Wealthy Affiliate Pricing: How Much Does It Cost To Join?

Curious about seeing the Wealthy Affiliate pricing plans before getting started?

Then you are certainly in the right spot.

The pricing that they offer is pretty good, but it even gets better than that too.

Wealthy Affiliate also offers the ability to get started with a completely free account.

It is pretty limited though, but I’ll be talking about that more as we continue on.

Let’s get started right away.

Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership Cost

The Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership is FREE to join.

This is something that is not as well known to many aspiring affiliate marketers.

It’s most likely for the fact that most people know about the premium plan that they offer.

I recommend that you sign up for free so that you can get a feel for their platform overall:

You should get taken to a page that looks similar to the image that I added above for you.

Starter Membership Perks

The free membership is perfect for getting an idea of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

So keep in mind that you’re not going to be getting much compared to their paid plan.

With that being said, here is what you can look forward to getting in terms of information:

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 1: Getting Started.
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 1: Getting Your Business Going.
  • 2 classrooms.

And Wealthy Affiliate is also big on helping affiliates when it comes to creating websites.

So with a free Wealthy Affiliate membership, you also get:

  • 1 website that you can grow from.
  • Website templates for efficiency in creating.
  • The ultimate writing platform for your website.
  • Virus and malware protection for your website.

And a few other perks here and there, but all of the good stuff is going to be in the paid plan.

Either way, I recommend that you sign up for free to get a good feel for the platform overall.

You can always upgrade at any time (and get a discount in the process):

Now let’s move onto the paid plan that Wealthy Affiliate offers (it’s the best option).

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Cost

The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership is $49 per month.

However, Wealthy Affiliate comes with a discount for the first month that you use them.

Joining Wealthy Affiliate will only be $19 for the first month.

After that first month, it will go back to the normal price of $49 per month.

All in all, you save $30 on the first month’s payment, which is certainly better than nothing.

Either way, getting access to the Premium Membership is pretty simple too:

  1. Click here to sign up for your free Wealthy Affiliate account first.
  2. Simply upgrade.

Now you must be wondering what you get when it comes to this Wealthy Affiliate plan.

Let’s take a look at that right now.

Premium Membership Perks

In my opinion, their Premium Membership is great if you want some solid affiliate content.

Every other perk is simply a cherry on top.

First, let’s get started with some of the perks when it comes to affiliate marketing content.

As it’s a solid spot when it comes to knowledge and learning new things.

Education: Features And Benefits

  • Weekly live interactive classes.
  • Over 300 hours of expert education.
  • 12 classrooms to learn from (instead of just 2).
  • A big category of industry training for you (1,000s of modules).
  • All 50 lessons of the Online Entrepreneur Certification (instead of 10).
  • All 70 lessons of the Affiliate Bootcamp Training (instead of 10 as well).

And here are two big perks that you don’t get to access when using a free account:

  • Your own authority Wealthy Affiliate blog.
  • Earn revenue by creating your own content.

I think that the second perk above is great as it allows you to earn money on the platform.

The only caveat is that you have to be a Premium member for at least three months first.

Either way, it’s a great way to pay for the cost of being a Premium member in the first place.

So that’s just a few of the big benefits when it comes to the education that you get.

You can read more about the content below in a related post that I also created below.

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Asides from education and content, WA is also big on helping you with websites and hosting.

Let’s take a look at those perks next.

Websites And Hosting: Features And Benefits

  • You can host up to 10 websites (instead of just 1 website).
  • SiteSpeed, which is used to make your websites much faster.
  • SiteProtect, which is used as spam protection for your websites.
  • 3,000 professional-looking designs for your website (instead of 12).
  • Over 50,000 feature add-ons to enhance your website and what it offers.

And a few others such as SiteFeedback, SiteComments, as well as an SSL certificate.

You also get hosting for your websites so that you won’t need to get it anywhere else.

I love that it’s WordPress hosting too, as that’s a pretty big deal.

I happen to use WordPress for all of my websites and I recommend that you do the same.

You also get 24/7 managed and automated monitoring.

This is beneficial because your sites are always being watched, even while you’re sleeping.

And if you have any type of questions, you also have 24/7/365 customer support.

According to Wealthy Affiliate, their response time is less than 5 minutes which is great.

There are still many more perks when it comes to websites and hosting too.

One of them is SiteContent which is obviously for creating all of your content.

I’ll leave you a link down below where you can learn more about more of these perks:

Still not done either (I told you that Wealthy Affiliate offers a lot for their premium plan).

Jaaxy For Keyword, Niche, And Website Research

Back in 2017, the news was official when it comes to these platforms.

In other words, You get to use Jaaxy for both the free and premium plans.

I’m getting ahead of myself though.

Jaaxy is a tool that allows you to run research for:

  • Niches.
  • Websites.
  • Keywords.

You only get 30 searches when it comes to using Jaaxy for free though.

Let’s take a look at how the perks change when you upgrading to the Premium plan:

  • Niche relation and discovery.
  • Reverse engineer successful websites.
  • You get an unlimited amount of searches (instead of just 30 searches).
  • SiteRank for tracking your website rankings in Google, Bing, and Yahoo (100 scans).

It’s a nice addition that goes hand in hand with being able to create websites.

Let’s now take a look at two big perks that you get with the Premium upgrade plan.

Community And Support: Features And Benefits

  • Live and instant support.
  • 24/7 answers to questions.
  • Mentoring from the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Direct access to 1,000s of experts in the community.
  • Website and hosting supports (answered in under 5 minutes).

There are well over 1 million members when it comes to the Wealthy Affiliate community.

So there’s always going to be a way to ask your questions and get the help that you need.

It’s safe to say that Wealthy Affiliate offers great value for what comes with their paid plan.

Let’s move onto the end of this post now and wrap things up.

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing Summary

So here is a quick look at the Wealthy Affiliate pricing plans:

  • Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership is free.
  • Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership is $49 per month.

Keep in mind, that the first month of the Premium is going to only be $19.

Helpful Note: You can upgrade after getting a free account to Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ll add a link down below where you can get started:

I want to say thanks for taking the time to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate.

I hope that this helped you when it comes to the prices and perks of what they have.

Feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any important questions.

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