emails.

Plain and simple.

Kartra is a great pick if you want much more than just landing pages.

As this software comes with more features than you can shake a digital stick at.

Click Here To Get Your $1 Kartra Trial

And don’t forget.

Their 14-day trial is extended to 30 days when you click on the button above.

Now let’s flip the script and go back to a software tool that’s mostly focused on landing pages.


leadpages landing page builders

Stated simply:

LeadPages allows you to turn clicks into customers.

And they allow you to do that by helping you create:

  • Websites.
  • An unlimited amount of pop-ups and alert bars.
  • And don’t forget about an unlimited amount of landing pages too.

This landing page builder also happens to come along with a free 14-day trial:

So let’s take a look at what they offer when it comes to creating landing pages.

Here are a few of their templates (they come with quite a lot of them):

Writer Note: How cool is the dog from the Buster Business template?


I’m sure you’ll the templates as much as I did, especially for the fact that they are mostly:

  • Clean.
  • Simple.

But here is one thing I happened to notice:

They are heavily geared towards digital marketers.

This doesn’t mean that other marketers won’t find them helpful (you can always edit them).

However, it’s just something you can expect from a site called Isolated Marketing Nights ?

Here is a look at the inside of their landing page builder:

leadpages landing page builder

Writer Note: I just had to use the Buster Business template!

One thing I like about the LeadPages editor is that it comes with the LeadMeter.

This is a feature that helps you fix your landing page and increase your conversions.

And if you happen to like their simple editor?

Then you’ll really like LeadPages as they use the same editor for creating:

  • Pop-ups.
  • Alert bars.
  • As well as websites.

I show you the process for using most of these features in my post below.

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Speaking of good news.

You’re going to like the costs that are associated with this landing page builder, too.

How Much Is LeadPages?

LeadPages comes with three plans to choose from:

  • LeadPages Standard is $37 per month.
  • LeadPages Pro is $79 per month.
  • LeadPages Advanced is $321 per month.

The good thing about LeadPages is that you get unlimited perks from their Standard plan.

The unlimited perks include:

  • Leads.
  • Traffic.
  • Pop-ups.
  • Alert bars.

And most importantly: Unlimited landing pages.

More information about all of their prices and perks down below.

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Here are some of the key aspects when it comes to this landing page builder.


  • A variety of high-converting templates to pick from.
  • Plenty of other helpful features to help boost conversions.
  • The second best-priced landing page builder (on this page).
  • Setting up and navigating around the landing page editor is a breeze.
  • Unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, traffic, and leads is a HUGE perk.


  • The drag and drop builder could be a little less clunky.
  • A B testing could have been a little easier to figure out.
  • Some of the extra features you may never use (but that’s not a bid deal).

If your focus is 100% on landing pages?

And you also like many of their unlimited perks?

Then there’s a good chance that you’ll like LeadPages as your landing page builder:

Click Here For Your Free LeadPages Trial

Now onto a landing page builder that comes with a great price.


Landingi might be the one landing page builder that you haven’t heard of.


If it’s good enough to get a testimonial from Neil Patel himself?

Then you know that this landing page builder must pack a nice marketing punch.

They also come with a free trial and you don’t even need a credit card:

Yes, you read that right.

Should you choose to use this tool, it can come with one of the best prices on the market.

You can read more about how to get a discount later (should you like this tool).

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So what exactly does Landingi offer that makes them so special?

First and foremost, they come with an assortment of many terrific templates.

Here are a few more examples of their landing page templates:

Creating a landing page is very similar to the other landing page builders:

  • Select a template and then give it a name.
  • Utilize the simple drag-and-drop builder to bring your landing page to life.

Ironically enough.

Their drag-and-drop builder is very similar to what Unbounce has to offer.

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Here is a sneak-peak of what it looks like to use the editor inside of Landingi:

landingi landing page builder

There was something unique about their landing page editor, that I quickly noticed.

You can edit your thank you page in the same editor without ever leaving.

With just about all of the other landing page builders, you will need to:

  1. Edit your main landing page and then back out.
  2. Edit your thank you page separately.

After testing so many landing page tools?

I thought that this was something unique that can also save you some time.

Landingi also comes with the ability to create pop-up forms as well.

You can use these either on your landing pages or even your websites.

Here are a few template examples:

You use the same editor to create both your landing pages and pop-ups.

Both are simple to navigate and use.

As always, you can read up a little more about this landing page software if you like.

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Landingi also comes with a great price tag (in terms of a 100% landing page builder).

How Much Is Landingi?

As you can see from the image above, there are three plans:

  • Landingi Core is $39 per month.
  • Landingi Create is $59 per month.
  • Landingi Automate is $79 per month.

So despite the fact that LeadPages is $2 less than Landingi?

You can still get an extra 15% off all of the prices that you see above.

I talk about that in the pricing plans post that I did down below.

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Now onto the pros and cons of Landingi.


  • Being able to create popups.
  • Unlimited landing pages and a LOT of monthly visitors.
  • Their simplicity is great as this is not a challenging tool to use.
  • They have the overall cheapest price when it comes to landing pages.


  • Premium templates don’t come with the Core plan (you need Premium or higher).
  • You can’t utilize many big features unless you get their Automate plan.

And if you wanted to get their Automate plan?

You’re almost better off using a full sales funnel software instead.


It’s certainly a great landing page builder that comes with a lot of value.

Click Here To Get Your Free Landingi Trial

Now onto the last landing page builder.

And ironically enough?

It’s mostly known for being a powerful email marketing tool.


Don’t rub your eyes.

GetResponse now comes with the ability to create landing pages.

This is a tool that’s been forever known for its email marketing capabilities.

Now they offer landing pages and a whole lot more.

GetResponse also happens to come along with a free 30-day trial as well:


I LOVE GetResponse for what they do as an email marketing company.

In fact, I rated them as one of the best autoresponders to pick from.

This is the reason why they aren’t higher on this list of top landing page builders.

I use GetResponse, but I don’t use them for landing pages.

However, I know that there are going to be a few people who want to test them out.

getresponse landing page builder

Above is an example of the landing page builder.

Like many of the previous tools, this also features a drag and drop editor as well.

  • Pick your appropriate action on the right side of the screen.
  • Drag it over to where you want it on your landing page.
  • Edit and repeat the process.

You also get unlimited landing pages (which can be a very big perk).

And depending on the plan that you pick?

There are specific features that also allow you to:

  • Create sales funnels.
  • Utilize webinars (with a specific amount of attendees).

GetResponse has certainly come a long way since they first launched in 1998.

Note From James: That’s way back in the dinosaur age!

There’s no doubt that GetResponse knows everything about email marketing.

However, I feel they are not up to par (yet) when it comes to landing pages.

How Much Is GetResponse?

GetResponse comes with three main plans:

  • GetResponse Basic is $15 per month.
  • GetResponse Plus is $49 per month.
  • GetResponse Pro is $99 per month.

And while this looks like the overall lowest price at $15?

You have to keep in mind that the price is greatly going to depend on email subscribers.

And let’s finally get to the pros and cons of this email marketing software.

An email marketing software, that comes along with landing pages, of course.


  • Unlimited landing pages.
  • It can be the lowest price (depending on your subscribers).


  • GetResponse is best for email marketing (that’s my opinion).
  • There are certainly better options if you just want to create landing pages.


GetResponse made it to the list because it will be a solid option for quite a few people.

Most specifically if need both landing pages and an email marketing tool.

Click Here To Get Your Free GetResponse Trial

So those are seven of the top landing page builders.

Some of them come from:

  • Companies that focus 100% on landing pages.
  • Companies that build sales funnels as well as landing pages.
  • And even an email marketing tool that also handles landing pages.

Let’s wrap this landing page builder post up now.

The 7 Best Landing Page Builders: Closing Summary

best landing page builders

Here is a quick list of the top landing page builders and software:

  • Unbounce.
  • Instapage.
  • ClickFunnels.
  • Kartra.
  • LeadPages.
  • Landingi.
  • GetResponse.

So regardless of which landing page builder that you end up picking?

You just simply can’t go wrong.

I’ve tested all of these landing page tools and there’s certainly a lot to like.

If you need more help deciding, make sure that you look at either the:

  • Pros and cons.
  • As well as the related reviews in this post for more information.

Thank you for taking the time to read this really in-depth post about landing pages.

Happy landing page marketing!

James Canzanella

A former personal trainer who went from unemployment to online business success. He's been marketing since 2012 and (still) enjoys lifting weights, listening to rock music, and relentlessly quoting movie lines.

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