What Is ClickFunnels (And What Do They Do)?

So what is ClickFunnels anyway?

And the more important question:

How does ClickFunnels work and how can it help you?

I’m going to answer all of those questions for you in this blog post…

So be sure to keep reading on.

What Is ClickFunnels?

what is clickfunnels

First and foremost.

ClickFunnels is a tool that enables peoples to grow their companies through sales funnels:

  • It works for online businesses.
  • And it even works for offline businesses too.

They are really good at what they do, too.

And in case you don’t want to check out the link above?

Here is the tag line that ClickFunnels comes along with:

ClickFunnels allows you to quickly create beautiful sales funnels that convert your visitors into leads and then customers… without having to hire or rely on a tech team.

Here is a great video that answers this question as well (in case you prefer videos):

What makes them so powerful is just how many ways they can help you out.

Let’s move onto some of those features now.

Lead Generation Pages (Build Your Email List)

Every business needs leads (plain and simple).

This software comes with the ability to help you create lead generation pages so you can:

  • Get subscribers on your email list.
  • Give them relevant information that they’re looking for.
  • Along with being able to promote offers that can help them out.

This is pretty much the oxygen of any business.

Getting leads and then turning them into customers (for both online and offline businesses).

People often ask the question too:

What is ClickFunnels Actionetics?

This is pretty much their autoresponder that comes along with their Etison Suite Plan.

You can either:

  • Use the ClickFunnels autoresponder.
  • Or you can do what I do and use a popular third-party autoresponder.

I’ll put a great explainer video down below if you’d like to see what Actionetics is all about:

Here’s what else this software can do.

Sales Funnels (Build Any Kind You Want)

This is the bread and butter of ClickFunnels.

Regardless of what type of business you have?

A sales funnel allows you to bring your customer one step closer to purchasing.

This is made possible because that is one and only focus (unlike using a website).

You can create sales funnels for anything and everything.

  • Low-ticket offers (like $7 or $17).
  • Webinar funnels for selling higher-priced offers.
  • Lead generation funnels (as talked about above).
  • High ticket funnels for selling offers $1,000 and higher.
  • Membership areas where your content is gated off at the end.
  • Don’t forget affiliate marketing funnels which are my absolute favorite type of funnels.

And pretty much anything that you can think of.

If you need more information about a sales funnel and what it does?

Be sure to check out the video down below where Russell Brunson explains more:

This software also comes with many little features that can make a big impact on you.

An example of this is an order bump.

A simple checkbox (from my testing) allowed me to increase my sales by 33%.

Not bad right?

Now allow me to address one of the biggest concerns when it comes to this tool.

Can You Really Make Money Using ClickFunnels?

The easy answer here:


Not only have I and thousands of other people made money using this tool?

But they’ve ever had many people make at least one million dollars with sales funnels.

Reference: Two Comma Club.

Keep in mind this is mostly a page for those who have done seven figures in sales.

There are even more people who have done less when it comes to sales funnels.

Don’t forget about the ClickFunnels affiliate program too:

I’ve had a decent amount of success when it comes to that.

But depending on when you are seeing this post?

There’s a good chance that the numbers have increased since then.

Disclaimer: Results are NOT typical.

Let’s move onto yet another popular question when it comes to using this tool.

How Much Is ClickFunnels Anyway?

Since I’ve answered this in another post (which is pretty in-depth)…

I’ll leave you with the basics when it comes to this topic:

  • The basic plan comes out to only $97 per month.
  • The Etison Suite plan comes out to $297 per month (this comes with Actionetics).

ClickFunnels also comes along with a nice little deal where if you invest more upfront?

You end up saving a lot of money in the long run and I’m talking about as much as $2,000.

Let’s finish up this post now.

Conclusion: What Are ClickFunnels?

I hope that if someone asked you that question:

  • What Is ClickFunnels?

You would be able to give them a great answer based upon what you’ve read here.

There’s one thing that I forgot to mention, too.

They come with a complimentary trial so you can test them out before getting officially started.

Kind of like buying a car.

You’re going to want to test-drive it before you end up putting money into it.

It’s pretty easy to get up and running too.

  • Use their simple editor.
  • Make some high-converting funnels.
  • And then decide for yourself if it’s as good as many people say.

So I will leave you to that.

James Canzanella

A former personal trainer who went from unemployment to online business success. He's been marketing since 2012 and (still) enjoys lifting weights, listening to rock music, and relentlessly quoting movie lines.

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