Partner With Anthony Affiliate Program: Is It Worth Signing Up For?

There’s a lot to say about the Partner With Anthony affiliate program.

In fact, it’s one of the best affiliate programs that I’ve seen lately.

Some of the biggest benefits include:

  • The ability to make passive income.
  • Making commissions from multiple offers.
  • As well as having much less competition overall.

I’ll talk about the last bullet point a little later in this article.

It’s a pretty important point, and unfortunately, most people get it wrong.

Until then, let’s get started right away.

About The Partner With Anthony Affiliate Program: Everything You Need To Know

There’s one thing that I really like about Partner With Anthony overall:

You get to learn from someone who has actually done millions in sales.

You’re not getting training from someone who just started online a few days ago.

Either way, here’s an important fact about this affiliate program:

The affiliate program comes along with signing up for the PWA system.

This is the reason why there isn’t an Affiliate Program link at the bottom of the sales letter.

So yes, it is going to be a pay-to-play type of affiliate program (that’s a good thing)!

Before I explain why that’s such a good thing, let’s take a look at the price.

The Partner With Anthony Cost To Join

So this affiliate program is going to be unlike many others that you have seen.

Nowadays, most affiliate programs are going to be free to join.

  • You find a product or offer that you’d like to promote.
  • You scroll to the bottom of their sales page.
  • Then you find a link where you can signup.

The Partner With Anthony affiliate program works in a different way.

Rather instead, you can promote the product after you purchase it.

There are two pricing options which you can see in the screenshot above.

Allow me to quickly talk about both of them.

Option 1: $7 Per Month

This is going to be an extremely affordable and flexible option for getting started.

$7 per month isn’t exactly breaking the bank, and you can cancel anytime if needed.

Here is the second (and better) pricing option).

Option 2: $97 One-Time Payment

This is the option that I used and which I also highly recommend.

If you’re looking to promote this offer for the long-term, then it’s a no-brainer.

I’m always talking about how you should look for one-time payment deals.

This definitely falls into that category.

So these are the two pricing options when it comes to signing up for this system.

If you ask me, this is a very cheap price when you consider:

  • You get a significant amount of value with the training on the inside.
  • It’s not going to be all that difficult to make your money back.

Compare those prices to other systems that cost thousands of dollars, too.

Plus, this system is great for both promoting and online marketing education.

You can have a look at the review I did below to see what’s on the inside.

Highly Related: PWA review.

Expect to learn a lot from someone who has made millions of dollars online.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits of this affiliate program now.

What Makes This Affiliate Program So Powerful?

This is a question that needs to be asked for any type of program you might be considering.

When it comes to Partner With Anthony, there’s certainly a lot to like.

Let’s talk about that now.

Less Competition

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for many years now.

Since I’ve started, I’ve noticed a very big trend when it comes to affiliate offers:

  • Free affiliate programs tend to have a ton more competition.
  • Paid affiliate programs tend to have a ton less competition.

Here’s where it gets even better:

  • Many affiliates will see that you have to pay in order to promote it.
  • They will move onto the next random affiliate program.

The main takeaway here is that pay-to-play is a good thing for you!

Plus, consider that you’re not breaking the bank to be able to promote this.

You’re also getting very valuable affiliate marketing training.

1 Link = 13 Commission Opportunities

partner with anthony affiliate links

This is going to be one of the HUGEST benefits of this program.

By promoting Partner With Anthony, you’re not just promoting this system.

You’re also promoting many of the tools that Anthony recommends on the inside.

This means that your 1 affiliate link has multiple opportunities for making sales.

So you can make commissions when it comes to:

  • Making a sale of the Partner With Anthony system on the front end.
  • Making a sale from one of the few one-time-offers that he has.

And here is a quick list of some tools and training that you can make commissions from:

  • ClickFunnels.
  • Build Redirects.
  • Digital Marketing Mastermind.
  • M Insider Newsletter.
  • GetResponse.
  • Aweber.
  • Purchase Your.
  • Facebook Bootcamp.
  • Udimi.
  • Sean Vosler Copywriting book.
  • Mobile Optin Software.

As I stated above, you get 1 affiliate link.

Within that 1 affiliate link, there are over 13 opportunities to make commissions.

You just don’t see too many affiliate programs with that type of power:

Here’s another nice benefit of this affiliate program/system.

Generous 50% Recurring Commissions (And Even More)

I remember when I was on Instagram many years ago, doing my own thing.

Someone reached out as they wanted me to promote their offer on my page.

  • They had a product that was around $100.
  • And they wanted to give me a whopping 5% commission per sale.

Wow, how generous of you.

What I’m getting at is that many people can be stingy with commission percentages.

The Partner With Anthony program is certainly not that way.

  • You get 50% commissions on Anthony’s products.
  • You get to make recurring (and lifetime) commissions.
  • There’s also an ability to get a higher percentage with an OTO.

Don’t forget about making commissions with many of the other tools.

Just keep in mind that those percentages will fluctuate overall.

This is simply for the fact that they are owned by separate companies.

Partner With Anthony Affiliate Program Conclusion

partner with anthony affiliate program

Partner With Anthony affiliate program. Despite needing to pay to promote this system, it’s one of the best programs for making recurring commissions as an affiliate.

The text box that I added above should pretty much sum everything up for you.

As of writing this, here are my specific numbers for this program:

  • I signed up for the $97 one-time payment (so that’s my only cost).
  • And so far I’ve made $483 and will only continue to grow.

Either way, I highly recommend getting started with the PWA program.

Not only do you get to promote this system, but also a ton of value:

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about what this affiliate program has to offer.

If you need help with the signup process?

Be sure to check out the helpful article that I added down below for you.

Helpful Article: Joining the Partner With Anthony program.

Feel free to leave your questions down below in the comment section.

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