WebinarKit Pricing Plans: All Of The Costs Explained

You're certainly going to love the WebinarKit pricing that comes along with it.

Not only is this a great webinar platform?

But it also features some of the most price-friendly costs that you'll ever see.

I imagine that you're busy so let's get started at soon as possible.

WebinarKit Pricing Chart

All WebinarKit Costs Explained

WebinarKit will certainly allow you to work less (and pay less as well).

This webinar platform currently has some of the best prices that you'll see around.

As mentioned in the chart above:

The cost of WebinarKit is only a one-time payment of $97.

You might be wondering how it's possible for software to charge such a low price.

There are a couple of reasons for this (in my opinion):

  • It's a special for just recently being launched.
  • WebinarKit also has a few upgrades that you can also invest in.

So there are going to be a few more optional costs for upgrades.

These are simple one-time offers that come after you first purchase WebinarKit.

However, most of the upgrades are certainly worth the price of admission.

Let's talk about them now.

OTO #1: WebinarKit Pro ($87)

WebinarKit Pro is going to be the first one time offer that you'll see.

In my opinion, the price is certainly worth the admission here.

WebinarKit Pro is a one-time payment of just $87.

So what make this upgrade worth the one-time payment of $87?

Here are some of the features that you can expect to see from this Pro upgrade:

  • Built-in video hosting.
  • One-click replay pages.
  • Embeddable registration pages.
  • Polls and handouts to boost engagement.
  • Additional high-converting registration pages.

The built-in video hosting by itself is well worth more than $87 all by itself.

Especially when you consider how much video hosting can be with other platforms.

Let's take a look at the pricing of the next upgrade.

OTO #2: WebinarKit Chat Simulator ($47)

This is going to be, yet again, another no-brainer offer.

With this one-time offer, you get the WebinarKit chat simulator feature:

The WebinarKit Chat Simulator is a one-time payment of just $47.

This is a fantastic way to help you increase the conversions for your webinars.

In a nutshell, it allows you to make your automated webinars look like live presentations.

You can see an example of this feature in the screenshot above.

Let's look at the next optional upgrade that WebinarKit has to offer.

OTO #3: WebinarKit Agency ($147)

So the previous two upgrades are going to be very popular for many customers.

This offer certainly won't be as popular.

However, it will work perfectly for any agency owners out that who want to jump on this.

The WebinarKit Agency upgrade is a one-time payment of just $147.

Here is what you can expect to get from the WebinarKit Agency upgrade:

  • You can turn this software into a marketing agency that gets high-ticket clients.
  • You’ll also see how to land these high-ticket clients.

Plus, you can get new clients all without needing to ever get on the phone.

So if you're an agency or you're looking to get high-ticket clients?

Then this is definitely an offer that you'll want to consider.

So now we move onto the best and last offers that WebinarKit has waiting for you.

OTO #4: WebinarKit Live (Multiple Pricing Options)

Aside from the WebinarKit Pro upgrade, this is also going to be a very popular offer.

How come?

Because it will also allow you to run live webinars when using WebinarKit.

This means that you won't need to purchase any other live webinar software.

So there are two pricing plans, and each has two different ways to pay:

  1. WebinarKit Live is $29 per month or $297 per year.
  2. WebinarKit Live Agency is $49 per month or $497 per year.

It's hard to find webinar software where the prices are that competitive.

So if you choose to get this upgrade, you will be able to:

  • Run automated webinars.
  • As well as now being able to run live webinars.

It's even more helpful that everything will all be under one roof.

So that concludes that last OTO that WebinarKit is going to offer.

You can read more about this software and the upgrades in my review down below.

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So that was a quick overview of the current WebinarKit prices.

Please keep in mind that they will change in the future.

I personally spoke to the owner of WebinarKit and they will eventually move to monthly.

So make sure that you take advantage of this offer before it goes away.

Either way, let's wrap up this article and get you a quick summary of the prices.

WebinarKit Pricing Plans 2021: Summary

Here is a quick overview of the WebinarKit pricing plans:

  • WebinarKit is $97 (one-time).
  • WebinarKit Pro is $87 (one-time).
  • WebinarKit Chat Simulator is $47 (one-time).
  • WebinarKit Agency is $147 (one-time).
  • WebinarKit Live is $29 per month or $297 per year.

And one more final reminder for you.

The initial WebinarKit software itself will eventually be moved to a monthly subscription.

So if you are reading this and WebinarKit is still a one-time payment?

Make sure that you get started soon so that you don't miss out on the special:

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