ClickFunnels For Photographers (How It Works)

So can you use ClickFunnels for photographers?

This is a common question when it comes to any type of business (both online and offline).

So I’ll answer that question for you…

Along with showing you the power of sales funnels for photographers.

I think it will help you out.

Let’s begin.

Sales Funnels For Photographers

clickfunnels for photographers

So allow me to address the million-dollar question at the start of this post:

Can you use ClickFunnels for photographers?

You absolutely can.

What not too many people realize about ClickFunnels:

  • You can use it for online businesses (like MLM).
  • You can also use it for offline businesses (like restaurants too).

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This is all done thanks to the concept of sales funnels (what ClickFunnels helps you with)…

And sales funnels help you turn potential customers into paying customers (or clients).

Or when it comes to being a photographer?

  • Hiring you to take pictures for a big event.

Now, how exactly can sales funnel be used to get more clients/customers?

Allow me to show you.

The First Step For Getting Leads

sales funnels for photographers

This is the first page (above) of your funnel where you can offer some type of voucher.

The landing page talks about wedding photography, but it can be for any type of photography.

For example:

  • Aerial.
  • Street.
  • Travel.
  • Sports.
  • Still life.
  • Portrait.
  • Fashion.
  • Abstract.
  • Advertising.
  • Real estate.
  • Black and white.

And whatever else you can think of.

Utilizing the type of photography that you focus on is important.

But here is what you’ll want to include in this first part of your photography sales funnel:

  • A helpful benefit (in this case they get a coupon/voucher).
  • Giving a set amount of vouchers (so there’s a form of scarcity).
  • Being able to have them give you their name and email address.
  • And in the end, will be a button that takes them to the following page.

Feel free to add a great shot you’ve taken in the background, too.

Just make sure that you can see the font.

Now for a sales funnel like this?

You will need an email marketing autoresponder to go along with this.

You can:

  1. Use the ClickFunnels Etison Suite (pricing here) or…
  2. Use ClickFunnels combined with a dynamic autoresponder (see more here).


Creating the page that you saw above only took a few minutes.

That’s the beauty of ClickFunnels.

But that is the first section when it comes to sales funnels for photographers.

Here is the last (and 2nd) step of this simple funnel.

The Last Step (The Thank You Page)

Now this page is even easier to create (compared to the previous one).

Here are the essential aspects that you can have on this page:

  1. Thank them for opting in to get their voucher.
  2. Remind them to go into their inbox as they can find the voucher there.
  3. Provide an extra incentive for them to take advantage of the voucher as soon as possible.

Do you see how it says:

Redeem your voucher in the next 4 days and I’ll throw in 10 free digital prints?

That’s the extra incentive for helping to increase your conversions.

You can even put your details on this page for them to reach out to you:

  • Your website.
  • Your email address.
  • Your Facebook profile.

Whatever it may be.

But pretty simple for a 2-page sales funnel, right?

You can always change around the

  • Offer.
  • Voucher or coupon.
  • Or you can find a way to clone a proven funnel.

That part is going to be up to you 🙂

ClickFunnels For Photographers (Video Explainer)

Maybe you’d like some more information when it comes to this topic?

Or maybe you’re like me and prefer to watch a video?

I got you covered.

Below is a stellar video that talks about ClickFunnels and its use for photographers.


Keep in mind that the video is done by ClickFunnels creator himself: Russell Brunson.

He might as well be the Godfather of sales funnels.

Now onto the ending.

Ending Summary

I hope this post helped you with a few important ideas:

  • You can use ClickFunnels for any type of business.
  • And that setting up sales funnels isn’t all that challenging.

At the end of the day you want to:

  • Acquire targeted leads.
  • And then turn those leads into clients/customers.

ClickFunnels is certainly great for that.

So if you happen to be looking for more information when it comes to ClickFunnels…

And you haven’t gotten started yet?

Or simply click the button to get taken to the same page.

It shouldn’t take you too long when it comes to getting up and running with your funnel.

That’s it!

Thanks for reading this post all about ClickFunnels for photographers.

James Canzanella

A former personal trainer who went from unemployment to online business success. He's been marketing since 2012 and (still) enjoys lifting weights, listening to rock music, and relentlessly quoting popular lines from movies.

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