Russell Brunson Affiliate Marketing: Strategies, Tips, And Tactics

Russell Brunson is an absolute master at affiliate marketing.

And because of that?

He’s got a lot of great tactics that can help you, even if you’re:

  • In the beginning stages of affiliate marketing.
  • Have made a few commissions on your journey so far.
  • Or even if you consider yourself a grizzled affiliate marketing veteran.

So let’s get started and talk about how Russell can help you with affiliate marketing.

Russell Brunson’s Best Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Have you ever heard someone ask this popular question online:

How do I get started if I don’t have a product yet?

In fact, maybe you’ve even asked that question before yourself.

The answer revolves around affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is going to be the perfect solution as it allows you to:

  1. Get started as soon as possible.
  2. Quickly determine if you’d like to be in a specific market.

So what are the next steps for getting started once you want to promote other offers?

This is where Russell Brunson’s expert advice comes in.

Let’s take a look at three ways to help you not only get started but make more money.

Starting with my absolute favorite method of his.

1) Simple Two-Step Affiliate Funnels

russell brunson affiliate marketing sales funnel

As you can see above, this is a strategy that I currently use (and love).

In fact, I’ve been using this strategy for many years because it works so well.

For this, you’re going to be leveraging a sales funnel in order to make commissions.

Here are the two steps of this sales funnel:

  1. The optin page, where someone gives you their email in order to get a gift.
  2. The thank-you page, where they download what they signed up for.

Helpful Note: You can see my optin page in the screenshot that I added above.

I use ClickFunnels for creating all of my affiliate marketing funnels.

I also like adding a video on the top of my thank-you page for more personality.

I added a screenshot down below where you can see what I mean:

The thank-you page is also a great spot for a highly recommended offer.

It can go in one of the buttons underneath the video that’s shown on the page.

I’ll add a link down below to the affiliate program that I’m currently recommending.

HOT Affiliate Offer: I’d recommending signing up for this offer to promote it.

It’s very high-converting.

You have to purchase it to promote it, but it is certainly worth it (which you will see).

Now you might be wondering what happens after someone visits your thank-you page.

That’s where all of the magic happens, and it’s in the next step of this strategy.

Autoresponder Sequence

Remember how I stated that people will need to opt-in to get their free gift?

After they enter their email address, they will start getting emails from you.

Enter the autoresponder series.

What’s great about the autoresponder emails is that:

  • You just have to write and set them up when they go out.
  • Your subscribers will see them on the specific days that you like.

For example, I like sending an automated email every one or two days.

But that’s completely up to you.

I’m not going to go into too much detail, simply because I already have before.

I’ll leave a link below for the full tutorial when it comes to this strategy.

Related: Using ClickFunnels to make affiliate marketing commissions.

It’s quite a powerful strategy, and it can go on until the end of time.

Just find affiliate offers and add emails for them in your autoresponder series.

Here’s the next best Russell Brunson affiliate marketing strategy.

It’s slightly more advanced, but it’s another powerful and effective strategy.

2) Russell Brunson Hacked Affiliate Marketing With Webinars

This strategy is based on what Russell Brunson talks about in the video above.

He entered late into an affiliate contest and had no idea how he was going to compete.

This is given the fact that most people had already purchased the product.

So he decided to run a last-minute webinar.

Little did he know the number of commissions that were going to pile up from it.

After 48 hours of this quick webinar:

  • 160,000 people had watched the webinar.
  • Russell ended up making over $250,000 in commissions.
  • And lastly, he won the Cryosauna instead of the original BMW prize.

It’s a great story, and Rusell tells it perfectly in the video that I added above.

What made this work so well was Russell’s Perfect Webinar Template.

Feel free to click the link above and read the article that I did about it.

So in case you didn’t know, you can, in fact, use webinars as an affiliate.

Let’s look at the last strategy when it comes to increasing your commissions.

3) The Big Bonus Stack

Here is an important acronym that I want you to remember for affiliate marketing:


It stands for: What’s in it for me?

When promoting an affiliate product, you have to know what the customers want:

  • What is in it for them?
  • How is it going to help them?
  • What big problems does it solve?
  • What are the big benefits that they get from it?

You can answer many of these questions but utilizing what Russell calls a bonus stack.

A bonus stack is simply a list of extras that a person gets when purchasing through your link.

This turns an affiliate product into an offer.

And to kick it up a notch, make sure that it’s an irresistible offer.

It’s one of the best ways to increase your affiliate commissions (as not many people do it).

Russell Brunson Affiliate Marketing: Closing Tips

You might have heard about some of these strategies before, and that’s just fine.

The important thing here is implementation.

You don’t have to start running webinars if you’re a brand new affiliate marketer.

However, it’s not going to take a ton of time to put together a 2-step affiliate funnel.

Consider how much that it can pay you over the long run too.

Either way, thanks for taking the time to stop by and read this article.

Feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any questions for me.

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