Payhip Vs Gumroad: Comparing Platforms For Selling Digital Products

When it comes to Payhip vs Gumroad, there’s certainly quite a lot of:

  • Similarities.
  • As well as a few differences.

So you’re going to see some of the most important details of these two platforms.

That will ultimately allow you to make the best possible decision for your online business.

Gumroad Vs Payhip: Video With The The Biggest Differences

Gumroad vs Payhip quick comparison. Both platforms offer you the ability to sell digital products as well as memberships and come along with great pricing.

I quickly noticed that there are more similarities than differences between these platforms.

That’s why I also decided to create a video to talk more about this topic.

Feel free to click the play button down below to hear what I have to say:


So that’s a somewhat quick explanation of what these platforms have to offer.

I recommend that you keep reading on to learn a little bit more as well.

Starting with Payhip first.

What Is Payhip? A Look At Its Features And Advantages

Starting off with one of the most popular questions:

What is Payhip exactly?

Payhip is considered to be the easiest way to sell digital downloads and memberships.

Aside from digital downloads and memberships, you can also sell things such as:

  • Music.
  • Software.
  • Design assets.
  • Don’t forget about physical products too.

Helpful Note: Gumroad is also capable of selling the same type of assets as Payhip.

I wanted to bring that up early in case you were curious about any type of selling limitations.

Payhip also comes with the ability to use them for 100% free.

I’ll provide you with a link down below where you can test them out for yourself:

Now let’s take a look at some of the best features where Payhip has the advantage.

Payhip Online Store Builder

sell digital with the store builder

I wanted to start with this feature first because it’s certainly a Payhip highlight.

So after you set up your products with Payhip, you get to edit how everything looks.

This is where the Payhip online store builder comes in.

This also isn’t to say that you can’t edit how your products look in Gumroad.

However, Payhip certainly takes the cake when it comes to this specific feature.

Not only that, Payhip makes the process silky smooth, especially when it comes to editing:

  • Your collection (which is considered your digital products).
  • Both of the header and footer sections.
  • As well as the about me section.

I won’t walk you through the process of how you can tweak and customize everything.

That’s simply for the fact that I already did it in my Payhip review.

Heck, I also recorded a video that you can see in the related link down below.

Related: Payhip review with video.

Don’t forget that you can also see for yourself by checking them out for free:

All you need is your email address when it comes to getting signed up.

Let’s take a look at a few more features where I feel that Payhip has the advantage.

Payhip Marketing Tools For Making More Sales

sales pages for your own membership options

I’d have to say that Payhip is a great choice when it comes to its marketing features.

The screenshot above showcases an example of one of their popular features.

So yes, Payhip does allow you to use coupon codes for your customers.

Helpful Note: I want to make sure that you know Gumroad also has coupons.

However, Payhip keeps the features rolling when it comes to increasing your sales.

They also come with the ability to utilize a feature that’s called social discounts.

So when someone shares a specific link on social media (like Facebook)?

Buyers will then get a specific percentage off which you can apply (seen below):

social discount codes

There are a few more micro-features that come along with Payhip which include:

  • Affiliate marketing (for others to promote your products).
  • Cross-selling.
  • Referrals.

Overall, it’s a nice touch how Payhip offers these extra ways to increase your sales.

Despite that Gumroad might also offer a few, I like Payhip more in this specific section:

Please keep in mind that I’ve just mentioned a few advantages of using Payhip.

There’s a lot to like about selling digital (and physical) products with this specific platform.

  • Their interface is great.
  • Everything is step-by-step simple.
  • And you don’t need to be a tech-wizard to figure things out.

They also offer great pricing plans depending on where you are with your online business.

Let’s take a look at how much Payhip costs right now.

How Much Does Payhip Cost?

In case you’re on mobile and the image above is harder to see?

Allow me to quickly list the pricing plans that come along with Payhip:

  • Payhip Free plan is free and has a 5% transaction fee.
  • Payhip Plus plan is $29 per month and has a 2% transaction fee.
  • Payhip Pro plan is $99 per month and comes with zero transaction fees.

I’ll compare this to what Gumroad has to offer when we get to their pricing plans.

However, I will say that I prefer Payhip overall here.

Payhip is also great because all of their plans come with:

  • All features.
  • Unlimited revenue.
  • Unlimited products.

On the other hand, Gumroad has a few different perks for each of their plans.

Payhip is also going to be more beneficial if you’re doing much more volume.

More on that towards the grand finale of the article though.

I’ll put a related link down below if you’d like to learn even more about Payhip’s pricing.

Related: Payhip pricing article.

And if you feel like Payhip is your winner already, I’ll also put a link for them below:

So that’s the first half of the Payhip vs Gumroad comparison.

Let’s flip the script now and see what Gumroad has to offer.

What Is Gumroad? A Look At Its Features And Advantages

So Gumroad is also a platform that allows you to sell online.

With Gumroad, you’re also able to sell:

  • Rentals.
  • Pre-orders
  • Memberships.
  • Digital products.
  • Physical products.

As stated previously, it’s very similar to Payhip in terms of what you can sell.

With that being said, let’s take a look at what else is great about the Gumroad platform.

Gumroad Products And Features Overview

As shown in the screenshot above, Gumroad allows you to set up payments for:

  • Classic sales where you start selling today.
  • Pre-orders which is all about assigning a release date.
  • Lastly, Gumroad also works with memberships that charge on a recurring basis.

If you look at the screenshot above, you’ll notice that you can sell physical goods as well.

Overall, Gumroad might not look as slick as Payhip does on the inside.

However, you shouldn’t have any problems when it comes to setting up a product.

Let’s take a look at what it looks like when continuing to add your product.

So the above is an example of creating a release date for your upcoming product.

Helpful Note: My release date is when I turn 100, so be sure to mark your calendar 😛

Gumroad is very straightforward when it comes to editing the settings for your product.

Everything is all on the screenshot that you see above, and you can also edit:

  • Cover.
  • Thumbnail.
  • Content, prices, and versions.
  • Summary and additional details.

As well as some settings that are very similar to what Payhip has to offer.

One of those settings that both platforms offer is limiting product sales.

Anyway, the setup for creating your products is a very simple process overall.

It’s hard to talk about a lot of Gumroad without it being very similar to Payhip.

Overall, Gumroad is also great when it comes to having access to features such as:

  • Simple checkouts.
  • Personalizing your landing page where others can follow you.
  • Building up your audience and gaining access to helpful analytics.
  • And I want to reiterate the fact that you can sell memberships as well.

This is probably one of the closest platform comparisons that I’ve ever done before.

A big reason why it’s hard to find many big differences between Gumroad and Payhip.

Let’s take a look at the Gumroad pricing plans now.

How Much Does Gumroad Cost?

Unlike Payhip, Gumroad is going to come with 2 pricing plans (instead of 3).

Here is a quick list of what you can expect to pay using Gumroad:

  • Gumroad Creator is $0 per month along with a 5% + charge fee of 3.5% + 30 cents.
  • Gumroad Pro is $10 per month along with a 3.5% + charge fee of 30 cents only.

So both options have solid pricing plans overall.

However, I like Payhip for a few reasons:

  • All of their pricing plans come with all features.
  • They are also very useful when it comes to scaling.

The last bullet point is in relation to their biggest plan that offers no transaction fees.

Helpful Note: There will always still be the PayPal and Stripe transaction fees though.

But those are just my thoughts when it comes to the price comparisons.

Overall, it’s going to significantly depend on how many sales you do and what you need.

Either way, that’s a good amount of information when it comes to Payhip vs Gumroad.

Let’s move to the end of this post and take a good look at which platform you should use.

Payhip Vs Gumroad Summary Conclusion: Who Should You Use?

payhip vs gumroad

Gumroad vs Payhip quick comparison. Both platforms are so similar that it’s going to come down to user experience, features, as well as how much you sell.

So here are the recommendations when it comes to which platform to use.

Use Payhip If

  • Pahyip has a great store builder.
  • Overall better pricing (still depends on how much you sell).
  • It’s great that Payhip offers the same features for every single plan.
  • Payhip also offers quite a few helpful marketing features for increasing sales.

Overall, this is a very close comparison but I would have to say Payhip comes out on top.

Not by a whole lot either, given the fact that there are so many similarities.

Either way, if you had any plans of using Payhip in the first place?

You should definitely give them a try down below and see how much you like them:

Now let’s take a look at the reasons to use Gumroad now.

Use Gumroad If

  • Lower monthly price (still depends on how much you sell).
  • A great deal of analytics when it comes to your audience/followers.

I personally prefer the user experience of Payhip.

Despite that fact, you’re not going to have a whole lot of trouble using Gumroad either:

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Payhip vs Gumroad.

Regardless of how you end up selling digital products here, you just can’t go wrong.

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