Are Webinars Dead? And Are They Still Effective?

I’ve been marketing online for over a decade now, and it’s common to get questions about reliable marketing tactics being dead.

So when it comes to webinars, what’s the verdict? Have they become as extinct as dinosaurs, or is there much more than meets the eye? Let’s talk about it.

Are Webinars Dead?

are webinars dead

Webinars are certainly not dead. In fact, they are one of the best ways to make higher ticket sales (aside from getting on the phone with someone).

From my experience online, people usually refer to something as being “dead” when they fail to get any good results. So usually what will happen is something like this:

  1. Someone finds out about the power of webinars.
  2. They work really hard for a week to create their webinar.
  3. They get very few attendees and ultimately no sales as well.

So because of the third and final step, we can now conclude that webinars are dead, and the sky is falling, of course, right? Not exactly.

It hurts a little to even write up those steps above because that’s usually how the process starts (unless you have a huge following). When it comes to doing webinars, it’s imperative that you have two things:

  • Traffic or the ability to generate traffic to your webinar.
  • An astonishing offer (as well as the ability to sell it on your webinar).

You now probably have a much better idea of why so people think that webinars are dying, or flat-out dead. Generating leads and making sales isn’t something that you learn overnight, and it’s going to take more than one webinar to strike gold, so to speak.

Let’s talk about just a few reasons why webinars aren’t dead, and why you should probably test them out at least once in your online marketing experience.

1) Webinars Are Great For Generating Leads

There are so many ways to generate leads online. In fact here are a few quick examples of lead magnets that you can use when it comes to collecting those leads:

  • Reports.
  • Tutorials.
  • Cheat sheets.
  • Video training.
  • PDFs and eBooks.

Yet for some odd reason, people also forget that you can use webinars as your primary lead generation process. It’s a great way to switch things up, especially if you feel like you’ve already created your 10th lead magnet.

2) Webinars Are Ideal For Making Sales

I stated previously that webinars are one of the best ways to make high-ticket sales. The only best way (that I can think of) is actually getting on the phone with someone one-on-one, which takes a lot more time.

The fact of the matter is that webinars are one of the biggest ways to absolutely explode sales for your online business. This becomes even more true if you already have some type of audience that loves what you have to say.

*I’ll never forget that first big webinar that I did, and how it made over $10,000 for me. Heck, I remember where I was, what room I was in, and the chair and desk where I was sitting.

Having that successful webinar made me realize that I didn’t have to keep launching products endlessly. Ever since that day many years back, I still haven’t too.

*Note: That is not a guarantee of income at all. It’s just an example of how webinars changed the entire direction of my online business at one point.

So if one of your main goals is to make more (higher-priced) sales online, then you’ll certainly want to take a look at utilizing some webinar software to help you out. Speaking of webinar software, let’s talk about that next.

3) Webinar Software Tools Are Hotter Than Ever

So many more people have been working from home in the past few years, and guess what that also means? More access to webinars and online meeting-related platforms (like Zoom).

This is something I had to bring up, given the fact that my website is all about software and online marketing. Given that information, I get to have the unique eye of seeing what people are interested in.

Cliff Notes: People are still very interested in webinars.

This is thanks to a lot of the great software tools that are (still) thriving. Funny how that’s possible too, considering the fact that some people think that webinars are dead ­čśŤ

Heck, there are even plenty of new software tools that are still being released as we speak. An example of a more recent webinar software would be WebinarKit, which was created by Stefan Ciancio.

Depending on when you’re reading this article, they still might have their lifetime option open for you. I’ll leave a couple of articles down below where you can learn more about them.

Then there are plenty of webinar software tools that have been around for a bit longer. A few of them include:

  • WebinarJam for live webinars.
  • EverWebinar for automated webinars.
  • And of course, Demio can offer both types of webinars.

While some webinars are free, in terms of coming with free trials, most of them come with some type of monthly or annual payment plan.

Am I the only one who finds it funny how so many people are still buying and using webinar software, despite the fact that so many people claim that webinars are dying? Who knows.

Are Webinars Successful?

You can certainly be successful when using webinars, but it’s going to depend on quite a few variables (as well as your marketing experience).

As most people know, you’re not always going to hit it out of the park with your very first webinar. In order to have a successful webinar, you’re going to need:

  • Traffic (or the ability to send traffic to your webinar).
  • A great offer as well with the ability to sell that offer.

Those are the most important steps of having a successful offer. That is, of course, if you’re looking to make sales with a specific webinar. So if you’re looking to get started with webinars, or you are already just getting started, please keep that in mind.

Like many other marketing strategies, it’s going to come down to trial, error, and a whole lot of testing.

Why Are Webinars Not Effective?

It’s not that webinars aren’t effective, it’s more so the fact that most webinars need some type of tuning up, fixing, or they need to be completely redone.

If you ever figure out that your webinar isn’t making many sales (or any at all), it’s usually something to do with your offer. The fact of the matter is that the more irresistible your offer is, the easier it should be to sell.

You have to also keep in mind the price that you give your offer. If your price is three times what most other people are charging but you’re not offering anything else of value? Then you’re going to have some problems.

Are Webinars Still Effective? Closing Words

Webinars are most certainly still effective, you just need to make sure that you’ve setup your webinar properly in order to maximize your success.

You’re also going to need a good amount of traffic to test your webinar. For example, sending only 100 clicks isn’t exactly a good amount as you will need plenty more. See if you can start off with getting 1,000 clicks before you make any significant changes.

That will allow you to get more attendees on the webinar, and of course, see if your offer converts.

If you need help when it comes to converting with webinars, I highly recommend the Perfect Webinar template. It’s what I used when I started doing webinars, and it’s also a very low price too (which is nice).

James Canzanella

A former personal trainer who went from unemployment to online business success. He's been marketing since 2012 and (still) enjoys lifting weights, listening to rock music, and relentlessly quoting movie lines.

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