ClickMagick Review

Thanks for checking out my ClickMagick review.

I’ve always been personally obsessed with growing my online business (in any way possible).

So when it came to the idea of adding simple tracking in order to know what’s working?

I was hooked…

And I quickly realized how much money I was leaving on the table without using ClickMagick.

  • So how can tracking truly help you?
  • And most importantly how will ClickMagick help you grow your online business?

Be sure to keep reading to see how…

ClickMagick Review

So one of the most frequently asked questions:

What is ClickMagick anyway?

ClickMagick is an online tool (with nothing to download btw)…

That allows you to track and optimize all of your marketing in one simple place.

clickmagick review

Now that might not sound like that’s a big deal when it comes to building your online business…

But sometimes just improving your opt-in rate can make all the difference.

So before we begin here is great review video in case you’re a visual person:

And if you’d like to hit the ground running with this online tracking tool?

Now onto the juicy stuff.

Juicy ClickMagick Features

clickmagick reviews

It’s always a good thing when software comes with a free trial…

It allows you to get a much better idea of how the tool works for you.

So when you start testing it out?

Here are some of the features that you MUST dive into.

ClickMagick Tracking

It’s quite obvious that this tool is a tracking tool by itself…

But did you know that it can also track these for you as well?

  • ROI
  • Clicks
  • Optins
  • Conversions
  • Your cost per click
  • Sales (even as an affiliate too)

The last part is a pretty big deal.

So what does it mean for you?

It allows you to track your funnel with both:

  • Your own products
  • Alongside the affiliate offers you promote

That way you can get the BEST numbers for your overall funnel.

Pretty cool right?

Here is a great video when it comes to tracking conversions on pages you don’t control:

Next up we have.

ClickMagick Rotators

While this feature may not be for everyone it is still really powerful.

So if you plan on getting involved with either:

  • Solo ads or
  • Running co-ops

Here’s the $1,000,000 question when it comes to rotators:

How can it help you make more money?


If you’re selling solo ads…

It allows you to send to a different link after a certain amount of clicks.

  • That means less wasted traffic for you
  • And way more money in your pocket at the same time

Here is a video when it comes to the details about using rotators:

Here is another great feature.

ClickMagick Split Testing

I’ve used many split testing tools in my online career…

And I do have to say this one is a breeze to use.

So what’s the big benefit of it?

  • Split test between links and see what gets you the most amount of conversions.

This is pretty much set and forget too…

That is until you find a winner and easily replace what page you send traffic too.

You can check another awesome video down below when it comes to making the magic happen:

Let’s look at one more great feature.

You Can’t Forget About Geotargeting

Yet another great benefit (that I probably use the most).

Allow me to explain some of the benefits for you”

  • Have you ever wanted to send traffic only to the United States?
  • Have you ever wanted to send traffic to only a few top tier countries?
  • Or maybe you wanted to avoid getting traffic from some of the worst locations?

That’s what geotargeting is all about.

With just 1 link…

You can have complete control of where your traffic is going (or not going).

Here’s what it looks like on the inside of this tool:

Do you see how this can really help you out?

No more wasted traffic for you.


ClickMagick comes with a ton more features (which you can see here)…

But I’d like to address some of the most popular questions for this tracking tool.

ClickMagick FAQ

Because with any type of online tool?

There’s usually going to be quite a few questions.

Here are the answers.

Where Can You Use ClickMagick?

Great question (and easy answer).

It works everywhere that you can advertise and more:

  • Bing
  • Twitter
  • Solo ads
  • Facebook
  • Google Adwords
  • And any other platform you can think of

And yes.

ClickMagick works on Instagram too.

How Much Does It Cost?

Great question.

I actually did a post about that which you can see down below:

Related: ClickMagick Pricing

But here are the cliff notes:

  • The starter plan is $17 per month.
  • The standard plan is $47 per month.
  • And the Pro plan is going to be $97 per month.

You can also get discounts based upon how you pay (monthly or annually).

ClickMagick Review Conclusion

So one of the most important questions when it comes to this tool:

Is ClickMagick worth it?

Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

(and remember they come with a free trial too)

At the beginning of this post I talked about just how much it can help your online business.

Here’s the overview of that:

  • You will know if your funnel is profitable
  • You will also know if it’s not profitable (so you can tweak it)
  • Tracking everything from optins to sales is simple (even affiliate sales)
  • The tool will allow you to easily track important metrics (CPC, CPL, ROI, etc)
  • The split testing feature is another great way to improve your overall business

And most importantly?

Having these numbers will allow you to scale effectively.

Because once you know that your funnel effectively turns $1 into $2?

Game over.

And that’s why I highly recommend that you (at least) test out ClickMagick.

You can click the button down to get your free 14-day trial:

clickmagick logo

clickmagick free trial

And that should do it.

I want to say thank you for stopping by and reading my ClickMagick review…

And I hope you enjoy this tool as much as I do!

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