SamCart Vs Stripe: Comparing Both

I was surprised to see so many searches concerned with SamCart vs Stripe.


Allow me to help you when it comes to the difference between both of these two…

As well as some of the similarities and how they can integrate together.

(it’s pretty simple)

Let’s begin.

SamCart Vs Stripe Introduction

For those that prefer to watch a video about this specific topic…

You can click the play button down below to get the inside scoop.

And here is the link for SamCart that I mentioned in the video above:


Let’s kick off this comparison with SamCart first.

The SamCart Details

In simplest terms:

SamCart is a software that helps you create checkout pages and sell products.

They are pretty good at it, too.

And depending on which SamCart plan that you end up choosing?

You can get some great features such as:

  • Post-purchase upsells.
  • Pre-purchase add-ons.
  • Unlimited checkout pages and templates.
  • Multiple payment options (like accepting Stripe and PayPal).

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Down below is an example of what a one-click upsell page looks like:

Note: One-click upsells pages work perfectly when accepting credit cards with Stripe.

I think you get what the idea is when it comes to SamCart.

Allow me to answer the next popular question.

How Much Is SamCart?

The price is pretty simple as you can see down below:

  • The Launch plan is $49/mo.
  • The Grow plan is $99/mo.
  • The Scale plan is $199/mo.

Keep in mind that each plan comes with different perks.

I’ll put a link below if you’d like more information about that topic:

SamCart Pricing Post: Get the information here.

So that’s SamCart.

Let’s flip the script and talk a little bit about what Stripe has to offer.

The Stripe Details

stripe vs samcart

Stripe is pretty straightforward as well:

Stripe is simply a way to help you process online payments.

In other words?

It’s just like PP but more beneficial when it comes to accepting credit and debit cards.

I personally like how Stripe also comes with detailed financial reconciliation and reporting.


Here’s a popular question when it comes to Stripe.

How Much Is Stripe?

Good news!

Actually signing up to use Stripe is absolutely free.

However, there are some fees when it comes to transactions:

  • 2.9% + 30 cents per successful card charge.

Here are some more benefits that Stripe states on their page:

  • Everything you need to manage payments.
  • You get hundreds of feature updates yearly.
  • There’s also no setup fees, monthly fees, or even hidden fees.

Pretty good if you ask me.

I’ve used Stripe for accepting cards and never had a problem with them at all.

Let’s finish up this comparison post now.

SamCart Vs Stripe Conclusion

samcart vs stripe

So here is the main difference when it comes to SamCart vs Stripe:

  • SamCart is a software that helps you create checkout pages and sell products.
  • Stripe is simply a way to help you process online payments.

I think there’s some confusion when it comes to these two tools for one reason:

They can be integrated together.

For example:

  • Use SamCart for your checkout pages.
  • Use Stripe for accepting payments with whatever you’re selling.

Here is an image from the Stripe page to show you more:

samcart stripe integration

I hope that helps you out.

I’ll put a link down below one more time in case you’d like to test out SamCart:

And that should do it.

I want to say thank you for sticking around and reading up more about this topic.

Happy selling!

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