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What Is SurveySparrow Exactly?

what is surveysparrow

Given their name, it’s pretty easy to see that you can create surveys with this tool.

However, there is a much bigger benefit when it comes to what you’ll be able to do.

As stated in the screenshot on their homepage as I added above:

Refine customer experiences, the better way.

SurveySparrow is an omni-channel experience management platform.

In a nutshell, you can do a whole lot more than just surveys.

That’s what I’ll be talking about in this review, too.

Before I do, I want to let you know one important thing about SurveySparrow.

They actually come with a free 14-day trial which is perfect for testing them out.

I’ll leave a link down below where you actually follow along with me in my review:

Helpful Note: You don’t even need a credit card to get started with your trial too.

So that’s a very quick introduction of what this software is all about.

Let’s move on now.

SurveySparrow Review Introduction: Demo, Features, And Cost

The SurveySparrow software has quite a lot of features to test out.

Consider that a good thing, too!

So that’s why I want to start off by adding a free trial link for you down below:

That will allow you to follow along with the process of creating surveys.

There are quite a few different types that you can create too.

Let’s start talking about them now.

SurveySparrow: Craft And Share Various Beautiful Surveys

It’s pretty standard that you can create quite a few different types of surveys.

Now, the screenshot above might be harder to read (especially if on mobile).

So here is a quick list of a few different types of surveys that you can create:

  • Classic Survey: In-depth with complex question types, scores, and logic.
  • Chat Survey: Highly engaging and conversational (higher completion rates).
  • NPS Survey: Used for increasing customer loyalty and growing your business.
  • Offline Survey: Get surveys anywhere even without the internet.
  • 360 Degree Survey: Get 360 feedback of your employees.

I’m even going to be walking you through the process of creating a few of these.

Given the fact that the Classic Survey is very popular?

Let’s start with that survey first.

SurveySparrow Classic Survey

So when it comes to creating any type of survey?

You get a good amount of beneficial templates to work with.

I’m always talking about the importance and value of templates for any type of software.

Templates are beneficial because:

  • You don’t have to focus on being a pro-designer.
  • You always won’t have to waste time staring at a blank survey.

And as shown in the screenshot that I added up above?

SurveySparrow has templates for a wide variety of categories such as:

  • Business.
  • Education.
  • Employee.
  • Events.
  • Marketing.

And a bunch more which you’ll be able to see when creating a survey.

For this specific example, I’m going to use the Market Research Template.

I added a screenshot for you down below to get a good idea of what it looks like:

After selecting your template, you’ll be able to create the title of your survey.

I kept it simple and gave it the same name as the template itself:

Market Research Survey

So this is a great opportunity for you to get used to the interface of this software.

There are going to be 4 big sections when it comes to your overall survey:

  1. Building.
  2. Integrating.
  3. Sharing.
  4. Results.

I’m going to focus a lot on the building aspect.

This is simply for the fact that the other 3 sections are more self-explanatory.

That and for the fact that SurveySparrow walks you through each integration as well.

Let’s now dive into the building aspect of your survey using the screenshot below:

So on the left side of the screen, you can see many of the survey questions.

Here’s what the process looks like when creating your survey:

  • Click on the specific survey question (edit it if you like).
  • Then you can add, edit, or delete any of the possible answers for it.

In the screenshot above, you can see a few examples of the answers to choose from.

There are also a few more options to toggle on and off such as (but not limited to):

  • Required.
  • Randomize.
  • Multiple answers.
  • Allow other option.

And so on and so forth which you can see in the screenshot that I added above.

On the far left of the screen where the icons are, you can also:

  • Design your survey.
  • Use global variables (for collecting more information).
  • Use different languages.
  • Change the configuration.
  • Edit notifications, for example, through email.
  • And the last icon allows you to print surveys if you like.

Let’s quickly take a look at what it’s like to edit the design and look of your survey.

What’s great about SurveySparrow is that they also come with beautiful-looking themes.

Down below is another screenshot of a few examples that you can pick from:

While you can only see 6 of the themes that you can pick from above?

There are quite a few of them to choose from.

So don’t think that you’re limited in any way when it comes to your design.

You don’t have to use any of the public themes either.

You can always just customize the color scheme to help match your branding.

I added another screenshot down below for you to see exactly what I mean:

You can change the colors when it comes to the:

  • Questions.
  • Answers.
  • Background.
  • Buttons.

You also have a few other options that you can toggle on or off.

Once again, all of this is pretty basic and simple and that’s a really good thing!

I don’t want to spend a ton of time when it comes to the aesthetics or a survey.

And you won’t need to with SurveySparrow.

So in a nutshell, that’s what it’s going to take in order to build your survey.

It shouldn’t take too long, especially if you know the questions and answers to use.

Plus, it will be even quicker if you use a template that’s already given to you.

The next section deals with integrations so I want to talk a little about that section.

SurveySparrow Integrations

SurveySparrow has a fair amount of integrations as you can see above.

Please note though, that there are a few more that got cut off in the screenshot.

A few of the other bigger integrations include:

  • MailChimp.
  • Monday.
  • Salesforce.
  • Slack.
  • SurveySparrow Audience.
  • Teams.

SurveySparrow also allows other features when it comes to integrations overall.

There is also:

  • Workflows (configuring your event-based workflows).
  • Webhooks (sends data from your survey to an external URL).
  • API (for sending transactional surveys).

So that’s the section when it comes to integrations.

The next big section is going to be the ability to share your survey with others.

SurveySparrow Sharing

So this has to be one of the easiest sections (and I’m sure you’ll agree):

  1. You get your link to copy.
  2. You can then share it anywhere and everywhere you like.

If you notice at the bottom of the screenshot above, there are many spots to share.

It could be through an email, a URL, on social, an embed, SMS, and much more.

I don’t need to go into too many details here as it is very self-explanatory.

The same goes with the last section called results.

Given the fact that this is an example, there aren’t any results to showcase.

You will see those are you start to send out your surveys in various ways.

It’s a pretty simple process when it comes to creating and finishing your surveys.

Now I want to take a quick look at one more type of great survey.

SurveySparrow Chat Survey

This might not be one of the most popular types of surveys in the world.

However, I think that they are certainly the most fun types of surveys.

These are great for creating quick and simple conversational surveys.

Helpful Note: These are often referred to as chat bots.

As always, you can always choose from templates for these surveys as well.

I chose the Website Feedback Survey template which you can see down below:

Simple stuff, but simple is what tends to work the best (for almost anything).

So here’s another great aspect when it comes to creating more surveys:

The process is going to be virtually the same.

This means that I won’t need to walk you through the process of how it works again.

Most importantly, you won’t need to learn anything new for creating surveys.

Extra Bonus: You’ll be able to create surveys at an even quicker pace.

Down below is one more screenshot where I added my logo for the chat survey:

This is the perfect type of survey if you’ve got a website with a lot of traffic.

Heck, you don’t necessarily need a lot of traffic, but it definitely helps for results.

Either way, I think that you’ll enjoy the process of creating different types of surveys.

This software is perfect for that.

Even if you’re not an expert at putting surveys together (I fall into that category)!

Be sure to give them a shot by using the link down below:

Please keep in mind that SurveySparrow comes with many more tools and features.

You can also see those when you visit the link above as well.

Until then, let’s take a look at what the SurveySparrow pricing is going to be.

What’s The Cost Of SurveySparrow?

SurveySparrow states that they are both flexible and sparrow, and I happen to agree.

I also like that they happen to have pricing plans that are separate for:

  • Personal.
  • Business.
  • As well as 360 Assessments.

So here’s what you can expect when it comes to their personal pricing plans.

SurveySparrow Personal Pricing

So here is a quick list of the pricing plans for personal use:

  • Free is $0 per month (of course).
  • Basic comes out to $29 per month.
  • Premium is going to be $69 per month.

Please keep in mind that there are going to be different perks for each plan.

I just want you to get a good idea of what the payment plans are going to be.

You can also save up to 30% if you choose to pay annually.

SurveySparrow Business Pricing

The business pricing comes with 4 total plans for you to choose from:

  • Business is $149 per month (billed annually).
  • NPS is going to be $249 per month (billed annually).
  • Enterprise is $449 per month (billed annually).
  • Lastly is the Elite plan where you’ll need to contact support.

Once again, each of these various pricing plans comes with different perks.

The bigger the plan, the more perks, features, and tools you get.

Lastly is going to be the 360 Assessments pricing plans.

This comes with its very own price calculator so you can learn more about that below:

That will also answer any questions that you might have when it comes to this software.

SurveySparrow Review Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

SurveySparrow review summary. This software keeps the process of creating surveys so simple, that even the biggest technophobe shouldn’t have any problems.

So as the question in the screenshot above asks:

How likely are you to use SurveySparrow after reading this review?

You might already have a good idea about whether you’ll want to use this tool or not.

Or heck, maybe you already got started with your free SurveySparrow trial.

Either way, something that I’ve learned from reviews is that no software is perfect.

So let’s take a look at the pros and cons now to help you make a decision.

SurveySparrow Dislikes

  • More templates would be nice.
  • More integrations would also be nice.

So earlier I stated that you get a good amount of templates to use (which you do).

However, I would love to see even more so that you have a larger variety to pick from.

Next up is the integrations list.

I saw a few popular email marketing tools but thought that there could be more.

Examples include autoresponders such as ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, GetResponse.

These are some pretty minor dislikes.

In fact, they probably won’t even affect you but it’s something that I noticed.

Now let’s take a look at what this software does well (and it’s a lot of things).

SurveySparrow Likes

  • Super simple to use.
  • Editing around the design is also very simple.
  • Creating various types of surveys is an easy process.
  • The software does exactly what it says it’s going to do.
  • They come with a free trial and multiple flexible pricing plans.

All in all, if you’re looking to create surveys in a simple way?

You’re going to love what SurveySparry has to offer for you.

I rarely use the word easy, but creating surveys is a pretty easy process.

You saw me go through the process in this article as well as the video.

You can really finish them quickly if you already have your questions and answers.

Plus, SurveySparrow doesn’t try to be anything that it’s not.

They focus on creating surveys and they happen to do it very well.

I’m sure that you’ll notice that when you try them out for yourself.

So I recommend that you do that (given the fact they have a free trial):

Helpful Note: No credit card is required to start your free trial.

Thank you for taking the time to read (and perhaps) my review of this software.

SurveySparrow is definitely worth using.

Feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any further questions.

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