Funnel Scripts $297 (Fact Or Fiction)?

So what’s the deal when it comes to Funnel Scripts $297?

You most likely have heard about this sales copy tool…

But you’re unsure about how much it’s going to cost to get your hands on.

Let me give you all of the details.

Funnel Scripts $297: Is It Possible?

funnel scripts software

So please don’t kill the messenger after I give you the news.



You can no longer get Funnel Scripts for $297.

In fact.

The price used to be two hundred and ninety-seven dollars every year…

But it has now changed to $797 for lifetime use.

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In my opinion?

That’s actually a much better deal seeing you only have to pay once to use it.

Down below is everything that comes along with the Funnel Scripts software:

funnel scripts 297

Not too shabby right?

You get:

  • Unlimited Scripts.
  • Unlimited Updates.
  • Unlimited Account.
  • Guaranteed no future payments, ever.

The part about no future payment should be music to your ears.

If only ClickFunnels was like that (their payment and pricing deals here).

But here’s a few reasons why Funnel Scripts can be beneficial for you.

Funnel Scripts Means No More Writing Copy

buy funnel scripts

Writing a high-converting sales copy can be challenging.

After all, most people aren’t grizzled veterans when it comes to writing sales copy.

The good news is that Funnel Scripts can help with that.

After all, you can have the absolute greatest offer in the world.

But no one will open up their wallet if you don’t effectively persuade them to do so.

While I’m not big on any of the “get rich quick” type of stuff…

I do have to agree when it comes to the quote stated by Gary Halbert himself:

You are one sales letter away from being rich.

Makes me wonder the quote below came from 😛

You are just one funnel away.

Next up.

It Saves You Time, Effort, And Money

save money

In case you haven’t checked yet…

Hiring a professional copywriter is one of the most expensive things that you can do.

I remember watching the Funnel Scripts webinar…

And there was a screenshot of a person who wanted this for his payment:

250 hours at $60 per hour.

I’m not the greatest at math…

But that comes out to $15,000 (and some of the greats even charge in the six-figure range).

So while Funnel Scripts doesn’t cost $297 per year anymore…

$797 for lifetime access is a great deal considering how much paying a copywriter can be.

Here’s one more benefit of Funnel Scripts.

The Software Does Almost Everything For You

Except for washing your dishes, of course…

But I’m referring to when it comes to writing sales copy:

  • Ad copy.
  • Sales copy.
  • Email scripts.
  • Email subject lines.
  • Call to action copy.
  • Product descriptions.
  • Lead generation scripts.
  • Video sales letter scripts.
  • Scripts that are related to webinars.

You can even do headlines too, which they off for you to test.

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It’s pretty valuable for what you get.

Especially if you need help when it comes to writing high-converting sales copy.

But let’s get to the end of the post now.

Where To Get Funnel Scripts (Conclusion)

So no, you can longer get the Funnel Scripts $297 annual deal…

As it’s improved to a one-time payment of $797.

I’ll put a link down below where you can get Funnel Scripts (instead of watching the webinar):

Or you can click the box down below to get taken to the same page as well:

Thanks again for stopping by and expressing interest in this topic.

Have fun when it comes to quickly getting your sales copy completed.

James Canzanella

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