Legendary Marketer 15 Day Challenge Review: Is It Worth It?

Welcome to my review of the Legendary Marketer 15-day challenge.

This is the flagstone course that Legendary Marketer offers, and you know what?

It packs a ton of value (for such a great price).

There’s a lot in this Legendary Marketer review, so let’s get started right away.

15 Day Business Builder Challenge: Important Info

legendary marketer online business builder challenge

So what is the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge anyway?

It was created by the owner of Legendary Marketer (David Sharpe), and shows you how to:

  • Build and grow a profitable online business.
  • Leverage a high ticket business for even bigger growth.
  • Dave will also show you how to promote Legendary Marketer (if you want to).

This challenge is going to be great for a wide variety of people including:

  • Digital marketers.
  • Online marketers.
  • Affiliate marketers.

And pretty much anywho who might be struggling to build an online business.

Heck, even if you’re a blogger, social media marketer, or course creator?

Then this 15-day business builder challenge will be a perfect fit for you.

I also recommend the 15-day challenge to anyone who still feels stuck in place:

So now you have a good idea of the big benefits and who this challenge is for.

But what are you going to learn exactly on this inside of this challenge?

Let’s take a look at that next.

15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge: On The Inside

I’ve gone through all 15 of the days of this online business builder challenge.

All I can say, so far, is that the price is certainly worth the price of the admission.

There will be other offers that you can pick up on the inside (but they are optional).

In other words, they will also be beneficial if you need even more help moving forward.

I’ll talk about that when we get to the pricing section of this article.

Until then, let’s take a look at each specific day of this online business builder challenge.

This will allow you to know exactly what to expect.

Day 1

legendary marketer products

So I’m not going to talk about everything on the inside of each day (obviously).

However, this will give you a good idea of what you can expect to see from Dave.

So starting with day 1, you get a 51 minute and 21 seconds video talking about:

  • The #1 Secret To Building A High-Ticket, High-Profit Online Business.

Talk about starting off with a bang.

I love the part how he shows you some of his old numbers when it comes to this.

It will give you a good idea of just what’s possible when it comes to high-ticket.

You’ll also get some assignments at the end of this specific day which includes:

  • Completing your Digital Marketing Assessment Quiz.
  • Getting personalized help on creating your customized business plan.

And a few other reminders, such as being able to get a ton of business scripts.

Either way, it’s a great day to start the challenge overall.

Let’s take a look at the next day of the online business builder challenge.

Day 2

online business models from legendary marketer

Dave is bringing another valuable video that is 45 minutes and 36 seconds long.

In this video, you’re going to learn about:

  • The Core 4: The Top High-Ticket Business Models Online.

Dave has done over tens of millions when it comes to these business models.

And in case you haven’t noticed yet?

High-ticket offers are one of the biggest keys to being successful with his methods.

The best part is that you can promote these offers as an affiliate marketer.

So you won’t even need to have:

  • Expert high-income skills.
  • Your own high-ticket offer.

I think that’s also what makes this 15 Day Business Builder Challenge so special.

It allows everyone to get a big advantage (especially with affiliate marketing).

Onto the next day which is another big one.

Day 3

digital marketing business advisor

Day 3 is going to be all about speed and implementation.

Here’s the main title of this lesson and what you can expect from Dave:

  • Let’s Build A Business In 30 Minutes!

Nope, that is certainly not a typo as Dave shows you how in this specific video.

Dave also recommends one of my favorite sales funnel builders that you can use.

It comes with a free trial, which is always a good thing.

Once you get started with it, you can literally copy Dave’s exact funnel.

And the best part is that it only takes 2 clicks of your mouse for you to copy.

So that’s what you can expect from Legendary Marketer on Day 3 of the challenge.

Sales funnels are a very important part of making this challenge work.

Day 4

business plan advisor teaching

Day 4 is going to be slightly different when it comes to this online business challenge.

However, it’s very important if your plan is to make more money online.

Here’s the title of this specific video (you’ll see what I mean immediately):

  • How To Master The Inner Game Of Wealth.

Do you see what I mean?

This is all about getting your mindset and overall money blueprint where it needs to be.

A lot of people feel like this fluff or extra, and they couldn’t be any more incorrect.

This video is very, very valuable.

Dave also recommends picking up Rich Dad Poor Dad as well for further reading.

I recommend that book as well, it’s a great one.

Day 5

digital products business blueprint

Day 5 is a big day for you as well as your future

On this day, you get to attend the beneficial Business Plan Class with Dave.

During the class you get to see:

  • The exact business plan that Dave has used (especially for Legendary Marketer).
  • This is also where you’ll be able to download all of your scripts and templates.
  • Lastly, Dave will have a special invitation for you to further your education.

Dave will also show you how to download and use those scripts as well.

Here’s something important that I want you to realize about this class.

It’s a great quote from Dave that I will split into two sections:

  • For every successful business that I started, I developed a business plan.
  • For every unsuccessful business that I started, I didn’t develop a business plan.

That’s the value of having clarity and being able to develop a business plan.

Lastly, please note that the invitation is only available for a few days.

So Day 5 is definitely a day that you can look forward to after you get started:

Let’s get to the next day now.

Day 6

You’ve got questions? Dave has all of the answers for you.

This video is 30 minutes and 42 seconds long.

Dave also uses footage and various clips to help answer many of the popular quizzes.

Aside from that, you’ll also be able to purchase the Business Blueprint Bundle.

Just keep in mind that the offer eventually will expire for the specific price that it has.

Day 7

This is a short video and it’s focused on answering one important question:

When should I quit my job to build my business full-time?

For anyone who currently has a job, this is a question that will eventually come up.

I never had to make that difficult decision, as my job removed me for no reason 😛

I can still remember the call that I got after coming home from the putting green:

Your position is no longer available.

Talk about a blessing in disguise.

You also get another chance to pick up the Business Blueprint Bundle here.

Let’s take a look at Day 8 of the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge now.

Days 8-11

So we already know that Legendary Marketer is about high-ticket items.

This is a video that’s going to help you when it comes to that topic, and it’s called:

  • What Are High-Income Skills And Why Do I Need Them?

This video is only 12 minutes and 33 seconds long, but don’t let that fool you.

I say that because this video is the introduction to the skills in the next few days.

Also, being able to make high-ticket sales (even as an affiliate) is very important.

After Day 8, Dave continues on in the next days with these specific skills which are:

  • Day 9: Lead Generation (you need to be able to generate leads online).
  • Day 10: Copywriting (you also need to be able to make more sales).
  • Day 11: Sales And Presenting (this benefit should be obvious).

These are the bread and butter skills for having a successful online business.

When it comes to other Legendary Marketer products?

Legendary Marketer has 2 great products when it comes to lead generation and copywriting.

You can learn more about them in my two reviews that I added down below.

Those are great if you’d like even more information about those topics.

Plus you can’t go wrong given the fact that they are only $1 to pick up.

Let’s move onto the final 4 days now (I put them all in one section).

Days 12-15

I’m going to put the last few days into one section to save a little time for you.

Here are the main titles of each:

  • Day 12: What To Outsource.
  • Day 13: Using “OPM” To Build Your Business.
  • Day 14: How To Avoid “Wantrepreneur” Syndrome.
  • Day 15: Congrats! Now It’s A Race To Your First Sale.

Something I want to bring to your attention is on Day 13 of the challenge.

You can download a free Hidden Money Checklist for your benefit.

It gives you 30 creative ways to fund your online business and education.

A lot of these things I did myself when first starting back in 2012 (they work)!

Either way, that’s been a pretty quick overview of the Business Builder Challenge.

There is a ton of value that you get here, especially for the price:

And speaking of price, you might be curious about how much it’s going to cost.

Let’s talk about that right now.

Legendary Marketer 15 Day Challenge Pricing

other people's money powerful online business

Here’s the good news when it comes to the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge:

  • The Legendary Marketer 15 Day Business Builder Challenge is only $7.

Not bad right?

Especially when you consider all of the value that you get on the inside of it.

There is also an order bump that you can choose to purchase on the page.

As shown above, here is the price of that optional offer (if you want it):

  • Super Affiliate Secrets is a one-time payment of just $17.

That training allows you to see what other affiliates are doing to see success.

In other words, how they are getting traffic, generating leads, and making sales.

All in all, it’s only going to cost $7 to get started with this online business challenge.

It just doesn’t get any better than that.

As mentioned previously, there will be the Business Blueprints that you can also purchase.

Give the fact that they can expire and the price can change, I won’t add that here.

You can learn more about the Business Blueprint on Day 5 with the Business Plan Class.

Or you can check out the post below for more Legendary Marketer product prices.

Related: Legendary Marketer product prices.

Either way, I highly recommend that you signup for what Dave has to offer:

So that’s a good amount of information when it comes to this online business training.

There’s also the affiliate program that people have questions about.

Let’s address that now (since there can be a price that comes along with it).

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program Pricing

affiliate marketing promotion

So there are two prices when it comes to promoting this affiliate business:

  • Basic is going to be $0 per month.
  • Pro is going to be $29.95 per month.

Pro has big advantages as you can see in the screenshot that I added above.

In case you’re on mobile and it’s harder to see, here they are:

  • Increasing the commission percentage you earn (40-60%).
  • Integrating your own email autoresponder.
  • Earn additional streams of income.
  • Private traffic sources.

Being able to earn additional streams of income is great for recommending tools.

You get to plug in your affiliate marketing links so that others can purchase through them.

Please note that you can choose your affiliate plan after going through the course.

  • If you need some time for setting things up, start with Basic.
  • If you’re ambitious to get started, go with Pro (like I did).

So that’s what you can expect when it comes to the price of their affiliate program.

Please note that this is somewhat separate from the challenge.

Simply for the fact that it’s not required in order to purchase the challenge.

Legendary Marketer also has a separate affiliate marketing eBook product.

I’ll leave it down below in case you’d like more information about it.

Related: Reviewing their Guide to Affiliate Marketing.

Let’s finish up this online business builder challenge review in the next section now.

Legendary Marketer 15 Day Challenge Review: Is It Worth It?

legendary marketer 15 day challenge

Review of the Legendary Marketer 15 Day Challenge. This is a training course that every aspiring affiliate marketer and online business owner needs to take. You get a ton of value and golden nuggets for the $7 price that it costs to get started.

Legendary Marketer has moved to my number 1 recommendation.

It’s for good reason too.

I think that every affiliate marketer and online business owner should take the challenge.

So here are a few more reasons why I recommend this online business challenge:

Legendary Marketer 15 Day Challenge: Big Benefits

  • It’s the flagship and best Legendary Marketer product.
  • You gotta love the Legendary Marketer affiliate program as well.
  • They leverage and recommend the same software tools that I love.
  • It will show you how to quickly build and grow a successful online business.

I also need to mention that this training is perfect for any type of affiliate marketing.

Don’t let the online business name fool you.

This course is picture-perfect for anyone looking to get more affiliate marketing results.

So with all of that being said?

I highly recommend that you start the 15 Day Business Builder challenge today below:

Thanks for taking the time to learn about the Online Business Builder Challenge.

This is one of the best affiliate marketing courses that I have seen (for only $7).

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment down below for me.

I’ll also leave you with a related comparison down below if you’d like more info.

Thanks again for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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A former personal trainer who went from unemployment to online business success. He's been marketing since 2012 and (still) enjoys lifting weights, listening to rock music, and relentlessly quoting movie lines.

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