ClickFunnels For Dummies (Simplified)

This ClickFunnels for dummies blog post is all about making things simple for you.

Whether it be for:

  • Explaining what ClickFunnels does and how to get signed up.
  • Some of the most powerful features that come along with this software.
  • And don’t forget about helpful tutorials when it comes to using this tool.

Regardless of where you are with the ClickFunnels process?

Be sure to read on and get the simplicity that you’re looking for.

Feel free to use the Table of Contents below to jump to the appropriate section.

ClickFunnels For Dummies (What They Do & Getting Started)

clickfunnels for dummies

This section is going to be about what ClickFunnels does.

As you can see from their home-page screenshot above it states:

  • Create beautiful sales funnel that convert your visitors into leads & then customers…
  • Without having to hire or rely on a tech team.

I couldn’t have explained it better myself (more info in the link below if you need it)

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If you look at the picture above again, you can also test them out for two full weeks.

I did another post that walks you through the steps of getting started if you need it.

Now it might not sound like they’ve got a lot going on for them in terms of features.


They have quite a few tricks up their sleeve that I’d like to make sure you’re familiar with.

ClickFunnels Lucrative Landing Pages

ClickFunnels features some of the smoothest and easiest to create landing pages.

Above is an example of a lead generation (you can see more templates in this post).

I like their landing pages for a few reasons:

  • They come with hundreds of templates.
  • Their drag-and-drop editor is one of the easiest to use.
  • The ability to clone or share landing pages or funnels helps a ton.

In fact.

ClickFunnels had some of the best landing pages even when compared to competitors.

Whether it be Builderall, Kartra, LeadPages, Thrive, Unbounce, an email marketing tool

Or even an all-in-one-platform builder.

Note: You don’t need to read those as I’m just making a point.

While that’s my personal opinion, ClickFunnels certainly provides a smooth building process.

You can create webinars with ClickFunnels as well and below is another template:

You can create both types of webinars:

  1. Live.
  2. Automated.

And ClickFunnels gives you all of the pages that you need for the process.

  • Registration pages.
  • Thank you pages after signing up.
  • The broadcast and replay webinar rooms.
  • Don’t forget about the check out page which I’ll talk about next.

So all in all?

ClickFunnels is essentially a tool that helps you build and grow your online business…

Thanks to the use of landing pages, overall sales funnels, and checkout pages.

Let’s talk a little bit about those next.

ClickFunnels Checkout Pages

ClickFunnels might not have the fanciest checkout pages in the world (vs SamCart)…

But they get the job done.

Down below is an example of a ClickFunnels checkout page (or order form).

Do you see the box that has the red arrow and says:

Yes! I want access for only $19 extra?

This feature is known as an order bump and is a simple yet powerful feature.

It allows you to add another offer on your checkout page in order to increase your sales.

I’ll put the tutorial down for you that you can check out later (if you didn’t get CF yet).

Order Bump Tutorial: This Isolated Marketing Nights Post.

And one more thing that comes right after the order form (or checkout page).

That would be the one-click upsell page as you can see down below:

It’s simple, but once again, it works very well.

Here is the order that a customer would go through when purchasing:

  • Sales letter.
  • Checkout page (with order bump).
  • Then they get taken to a one-click upsell page.
  • Lastly, they would get sent to a thank you page with their purchases.

It’s a simple process.

I get that I mention that a lot but there’s no need to make everything complicated.

So those are just a few of the popular features when it comes to this sales funnel software.

You can check out my full review of this tool if you’d like more information.

If you’d like to get started?

And lastly, a related post when it comes to their costs:

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Now onto some helpful tutorials when it comes to this software.

Helpful ClickFunnels Tutorials

clickfunnels for dummies

This is going to be the section for two specific people:

  1. You’re already using ClickFunnels.
  2. You plan on getting started with ClickFunnels.

These tutorials are certainly going to help you out with a few specific tasks.

Over the years I’ve known that customers needed help with a few topics…

So allow me to place a few helpful articles that I’ve done for you:

A few more that you might find helpful:

I know I know.

I’ve been pretty busy when it comes to creating tutorial articles…

But someone’s gotta do it 😛

Let’s finish up this ClickFunnels for dummies post now.

ClickFunnels For Dummies Conclusion

clickfunnels for dummies

So here is the ClickFunnels for dummies closing statement.

ClickFunnels is all about utilizing landing pages and sales funnel to build your online biz.

There’s no need to make it too complex.

I hope that that post helped you in terms of what this software can do for you.

One last thing (and probably the most important).

I’ll put a post down below that shows you how to save a bunch on ClickFunnels…

And it works for both current and new customers.

So I’ll leave you to that.


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