T-Shirt Sales Funnel Template, Steps, And Walkthrough

Creating a t-shirt sales funnel isn’t as complicated as you might think.

In fact, there are only 4 steps that you need to follow to make this funnel work.

Be sure to follow along as I quickly walk you through each simple step of the process.

How To Create A T-Shirt Sales Funnel In 4 Steps

I added a screenshot for you above so that you can see the steps of this sales funnel.

In case you’re on mobile and it’s harder to see, here are those four steps:

  1. T-Shirt squeeze page.
  2. Order form.
  3. One time offer.
  4. Order confirmation.

And don’t forget that you can always copy this template for yourself.

You’ll just need a ClickFunnels account, which comes with a free trial:

So that’s the first and most important part of this article.

Now, allow me to walk you through each part of this specific t-shirt sales funnel.

Step 1) The Squeeze Page

Before we begin, allow me to ask you one question when it comes to this section.

What’s the main goal of this landing page?

  1. Brand awareness.
  2. Reveal the amazing price.
  3. Provide amazing benefits.
  4. Get the customer to buy it now.
  5. Other.

So what answer did you pick out of those 5 choices that I added above?

If you chose Other, then you are definitely going in the right direction.

The main goal of this squeeze page is to generate leads.

Those other things might be helpful, but that’s not what we’re aiming for here.

You might be wondering how it’s even possible to generate leads on this page too.

After all, the only button on this page says ‘Buy It Now’ and there are no other buttons.

Well, take a look at what happens after I click on the ‘Buy It Now’ button below:

As shown above, a pop-up box appears that asks visitors to:

  • Enter their name.
  • Enter their email address.
  • Then click on the green button to continue with the shipping information.

Now, this might seem like an extra step that is simply not needed.

However, you’re going to make most of your money with email follow-ups.

Even if someone doesn’t purchase right away, you can follow up with more offers later.

Plus, email provides you the ability to:

  • Always be in contact with your leads and customers.
  • Send a broadcast email any time you have new shirts to sell.
  • Provide a discount or coupon for a specific item that you’re selling.

And the list of benefits can pretty much go on for a very long time.

Either way, I hope that you understand the purpose of collecting leads in this step.

Let’s take a look at the next step of this t-shirt sales funnel where you collect the money.

Step 2) The Order Form

There’s nothing too crazy or complex about this order form.

The main goal of your order form is very simple:

Have your visitors enter their information and order the t-shirt.

As you can see from the screenshot above, there are a few steps to complete:

  1. Picking the shirt size and quantity.
  2. Entering in the contact information.
  3. Lastly is entering in the shipping information.

Or the real last step is clicking on the ‘YES! Ship It Now!’ button to complete the order.

That’s what a sample order form looks like when it comes to ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels also offers you the ability to add an order bump to your order pages too.

I did a tutorial about that feature if you’d like to read more about it later.

Reading For Later: What is a ClickFunnels order bump and how does it work?

So that concludes the second step of this t-shirt sales funnel which allows you to get paid.

Ironically enough, the third step is yet another step that allows you to get paid.

Let’s take a look at that next.

Step 3) The One Time Offer

So I will be the first to admit that this page is about as ugly and simple as it gets.

First and foremost, it is a template so it will look a little spiffier with pictures on it.

Next, OTO (also known as one-time offer) pages are where you’ll make many more sales.

So make sure that you’re using an OTO page in your funnel.

After your customer purchases, they will be auto-directed to your OTO page.

On here, they will have three options to choose from which include:

  1. Add 1 hat to their order for just $XX.
  2. Add 2 hats to their order for just $XX.
  3. Say no thanks and pass on the offer (it’s cut-off in the screenshot).

Now keep in mind that you can sell anything that you want on this OTO page.

It could be a hat, gloves, sweater, pants, shorts, or anything else that you like.

Just make sure that it is as closely related to your t-shirt as humanly possible.

I also did an article about ClickFunnels OTOs if you’d like to read more later.

Reading For Later: What is a ClickFunnels OTO and how does it work?

So those are the two big-money pages where you can make quite a few sales.

Ironically enough, there’s also a chance to make more sales on the last page.

Let’s take a look at the final step now.

Step 4) The Order Confirmation

So you made it to the fourth and final step of this t-shirt sales funnel.

Allow me to walk you through a few of the possible actions that happen on this page.

First, you are congratulating them as well as give them their receipt.

Helpful Note: In ClickFunnels, their order will be automatically updated in that section.

You also have a section that allows you to make a few more sales called:

People who purchased this shirt also purchased…

It’s a light recommendation for other offers that you might currently have to sell.

Lastly, there is an option where they can reach out to you for a few more discounts.

And if they don’t call you? Don’t sweat it.

Remember, you now have their email address so you can always follow up with them.

The great part about this sales funnel is that it can all be done with ClickFunnels.

Either way, let’s move to the end of this post now and wrap things up.

T-Shirt Sales Funnel With ClickFunnels: Summary And Closing Words

clickfunnels t-shirt sales funnel

T-shirt sales funnel summary. Creating a sales funnel for selling t-shirts only requires 4 simple steps, but each of them plays an important part in generating leads and increasing your overall sales.

I hope that this walkthrough helped you when it comes to creating your sales funnel.

Don’t forget that you can create this funnel yourself.

You’ll just need to add in a few things which would include:

  • Images of your t-shirts.
  • Integration with your autoresponder.
  • Product information for your one-time offer.
  • As well as the information on the order confirmation.

The framework is already done for you, you just have to re-create it yourself.

I’ll add the link down below one more time where you can get started for free:

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about creating sales funnels for t-shirts.

I hope that you got some type of value out of the process in this article.

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